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A Night I Won't Forget

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First off, I want to say I love the site! I've been visiting for a good long amount of time, and I finally have a story of my own to add to all of this! I didn't use any names though. I just hope it doesn't get too confusing or anything.
The love of my life lives on the East Coast, and I live in the Northern Midwest. We met over the internet 3 years ago, and started dating after we first met February of 2003. He's 19, and I'm 17 (18 not to long from now).
As I said, he was visiting me all last week, and I feel I've experienced so much more. I've had more serious sexual relationships with than the one I have with my current boyfriend, but it seems like he and I have a different kind of chemistry.
Anyway, the whole week we'd fool around a little before bed, as we had the upstairs to ourselves, and sometimes a very little bit when I woke him up in the morning.
It was the morning before he had to leave, and I woke up in a serious mood. All day whenever we'd get the chance to be alone something would happen and we wouldn't be able to do anything. So all day between the two of us, there was a lot of teasing going on (but I was instigating most of it).
Finally it was getting late, so the two of us went upstairs to watch TV until my sister left (she was waiting for her fiance so they could take a dresser home, or something like that). During this time we snuggled, and I continued to tease him, which I could see was getting really hard for him to take. When we were we finally alone I wanted to be able to take things slowly, and make it something to remember (as we may not see each other again until November or December). I pulled down his jeans a little (because he slept in his clothes) and ever so gently started to play with his balls, once in awhile stroking his cock. He seemed to be slightly impatient, though (not that I blame him, as much as I had been teasing him already that day). Every now and then, he'd put his hand over mine as I was stroking him. I'd smile and ask 'Do you want to help?' and then he'd pull his hand away, much to my disappointment.
After this had gone on awhile, he finally took his cock in his hand and started to jack himself. Every now and then he'd slow down, and I'd suck the head of his cock, but mostly I was just mesmerized. Here's my conservative, never-been-with-another-girl-before boyfriend jacking off for me. He was doing it so fast, too. I mean, I could never move my hand that fast. I was getting so turned on. He was absolutely writhing on the bed, trying to stifle his moans (he was so afraid my parents would hear, even though they slept downstairs with their door closed and two fans on). He finally reached his orgasm, and I cleaned him up.
After that he was really tired, which I respect and all, but I was so riled up after watching him. So, I gave him a few minutes, and then kissed his neck, and nibbled on his earlobes a little. After doing that for awhile, he turned me onto my back, and started doing the same to me, and massaging my breasts. I didn't mind at all, but it's not what I wanted. I know I would've been okay to ask, but I always feel weird about it. Then I started thinking, 'Well, he did it.' So I slipped a hand into my pants and started to finger my ungodly wet pussy. However, I didn't do it for very long, because he wanted to 'assist' as soon as he noticed what I was doing. We went on to do some other things, but I'm not going to write all of that, as it has little to do with the two of us masturbating. He did bring me to a wonderful orgasm, though. Actually, every time we did those kinds of things he did. Also, we brought ourselves and each other so much pleasure without ever going all the way, because we really love each other and know what one another needs.
I don't want to get preachy or anything, but I want to say something to all the teens out there that are younger than me. I'm not a virgin, but after being with this boyfriend who still is, I really wish I was too. I regret having sex with someone I didn't truly love almost every day. I'm not saying this boyfriend and I wouldn't have liked to, but we held back because one day it's going to be that much better for us. I'm not saying fooling around and exploring your body is wrong. I'm just saying think before you jump in bed and go all the way with whoever is willing to do it. Make sure you listen to your head and your heart.



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