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A Night in With My Friends

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This was the most relaxing time ever!


I was on a night out with my girlfriends when Jan told us all, that for her birthday, her husband had bought her a day at a health club. This included a full body massage, which she said was so sensual and totally arousing. This got us all talking about similar experiences. It seemed that I was the only one that had never had a massage. I then confessed that one of my many fantasies was to have a full body massage but by more than one masseuse. Then one of the girls said, 'we could all massage you.' Then we all laughed. 'No, we really could.' We all agreed that it was a good idea but I said that I wanted a rule which was I didn't want anyone to touch me between my legs unless I begged them to. We all agreed and said we would meet at my house the following week. That night came and my boyfriend was out for the night and staying at his friend's. He knew that the girls were 'round at ours for the night but not what we had planned. I had made everything perfect and also made the dining table into a massage table with three thick duvets covered with a silk sheet. The oils were on the radiator which was on, so the house was all warm. I was dressed in only very baggy French knickers (silk) and a silk robe, felling very aroused at what was to come. My four friends arrived at 7:30pm. After they had warmed up and had coffee I knew it was time. Feeling very nervous but excited I dimmed the lights and we all undressed. All the girls looked fantastic in their sexy knickers and bras. I got on the table and Jan said to lie on my belly at first. I closed my eyes while they all applied warm oil to all of me. The feeling was unbelievable and I could already feel myself becoming very aroused, hands were everywhere from my toes, legs, bottom, back, shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Even the girls were getting aroused, little moans every so often. I just had to turn over so my breast and front could be massaged. This time I kept my eyes open so I could see 8 hands all over me, with 2 on each leg & thigh and 2 on each breast & arm... I was in heaven. All the girls had sultry smiles on their faces and I could tell that they were all enjoying this. Sam said 'please Deb, let us take you all the way, no one will ever know'. I looked around and everyone nodded to agree. My legs slowly opened to allow hands and fingers, then I just closed my eyes and told them all to do anything they wanted with me. I can never remember being in so much pleasurable pain in my life, their hands and fingers were everywhere. My G-spot was being massaged at the same time as my clit at the same time as my breast. I couldn't balance on the edge for much longer as I told them, Sam said to just open my eyes and see, I did, and they were all massaging me with just one hand and masturbating themselves with the other. They all looked wonderful. That was it, it happened straight away, one long, slow powerful orgasm came over me that honestly must have lasted 3 minutes. I went to touch the two girls nearest me but was never allowed to. I think that a couple of the girls came too but wouldn't admit to it later. We all went to bed around 1am and I slept like a baby.That night I had my first massage and fulfilled a life-long fantasy. The next morning we all had breakfast together and chatted. They even took the mickey out of my loud climaxes but I knew they were just having a laugh. After they all left I went up and had a bath then to bed for another much needed sleep. Before I slept I couldn't resist massaging myself down below thinking of what had happened the night before. I awoke to my boyfriend kissing me, he said 'did you have a nice night, what did you all get up to?' to which I said 'oh just girlie things'. I've never told him what happened that night but I think maybe one day I will. My friends all enjoyed it to and another 'massage night' has been mentioned but next time I think somebody else will want to have a turn.That night fuels most of my masturbation sessions and I feel very lucky to have four of the best friends in the world. I've just touched myself and I'm totally aroused & soaking wet through writting down this experience. My boyfriend's at work, I think I'll go and massage myself in front of the fire and wait for him. I hope this story aroused you all. Love from U. K.
Debbie X



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