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A Night to be Remembered

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I feel that straight males can also enjoy MM sex.


I am writing this paper to describe an event that has had a life-long impact upon me, my sex life and, in fact, some understanding of other persons' private lives and personal activities. It happened during my senior year in high school.
I became acquainted with Jim in our high school physics course where he and I were assigned together as lab partners. Jim and I also played in the high school orchestra. During the winter break of that senior year the orchestra was scheduled to give a number of concerts in several towns around our state. One of these towns was scheduled to be our overnight stay away from home. The school officials had made arrangements for all of the orchestra members to be put up for that night in private homes in that community.
My buddy, Jim and I were assigned quite by coincidence to stay together in the same home overnight. So after the concert in the school auditorium we were introduced to our hosts who drove Jim and me with them to their home for the overnight stay. Our hosts lived in a very nice home. Our guest quarters turned out to be a large bedroom containing several pieces of nice furniture including one queen size bed. This did not give either Jim or me any great concern since we both came from families with brothers, and sleeping double was nothing unusual for either of us. Also this guest bedroom where we found ourselves had its own master bathroom, so we felt that we had received a rather lucky deal for this overnight stay.
It was rather late when we arrived at our host's home following the evening concert. Our hosts offered us some cookies and milk, which we all enjoyed, and before long it was obvious that we should all turn in. Jim and I went up to our assigned bedroom for the night and amidst some casual conversation with each other we both started unpacking our nightclothes and disrobing for bed.
My intention was to undress, get into my pajamas, use the bathroom and turn in. Jim however seemed a little more talkative and chattered away about various things as we slowly undressed. By the time he had taken off everything but his boxer shorts, he was sitting on the edge of the bed telling me some of the details of the physics experiment we had done during our last lab.
Nothing in our conversation to this point had involved girls or any other subject of a sexual nature. Jim stood up, unsnapped his shorts and dropped them to the floor. He stretched his arms over his head, arched his naked body backward, and yawned. As he did this, his cock, very nicely shaped, fairly good sized, cut and smooth, arched out and down very clearly in front of him. His balls, suspended in their sac, hung reasonably long and low behind his cock, which appeared to be about four and one-half or five inches long in its relaxed state. Jim did not appear to be modest about his nakedness. Likewise he did not seem to be showing his body off. I was wondering in my mind what the diameter of this good-looking prick was and how it would look if it were hard and erect. It appeared to be somewhat larger in diameter than an ordinary broom handle. The hair around his genitals was very thick and bushy surrounding everything without really hiding anything. The sight of his naked body, which was very well proportioned from head to toe, seemed to arouse something in me. It caused my pulse to increase somewhat. I took one or two rather deep breaths.
As I gazed at his good-looking lithe body I began to wonder whether this maneuver on Jim's part was his way of subtly making the suggestion toward some sexual involvement or perhaps he was just curious, like me, about how other guys looked when naked. Yet I had absolutely no evidence that either of my guesses was the case. His naked body set my mind to wondering about the details of Jim's personal habits. Did he enjoy jerking off on his handsome cock? I was almost sure that nearly all guys our age did masturbate. How did he do it? How often? When? Where?
At the time my shirt and undershirt were off. I still had trousers and shorts on. I began to realize that I was staring directly at Jim's body, mostly at his attractive combination of cock and balls. Jim stopped talking and I raised my eyes up to meet his rather questioning look. I felt my face grow red with embarrassment, and I really didn't know what to say.
Jim broke the silence by saying,
'Hey, buddy, don't be shy. Take your clothes off; since you're looking me over, I'd like to have a look your endowment, and check out how well hung you are compared with my equipment. You've seen guys in the locker room. All of them are quietly checking out the other guys. Of course, they usually don't want the other guys to know what they are doing. But if you don't have any modesty hang-ups, I don't either.'
The suggestion caused the blood to begin pounding in my ears. Jim's comment seemed to be rather bold, but he was smiling in a friendly way. I accepted his remarks as being sincere. I was also rather interested in the subject of male bodies. Nevertheless my cock was becoming somewhat swollen. I unzipped my pants and stepped out of them as the blood began to pound in my temples. I could feel my cock stiffening and pushing on my jockey shorts. My pulse increased, as did my shyness.
