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A Night at the Movies

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And It Is Still Fun


I have been a reader of Solo Touch for some time now. This is my first entry and a true story.

I met my girlfriend on the Internet about a month ago. We went out a couple of times and are now inseperable. I will call her Carol for this story.

Last week-end Carol and I went to a movie in one of those multi screen movie houses. The movie we went to see had been out for some time so we knew not many people would be there. We went in to get our seats and found we were the only ones there. As the movie started a woman and what looked to be her daughter came in and sat in the front row. Carol and I sat in the last row. Carol raised the arm of the seat up that was between us and moved closer to me.

We hugged and a kiss here and there. Then I cupped her breast in my left hand as we kissed. We both had on shorts as the temperature was very warm that day. I pulled her breast out of her bra and sucked on her nipple for a long time. her nipples are very hard and stick out very nicely. I had my other hand on her thigh, the softest smoothest leg I had ever felt. Her hand was on my thigh and I could feel the heat from her touch.

As we continued our touching and kissing I felt her hand rise further up my leg as her pinky made contact with my ball sack. Now Carol has a very nice set of breasts I would guess to be about 36-b or maybe c-cup. Even though she is 56 her breasts are still very firm and have very little sag to them.

By this time my 6 1/2 inch cock is pretty hard. I raised the leg of her shorts and found she was not wearing any under pants. Her pussy is clean shaven and smooth as a new born babies butt. I felt that she was very wet. I circled her clit with my middle finger. She was so wet and warm my cock got even harder.

My cock was so hard and was very uncomfortable I had to have some relief. I undid the button and unzipped my shorts to let my cock free. I now had two fingers deep inside of her and she was now stroking my stiff cock. Carol smiled at me and scooted back in her chair. I asked her to move back up so I could reach her hot wet pussy.

We both stroked each other and and I could have done that all night. I reached down and slowly pushed my right index finger up her tight ass hole. She sighed out loud and I pushed it as deep as I could, while using my thumb to massage her clit and pussy lips. I could not believe how wet she was. My hard cock was starting to ooze pre-cum now and we could hear the squishing noise of her wet pussy and my now wet cock.

We went on this way for quite some time. She would bring me close to cumming then slow down as to not hurry me. And I noticed she was squirming in her seat and then all of a sudden her legs clamped shut on my hand as she had her first climax of the night. This almost pushed me over the edge. She told me she wanted me inside of her when I came. I was a little nervous but thrilled that we could get caught.

I told her it would'nt take much more to make me cum. She sat back up and I dove into her pussy once again with my fingers. She then picked up the pace a little with the strokes and I could feel the tingle in my balls telling me I was close. I dropped my shorts all the way down around my ankles and set back to enjoy what was bound to be a great load. I told her I was about to cum and she bent my cock straight forward and I blew 4 or 5 hard streams of hot sticky cum all over the back of the seat in front of me and the floor. It was one of the most intense loads I have ever shot. Carol shook all over and had her second climax of the night.

As we got ready to leave the theater we noticed a big wet spot on my tan shorts. She told me to walk close behind her so no one could see it. We went to my truck giggling like a couple of high school kids at what had just happened.

I wonder what is on at the movies tomorrow night????



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