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A Night To Remember

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One night two summers ago a close friend (who we'll call Sean) was staying the weekend at my river house. The house itself is about a quarter of a mile off of the paved road, so it's fairly isolated. The first night we were there we sat around talking about life, girls, etc. Somehow the conversation turned to streaking. I asked Sean if he had ever been streaking before to which he replied that he hadn't. He asked me if I ever had, and I told him I had gone a couple of times by myself and that the feeling was pretty incredible. I could tell that Sean was getting interested so I asked him if he wanted to give it a try. I assured him that my parents in the room next to ours were asleep so he agreed.

We quietly snuck out of our bedroom to the front door and into the humid summer night air. It was a little cloudy out that night so we couldn't really see a whole lot. We walked a little ways away from the house and paused. We nervously glanced at each other and I told Sean not to worry if he was sporting an erection because I was too. That seemed to put us both at ease and we peeled off our shirts, shorts, and boxers.

The feeling of the breeze on my cock was awesome. Sean seemed to be enjoying it too. We walked down the lane to the paved road and turned around. Probably like fifteen minutes later we ended up out on my dock. I told Sean that we should take care of our erections. We started stroking and Sean came literally within twenty seconds. I told him to try another method and he confessed that he had already shot his load. I finished up in another minute or so and then we stealthily re-entered the house and went to sleep.

The next day as we were driving around I asked Sean if he had liked streaking the night before. He said that he had enjoyed it and that we should do it again later. We managed to pass the day relatively quickly and then night rolled around. Finally, after I had made sure my parents were asleep, we crept outside again. This time I had remembered to bring a flashlight so we could see where we were going. We made our way towards the same spot where we had left our clothes the night before and stripped down. The freedom was overwhelming. As we walked down the lane I joked with Sean that tonight he needed to hold out for more than twenty seconds. He laughed and told me that last night was incredible. I casually shined the flashlight over and saw that Sean was cut, like me, but a bit smaller. I'd put him around four and a half to five inches.

As we continued talking I decided to take a bit more of a risk.

'Hey Sean, I've got a hypothetical question to ask.'


'If a guy were to offer to jack you off would you let him?'

'Sure, why not.' he said

'You wanna try it?' I asked


We moved off the dirt road into the grass. I asked if Sean wanted me to do him or if he wanted to do me. He said he didn't care, so I figured what the heck and reached over and put my hand on his dick. The first thing I noticed immediately was that he had a lot more foreskin to play around with. It could almost cover his entire head even when he was hard. I turned the flashlight on and shined it on his smooth head that was glistening with precum. I didn't stroke long and he told me that I had to stop or he was going to cum. I stopped and knelt in the grass. He then reached over and started stroking my dick. It felt amazing to have somebody else touching it. Pretty soon I felt like I was going to cum so I told him to stop. We both stood up and pressed our dicks together and took turns jacking them both at the same time.

After probably an hour or so of being bit by mosquitos and working up to some considerable blue balls we walked back out on the dock. I had gotten lost a bit of my boner so I had to get Sean to work on it while I did him. After about three minutes of looking like he was in heaven his body tensed up and he announced that he was going to cum. I held his dick out over the water and watched as the ropes of cum went into the dark water.

Finally after probably about ten minutes of solid jacking, I could feel the semen rising inside of me. Sean held my dick out over the water and I exploded probably six good ropes of cum out into the river. We sat there and caught our breath for probably another ten minutes. Quietly we put our boxers back on and snuck back inside and went to bed.

Sean and I did it several more times that weekend and have met occasionally since then to have some fun, but we both have talked about going back down to the river for a repeat of our first session.



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