I wanted to take off my shorts, but I knew my cock would pop out in semi-hard condition as soon as I did. Jim and I had never talked about sex or about any other bodily functions. What would he think? Was he going to trap me into having an erection, which he could ridicule? I turned part way around and reached up to the waistband to pull the briefs down. Sure enough, as I slid the shorts down over my hips, the full length of my cock jumped out, hard and throbbing.
I turned slowly back to face Jim and we both stood quietly looking at each other. I could see without any doubt that Jim was better hung than I was. There was more pubic hair around his cock and balls and the hairline swept narrowly up the middle of his flat, well-ribbed belly extending almost to his navel. His chest was smooth and his paps were large in size and dark brown in color. His cock was now sticking out at an upward angle and looked to be about seven inches long, about a half inch longer and somewhat thicker than my own which was also extending upward at a good stiff angle.
I felt somewhat embarrassed to be looking so intently at Jim's crotch, and yet the lovely sight simply fascinated me. I felt excited but didn't really know what to do next since Jim's presence and his leadership into this situation seemed to put him in command.
'Well,' Jim broke the silence, 'You've got a nice neat-looking set of tools there. You've nothing to be ashamed of. Turn around, not too fast, so I can see all of them from each side. And don't try to hide your hard-on. See, I've got one, too.'
I was immediately relieved. Jim spoke quietly but in a rather reassuring tone of voice. It now seemed quite likely that Jim was not going to tease or laugh at me. I turned all the way around, slowly milking my cock, and then turned back and we were facing each other again. As I did I gazed upon his endowments once more-and there it was. His cock had responded to the erotic situation that he had created and was bobbing up and down more than ever as it stretched stiffly and boldly in front of him, pointing outward and upward. I now felt that his cock was probably at least seven and a half inches long in its present hard condition.
'Well, you make a pretty good picture. That's as nice a set of jewels as I've looked at in a long time.' Jim stated as he slowly slid his hand up and down on the front of his legs.
I don't believe that I had ever been any more excited than I felt at that moment. Standing there with what was really a 'roaring hard-on' and watching at the same time the bobbing up and down of another really beautiful cock was just tremendously stimulating for me. My level of excitement rose to a high pitch. I couldn't resist any longer. Stepping closer to Jim I slowly reached out my right hand, palm upward and wrapped my fingers around his smooth hard-on.
'I want to hold that nice tool of yours,' I said.
'Go ahead, it won't bite.' was the reply.
As I closed my fingers, Jim let out a low groan. He shot his hips forward, pushing his cock further into my fist. His muscles began to tighten and I felt his cock beginning to jerk.
'O-o-o-h that feels real good,' he said in a quiet, sexy way. Jim had become very excited and his whole body was totally obsessed with the sensual movements accompanying the thrust of his now very active cock.
I realized that he was going to have an orgasm and cum in my hand unless I let go of him. Obviously Jim had gotten quite turned on gazing at my naked body. And of course I was also in a high state of excitement. I tightened my fingers and began to slide them down on the cock. I could feel his organ swelling up and stiffening as he arched his body and came toward me. His hips jammed his cock in and out of my fist.
'I'm going to come. I'm coming, oh-oh-oh, I'm coming.' he groaned through his gritting teeth.
The first charge of cum shot out of the end of his barrel and a long, white ropy ribbon of liquid flew across the short distance to splat on my belly just below my navel. The second squirt followed immediately afterward and splattered further up on my chest. Then came a third and a fourth shot, each one arching up and landing either on my arm, my hand or my belly. Jim apparently had not had an orgasm very recently if the large quantity of jism that he ejaculated was any indication. There was cum on my belly and there was cum on both our hands.
Meanwhile Jim grabbed his hand over mine and was vigorously bumping and grinding his hips back and forth. His hot cock was slipping in and out of my fist, now slippery with the cum that was oozing generously out from his slit thus providing lubrication for all the body parts involved.
I was still hot as fire, but of course Jim was cooling off in his afterglow. He began to back away from me, gently pulling my fingers off his still half-hard cock.
'O-o-o-oh, Man,' he said softly, 'You really took me by surprise. I sort of lost control-I hope you don't mind all that jism I splashed on you.'
I wasn't sure what to do next. I knew I hadn't 'taken him by surprise' but I didn't mind the comment. I was hoping Jim would grab my cock, jerk me off, or just anything to help me out. Yet I hesitated to touch him further, since, he hadn't made any grab for me during his orgasm. I could hardly stand it any longer; I needed to get my load off. I mumbled something about, 'Well, I need to shoot off my wad, also.' I took my right hand, slippery with Jim's cum, put it around my cock and began pumping myself off.
