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A New Twist to Sleepovers

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One weekend in March of last year, I had the weekend off and nothing much to do. There wasn't anything going on, so I decided to invite my friend who we'll call Brad to sleepover that Saturday night. Arriving around 6:00, we pulled out the fold out bed downstairs and began to watch videos I'd either rented or owned. About a half hour later, I said 'Be right back' and ran upstairs. I ran back down and tossed him the tape I was carrying which he immediately recognized as a porno. He was surprised I'd been able to get my hands on one, but we put it away and saved it for later.
Around midnight, my parents were asleep upstairs and I asked 'Do you wanna watch the *other* video?' Brad said 'Hell yeah, put it in!' and so I stuck it in the VCR and hit play. The opening scene was fantastic: It was two really hot chicks having sex with a dude dressed in Roman style clothing and worked out rather well. During the next few scenes, we both got hard as rocks and horny as hell, so I decided to bring up the idea of jacking off. Brad wasn't too crazy about the idea of doing it in front of another guy and I was a little hesitant also, so we decided to build a wall out of pillows so that we'd both have our privacy.
After the wall was complete, we turned the video back on and I started going at it. Our conversation about the porno became more and more intense and I finally asked 'Hey Brad, when's the last time you jacked off?' 'This morning, so this might take a while, lol' was his reply and I told him I hadn't done it in a couple of days. By now the pillows started to become a bother, getting in the way and such, so we agreed to take them down. Buttoning our pants back up, we took apart the wall and started the video again.
We both started jerking off again immediately which surprised me cause I thought it'd take longer. I'm a little larger than average, about 7' long, but I'm a little thicker than most having a 6.5' circumference. Brad was about the same length, but a little thinner than mine. The one difference I noticed right away was that he was right handed and I was a lefty. It was absolutely awesome seeing another guy stroke his cock right next to you while you're doing th same thing. It's kind of weird saying that since I'm not gay, but it really was impressive to see.
We were jerking off for about an hour before with small breaks here and there before Brad goes 'Let's go finish up outside. I always wanted to do that.' So we stood up, walked quietly upstairs, and out the door with our dicks in hand. We found a lamp post up the road and decided to cum underneath it. I knelt down, but Brad stayed standing which made things a little unusual, having a guy beating off two feet from your face, but whatever. Both of us were having trouble since the temperature out was below freezing, so we decided to just go back inside.
Once we were inside and warm again, we started the video back up and began to jack off again. Brad said 'Try not to cum for a while, let's see how long we can go.' 'Hey, no problem' I replyed as i stroked away. This session was even longer than the first and I'd later notice that we almost finished watching the 4 hour tape! Finally Brad goes 'Anytime you're ready man.' 'I'm as ready as I'll ever be.'
A few second later, Brad gasps 'I'm gonna cum!' and busts a massive load all over the place! The first shot went well over his head and hit on the couch behind him and the next few sprays reached the top of his chest. These weren't your average spurts of cum though, he was shooting ropes of jizz all over the place! At the exact same time, I started cumming to and shot up over my head, then onto my chin and stomach. As we both finished up, I looked over to see my best friend covered in his own cum as he laughs at the mess we'd made.
That has to be the most enjoyable jack off experience I've ever had. I'd really like to do it again, but haven't gotten the chance yet. I've still yet to see someone blow a load that cums even close to the one Brad shot that night...



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