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A Night of Pure Bliss

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This was a fantasy at the time but I have a feeling you may become aroused after reading about my phone sex masturbation episode.


When I was a 26 year old, single and relatively attractive well built usually horny female, I met a wonderful handsome man about my age at work and we became fairly frequent lunch time friends. We eventually had a few dates and slowly become closer friends. Getting to know more about each other we often talked on the phone at night after work. I finally learned he was also single and as time went by our conversations began to become a bit more sexual in nature.

Up to now I had dated several men but they had been the 'let's get it on the first date' type which didn't interest me as I liked to take it slow and easy. This one was definitely not the type and interested me more each time we talked as he seemed to be such a gentleman.

After several dates we eventually enjoyed a little hugging and kissing which eventually lead to a few gentle caresses. I thought to myself, this just may be my future husband.

Our late night phones calls continued to become more sexual in nature until one night the subject of masturbation came up. By whom I don't remember however we openly discussed it and I became more aroused but he didn't seem that aroused, not yet anyway.

He seemed so shy I had to come up with a plan. The next night we talked I told him I had become truly interested in him and our phone conversations left me horny and I usually ended up masturbating. He quickly perked up and said, 'Really, so have I.'

By now I needed to rub one out so I asked if he would like to masturbate with me. I told him I had showered before he called and I was lying on the bed nude and was in the mood if he was. He said he had showered too and he already had a hard-on just talking about masturbating. He quickly undressed, got comfortable in bed and we began to slowly masturbate.

I started by asking if he would be comfortable masturbating with me and he said, 'If that will turn you on, sure, any time!' I then told him for several reasons I kept my pussy clean shaven and he said his dick was too and it was getting harder by the minute. I asked him not to hurry as I liked to take my time and enjoy masturbating slow and easy until I couldn't hold off any longer.

He said he had to stop stroking as listening to me he was already on the verge of cumming. I told him I could cum any minute but I wasn't in a hurry to cum, not this time. I told him my pussy was dripping wet and I enjoyed tasting my juices and asked if he had ever tasted pussy? He surprised me by saying he had the hardest orgasm ever when he masturbated while eating pussy. Hearing him say that had me at a peek. I told him I wished he was here so I could cum while I watched him shoot off.

We were both so turned on by then I said, 'Let me know when you are ready to cum'. In seconds he said his cum was starting to shoot and my pussy exploded. After we calmed down I suggested for our next date I'd prepare dinner him in my apartment if he would like and he quickly agreed.

Our next meeting was a night of pure bliss! He was definitely a keeper and I thought to myself if he didn't ask me to marry him, I may have to do the asking.

Did my fantasy become a reality? Leave a reply and I'll let you know the rest of the story. I'll have to calm it down a bit as it was way too explicit to be posted on Solo Touch. Just use your imagination.

Closing comment: An orgasm a day may not keep the Doctor away but it sure helps ones attitude!



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