'Hey,' said Jim. 'That's good, go for it.'
M y hand was slick with cum so I used what I called the thrust method of jacking off, pumping with my hips and shoving the cock in and out of my fist rather than jacking up and down on the cock. I cupped my balls in my left hand as I jammed my cock in and out of my clenched right hand. The soft, slippery noise as my cock dove in and out simply added more to the excitement and electricity that was in the air. My excitement had overcome my shyness and I was leaning backward and arching my back so that my pumping cock was pointing almost straight up.
Jim stood still and watched, slowly stroking his semi-soft, turgid cock. Then he spoke.
'Shoot it, shoot it,' he said, 'Let the cum fly.'
'Oh, boy, here it comes,' I groaned.
Inevitably, as always, the thrusting brought on the desired results, and with a remarkably few additional thrusts, my body began surging, muscle spasms began ranging through me, and the jism began shooting out of the end of my throbbing cock.
I didn't shoot my cum on Jim's belly, as he had done on mine. Instead I moved my left hand up over the head of my cock, lifted it up, and kept the jism gathered in my hand as it squirted out of me. Soon it all began to run back down over both my hands, down on my balls and added to the slipperiness of my hard cock, as well as a good part of the rest of my body.
As I began to relax I rubbed both hands up and down on my belly thus mixing Jim's cum with my own generous supply until the entire front of me was wet and shiny. Jim was still watching very intently. His cock was still half-hard and I could tell that it was going to get harder. I exhaled and groaned softly and said something about how good it felt to blow out my rusty load. Then I broke the spell by going into the bathroom and getting into the shower.
I splashed warm water on my belly, my cock and my balls until the slippery cum had been washed away, then I soaped up and soaked in the hot shower for several minutes. As I was enjoying the shower Jim came into the bathroom, used the toilet in preparation for bedtime and left. I heard nothing more as I finished up my shower. I wondered where Jim was now, what he was thinking and what I would say to him when I returned to the bedroom.
It had been a very exciting and stimulating sexual experience. In the past I had a few experiences jerking off with one or more of my buddies. Usually these were quickie jobs, done with our clothes on. These types of jerk-off sessions didn't arouse much more desire than that of getting our nuts off--almost the same as if we were doing it alone.
Probably because Jim and I had never done anything together before, the excitement of having a new experience with a new sex partner added to the magic of the moment. And for me the experience of being naked together was a great turn-on. But now a feeling of doubt was beginning to take over and push aside the earlier feelings of excitement and passion. I was a little concerned that I might have transgressed on Jim's sense of propriety. I didn't really think that I had, but the nagging doubt kept bouncing through my thoughts.
I toweled myself dry, used the toilet and walked out of the bathroom to find that Jim had sacked in under the covers on the far side of the bed. His back was toward me and he seemed to be asleep. I pulled on my pajama bottoms, snapped off the light switch, turned down my side of the covers and got into bed. Within a few moments I dropped off to sleep.
I don't know how long I had been sleeping, but sometime later I woke up. I was lying on my side facing away from Jim with a real stiff sleep hard-on. The surprise for me was that I felt Jim's hand on my hip, not touching my cock, but not too far from it. I moved very slightly to roll on my back thinking that Jim might not be awake, but as I moved Jim's hand slid a little closer to my prick, which by now was beginning to throb a little.
I lay still again. Jim seemed to be breathing smoothly and quietly. Slowly I rolled over on to my other side and at the same time I slid forward closer to Jim. His open hand slid down my belly and over my cock and also down far enough to cover my sac and balls. Only the cloth of my Pjs was between his fingers and all of my male equipment.
Of course by now I was pretty certain that Jim was awake and was inviting me to some sexual activity. I reached my hand over to touch his groin. Sure enough, he was completely hard, totally naked, and seemed ready for action.
'Hey,' I whispered quietly, 'Let me take off my pajamas so we can get closer. Jim, without hesitation, turned the covers down, raised his hips, 'I never put my pajamas on,' he joked, 'I was hoping that you might want to seduce me and I wanted to be sure that nothing got in your way.'
