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A New Normal

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This is our new normal after thirty five years of marriage and a cardiac condition.


My husband and I have always had a vigorous sex life. That is until a year ago. At the time I didn't know nor did my husband know that his heart was giving out. My husband has always been strong and vigorous especially in bed. But since last January his performance has declined. I have slowed down a bit myself. During the week of Easter of last year my husband was admitted to the local hospital cardiac care unit. We learned the he would have to have a pace maker and that our life would change forever. Even for our age we would have sex about three times a week. I like sex and he likes sex. Then....nothing. Very disappointing. Especially when you know that we had sex at least twice a day for the first fifteen years of our marriage. We have been married thirty six years. Like I said, we like sex.

Well to get to the point. I am kind of horny and not satisfied like I used to be. I usually go to bed early because I have to be at work by Four thirty in the morning. And then one night my husband came to my bed side as I was sliding into the sheets and said, 'I have some thing for you'. I didn't say a thing. I just laid back on the bed and let my legs spread apart. My pussy had an itch that needed to be scratched. My husband just smiled at me and said just relax and enjoy.

I knew that he was going to make me feel good and boy did he ever. He had warmed the liquid lubricant bottle to a nice temperature and proceeded to lubricate my shaved pubic mound. He spread my lips slightly and lubricated the inside. While touching my pussy with one hand he had a new vibrator in the other hand. It was ever so warm. He set it on low and proceeded to rub my mound with the vibe. I could feel my pussy gush inside. He would move the vibe up and down my slit and my lips would part. The vibe was moved in a circular motion around and up and down the lips of my pussy. Each time up and down he would enter a little into my vagina and then out again and touch my clitty. Each time a little deeper. I had an orgasm building. The vibe was on low vibration not enough to push me over. Each time a little deeper until about half way in. When It was that deep, the vibration was turned up full speed. At full speed the vibrator was pushed all the way in. I rotated my pelvis up to receive the full effect and had one of the strongest ORGASMS of my life. I started to scream in Orgasmic Ecstasy. While I was screaming my husband moved the vibrator in and out as fast as he could and my Orgasms became stronger and stronger until I started to scream no more, no more, no more. OMG Did I Ever Cum. I squirted so hard I thought that I had pee'd the bed.

My husband said that he had never seen me cum like that and that seeing me smile after and hearing me scream during was so exciting and satisfying for him. I won't say how often we 'jack off'. In a way I think that it should be called that since Jack does it for me and to me. Hard to believe that I still like it after all these years and that my husband loves me that much.



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