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A Night at My Friends

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This is something that happened yesterday at my friends house when I slept over. I am almost 18 and she is 17. Yesterday after school she asked if I wanted to spend the night, we usually spend the nights together so it was no big deal so I said yes. When I first got there, there was nobody home since her mom was working late that night. We went to the kitchen and looked around for something to eat. She jokingly grabed a bananna, pealed it and shoved it in and out of her mouth and we laughed. Seeing her do that turned me on sort of, so I was starting to feel my clit throb. I dont consider myself a lesbian but when I masturbate I often think about girls, mainly her, but I never told her that, that is not until that day. We grabbed some snacks and went into her room, and I layed down on her bed. She sat on her chair and we watched some TV for a while. She said she was going to change out of her school clothes and she went into the bathroom. She came out a few minutes later wearing a really small tank top and some really really really short shorts that practically going up her ass. Her butt looked so tight and round and you could make out her pussy threw the shorts, thats how tight and short they were. You could also see her firm breasts threw the shirt, I think shes a C cup. As soon as she stepped out I became really wet and my clit was throbing more and more. I think she noticed I was staring at her beautiful body, but she didnt say anything. She sat back down to watch the TV while I studied her long tanned legs and her breasts. I got up and told her I was going to go to the bathroom. I went in, sat on the toilet and peed then I ran my fingers on my clit and started to play with myself. I was getting really into it and I was scared she was going to hear me since the bathroom was only a few feet away and I was starting to moan, so I forced myself to stop ( it was hard to stop!). I walked out of the bathroom and she has a funny smile on her face, I layed back down on her bed and asked why was she so happy? She stopped smiling and we just kept our eyes on each other and she got up and sat next to me on the bed. Then she sat on top of my stomach with her legs on both sides of me, and I could tell she was wearing a thong. Then she said ' I know what you were doing in the bathroom, I saw you in the keyhole, why did you stop?' I was shocked and said I was sorry and how embarrassed I was she saw me. She told me how pretty I looked running my fingers in my pussy, I was really shocked! She leaned into me, letting her pussy press against my belly and kissed me lightly on the lips. She sat up and ran her hands on my body, and she told me how hot I made her and how much she thought about me when she would finger herself at night. I told her I thought about her too and she cupped my breasts threw my shirt and gave me a quick squeeze. I took off my shirt and she unhooked my bra and started to kiss and lick my nipples, I was sooo horny! I had my hands in my pants and I was rubbing my clit like crazy. She slid down and undid my pants and slid off my black lace panties, I still had my finger running up and down my clit. She moved my hand over and started to run her hand up my slit, and put a finger in my pussy, then 2 and then 3, she couldnt get any more in because I am still a virgin and it hurt. I looked down at her and she licked her lips and dove her tounge in my pussy and sucked and licked my clit, after a few moments I came hard all over her hand and she licked it all up and told me I tasted great. She got off the bed and took off all her clothes and layed on top of me with her pussy right on my leg and started to hump me with her knee on my now sensitive clit and just kept rocking on me till she came all over my leg. She layed next to me after that and we just sort of stayed that way for a while. Then she asked me if I ever did anything like that with another girl before and I said that I hadnt but I always wanted to. She told me she always thought of eating me and having me cum on her face but she never had the guts to do anyhting about it until she saw me masturbating in the bathroom. She turned and looked at me and got another big funny smile on her face. She turned back over and opened her night stand and turned back to me with a big (maybe 8 inch) dildo in her hand. I sat up and looked at it for a while, just looking at the beautiful fake cock turned me on again and she asked me if she could fuck me with it. I was alitle worried at first cause I thought it would hurt alot ( since I was a virgin) she told me she would be careful and I agreed. She grabed some lub and ran it all over the dildo and on the opening of my vagina (it felt really good) and she looked up and me and kissed and told me she was going to put it in. She slid the head in first really slowly and I told her it kind of hurt but she kept sliding it in, very very slowly telling me she wanted me to feel every inch. After she got most of it in (the rest wouldnt fit) she slid it in and out slowly and then picked up the speed. She change speeds like this alot when I was about to cum. After about 10 min she let me cum and layed on top of me with the dildo still in me and told me how beautiful I looked with the thick dick in me. We heard her mom drive up and she slowly took the dildo out and it had alot of my juices on it and she put it on her mouth and kissed me afterwards so my cum was in our mouths as we kissed. We quickly got dressed and layed on her bed. A few minutes later her mom came in and asked how we were and she said she hoped we werent too bored we giggled and said we were fine. Later that night we did everything all over again and she wants me to spend the night again tonight, so im going to pack soon and head over. I hope you liked my story! =)



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