I chuckled at his comment and helped him shove the covers down to the bottom of the bed. The faint light from the window revealed to me everything that I needed to see. There was his stiff cock bobbing up and down over his belly, surrounded at the base by the curly hair and accented by the two beautiful balls between his legs. So I raised my legs up, pushed my pajamas off and tossed them out on to the floor. I lay back down and wondered eagerly just what Jim might have in mind.
I didn't have long to wait. Jim put his left arm under my back and began slowly playing with my cock, holding it lightly with the fingers of his right hand and moving the skin up and down on the shaft. God, it felt terrific. I hardly dared to move. The feeling was so great, and Jim, without saying anything further had snuggled close to my body and kept playing with my cock while his own hard cock and large balls pressed against my thigh. Then while still slowly pumping up and down on my hot cock, he raised his head over me, bent down and with his tongue started licking my navel. It felt so good that I let out a soft moaning sound.
'Oh, God, you sure have got me hot,' I whispered. To myself I was thinking why haven't I gotten to know this guy a long time ago?
Jim responded, 'I'm hot, too. Take my cock in your hand. Reach over here and squeeze it.'
I didn't need any further encouragement-so I slid my hand over and wrapped my fingers around his huge, hard flesh.
'Oh, that's good,' he said. 'Come on, work on it, I love your hand around it. Pull it up and down!' So for the second time that night, I was jerking Jim off, and he was really going for it.
'Hey,' I whispered, 'What are we going to do about our cum? We don't want to get it on these sheets, do we?' I was worried about what our hostess would think when she removed the gummy sheets in the morning.
Meanwhile, of course, my cock was throbbing regularly from the exciting feeling of Jim's fingers holding it gently and stroking it slowly up and down. Also a very exciting idea was coming into my mind as I thought about Jim's lovely endowments. How good it looked to me earlier when he had undressed in front of me and had given me that beautiful and very exciting first view of his really wonderfully formed cock and balls. It was fairly dark now, of course, but I had that lovely machine of his in my hand, just the same as he was holding mine.
Since Jim hadn't answered my question I proceeded with my idea. Up to this time I had received only one or two blow jobs, but I had never had another cock in my mouth-had always dreamed about the possibility of doing it-yet I had never had the nerve to ask any of my buddies with whom I used to jack off and play.
'Hey,' I whispered, very quietly and a little nervously, 'If it's all right with you, how about us sucking each other off, and that way we don't spill the cum on the sheets?'
I waited, wondering if I had broken the magic spell between us. Probably only a few second passed by, but I began to panic, fearing that Jim would reject my idea. I was almost frantic with embarrassment at having said such a thing, anxious, as I was to have a chance at that beautiful cock.
Finally, after what seemed an endless wait, Jim whispered back, 'Would you do that for me? Just thinking about what it would feel like almost makes me cum.'
My heart leaped and my cock grew harder as the blood pounded in my ears. Had I heard right? I didn't delay a moment. I raised my head and turned it to gaze at that great, lovely cock that was throbbing in my hands. Then I sat up in order to better look at it. There in the darkened room I could just barely see that lovely piece of flesh that I soon was going to hold in my lips.
Without waiting any longer I leaned down and rubbed my tongue over the end of Jim's prick. Oh, what a wonderful feeling! I fondled his balls with my hands and continued using my tongue and licking, washing and polishing his hot rod. Jim's response was great. He began grinding his hips very slightly up and down and also began very quietly uttering a low moaning sound which he kept up as I began to slide his throbbing tool into my mouth. It was fantastic!!
I slid my lips down on his shaft further and further until the head of his prick was pushing on the back of my throat and my nose was pressing into his thick pubic hair. Then I slowly lifted my head and sucked gently as the wet cock slipped through my lips and I was holding the head of it on the front of my tongue. I rolled the tip of my tongue along the slit and then polished the wet head over and over again.
As the excitement grew I slid his cock deep into my mouth pressing down until my lips were once more pressed against his body and the head of his cock once again was pressed against the back of my throat. I rubbed my tongue up and down on the middle of his rigid prick. Again I slid my lips up the length until it was almost free. I kept the head clasped in my lips while my tongue explored over, around and under the warm cock end. For the next five or ten minutes I repeated over and over slowly sliding the firm cock in and out of my throat. Every movement of Jim's body added to the pleasure that I was enjoying.
