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A Night Out With My Bestfriend

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It started on a Friday after I had finished work. 'D' had to be somewhere on Saturday so he couldn't spend Friday night with us, he was dropped off home and left me and 'R'. We got back to his place and I showered, getting ready to go clubbing in the city. Of course we went to a gay club. I love the fact of being surrounded by men!

'R' gave me a kiss on the cheek and his hand rubbed the outside of my pussy and said 'There you go have a kiss' I was already wet after feeling his touch and we danced until 3:00am until we had enough and drove back home. I showered again then got changed into my pyjamas and went downstairs to go and see what 'R' was doing. He was sitting on the computer reading erotic gay stories. I sat next to him and started reading them also. He told me that he was 'semi hard.' I was very turned on by this, I just giggled and continued to read. The time was now 4:00am and we were both getting really tired. 'R' said to me 'I am so horny right now I think I'm going to go and sit on the couch and have a wank'

He showed me exactly how hard he was and my pussy was dripping. I patted his head and said 'Goodnight, I am going to bed' I started to walk up the stairs and he said 'Oh, so your going to go and finger yourself now' I just kept walking and smiled. 'R' knocked on the door and asked if I could sleep in his room tonight and keep him company. I said 'Ok but I will sleep on the floor' I grabbed my pillows and headed to his room. I started to make my bed on the floor, 'R' was lying on the bed rubbing his already hard cock. I couldn't help but look. I then decided to switch off the light and make my bed in the dark. 'R' kept asking me If he could watch me finger myself, he said that he has never seen someone do it. I kept saying 'no' and that I was going to sleep now. I got under the covers and laid my head down. 'R' then said you can come and sleep in the bed with me, I will put my cock away and we will just sleep. I agreed and laid next to him getting under the Doona.

He then grabbed my 36C breasts and started to rub them asking me 'Is this turning you on?' I said 'No' he kept playing with them until he pointed out that my nipples were getting hard and that I must have been turned on. I said to him that I wasn't. He lifted up my jumper and rubbed my breasts, twisting my nipples and rubbing his hand over my tummy and heading lower, reaching towards my pants he asked 'May I?' I said 'Go ahead.'

He slid his hand into my pants and into my panties. He started to rub my clit and he guided my hand onto his six and a half inch cock. I rubbed it through his boxers and he put my hand into his boxers and I took hold of his cock and started to rub it up and down. I was trying to go the same speed as what his fingers inside my pussy were going. He was breathing harder, his finger rubbing my clit bringing me on the verge of an orgasm. He rubbed harder and faster until I was cumming. I moaned as he kept going and going my body was having spasms wriggling all over the place.

He then said 'There's your spot' I was having multiple orgasms and couldn't control them, my hand was stroking his cock and he told me to play with his balls and to go faster. I stroked him harder and faster until his breathing got so heavy he said 'I'm close' I started to play with my own pussy as he watched and took over stroking his own cock. He had asked me to leave my hand there so I could catch his cum. It wasn't long until I felt his warm cum on my hands. I got up and washed the cum off my fingers telling him how good that was. I got back into bed and had a very nice sleep thinking about me playing with his cock. I absolutely love his cock!



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