Eventually as I continued to massage his cock in my mouth Jim's body began to stiffen. I could tell from the way his hips were humping harder, and also from the grunting noises he was making, that it wouldn't be too long before he started blowing his load. Without letting his cock slide out of my mouth, I moved around and down until I was kneeling between his legs. Then while encircling his butt in my arms I began sucking more firmly on his mighty machine. Jim was moaning quietly beneath his breath while lifting his hips up and down.
I slid my lips up to the head of his prick, let it slip out of my mouth, and then slid my tongue along the bottom of his cock until I reached his balls with my tongue. I wanted to slow down his rush toward orgasm, so I held his cock in my hand and sucked one of his balls into my mouth, pulling gently back and forth on it. After a few moments of sucking one ball, I sucked in the other one and repeated the same motions. Finally I slipped my lips over his hard cock once again and slid my mouth down deep into the pubic hair surrounding all his equipment.
I slowly pulled my lips up from bottom to the top of his cock. At the same time I was licking all around with my tongue as I pulled up using a sucking motion. I again felt the slight but obvious stiffening of his whole body. And then Jim's orgasm started. His cock jumped, got harder and my lips could feel the vein on the bottom of the cock swell up with the first shot of cum-and then the second-and then the third.
All of a sudden my cock began cumming, too. Jim's hand had kept a firm grip on it and although he had not jerked his hand since I started sucking him, the excitement of everything that was happening for the first time caused me also to have a tremendous orgasm. I came all over everything, Jim's hand, my legs, the bed, and almost everything else within shooting distance of my cock. So much for keeping jism off the sheets!! Where in the world did all the cum come from?
Meanwhile I was in ecstasy as I swallowed down all the cum that Jim was blasting out into my mouth. The tremendous excitement of that moment is a memory that I will always cherish. My cock tingles each time my mind relives that great moment.
Jim and I hardly slept the rest of the night. Jim seemed anxious to suck my cock also and he began working almost immediately on it. He took my cock into his mouth right after he had finished cumming and was trying to get my cock in his mouth before it lost its hardness so he could suck it off. Jim never told me if it was his first time to suck a cock and I didn't ask. I was enjoying everything too much.
His warm mouth and his sucking action had the expected results. Before too long my rod, which had softened a little after I first came, gradually became hard as ever. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and braced his arms under my butt. Then he began to lick my balls with his tongue. What a sensation! Next he sucked each ball into his mouth, and finally took both of them together into his mouth. I felt like I was floating in a soft, erotic cloud.
When he next released my balls and began to draw my cock into his mouth once again, I could feel my hard-on becoming more firmly established. It felt almost like I was going to cum again in spite of having cum just a few moments before. I could feel another huge orgasm gradually approaching. I did everything I could to relax and slow the progress of that exciting sensation.
After what seemed a few short moments I began to cum with a tremendous contraction of almost all my muscles. I let out a long groan and wrapped my arms around Jim's head. I experienced an orgasm as fantastic as I had ever known. Jim kept sucking and swallowing until I felt completely sucked dry. He continued to hold my cock deep in his mouth until it was totally soft and limp.
I believe that we took turns sucking each other off five or six times that night. I know it was after 3:00 a. m. before we both fell asleep. We had just finished off a 69 position with each other. We came at about the same time, and I noticed that both of us were shooting a lot less cum than at first. We simply fell asleep, each holding the other's cock in our mouths.
In the morning we were both tired, and since the passion seemed to dissipate with the dawn, perhaps with a little embarrassment we went about doing what needed to be done to get up, get showered, get packed and get going. We spoke very little with each other and no mention was ever made about the events of the night before.
Back at school we finished the term as lab partners, never talking about our night in bed together. However, I really believe that the events of that most fabulous night will remain etched in my memory for as long as I live.
After my first experience with actually sleeping with my classmate and spending one whole night in sexual activities that went 'all the way' as far as I knew at the time, I began to feel somewhat troubled. I had never had a completely uninhibited sexual experience with girls, and I was beginning to wonder how it could possibly be any better or more exciting than what I had already experienced with a person of my own sex.
I also know of the extreme extent of the social taboo that went with homosexual activities at that time. After all, all the stories about fairies, the high voices, limp wrists, etc. How could I possibly be one of them? It was ridiculous, not true. I was just going through a phase. Nonetheless I was concerned and decided that I should soon get myself involved in the much more acceptable role of having sexual intercourse with women. So with that thought I decided that I would bring the subject up with one or more of the girls that I knew fairly well.



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