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A New Friend

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Sometimes it doesn't matter how we find ourselves in situations of adventure and oppurtunity, it only matters how we deal with it.
I had found myself at the home of some friends and sleeping on a hide-a-bed with a Kingston boy named Larry. I had met Larry before and we had had a friendly, if causal, relationship. He was about 5' 9', 155 pounds, muscular, handsome and ebony black of skin. I had no idea of his sexual preference, likes, dislikes or hsitory. I just knew that we were asleep on a fold out bed in our underwear when he awoke me whispering, 'are you awake?' As I roused from slumber I realized he was pressing againist me and had his hand was on my dick, but to my amazement, I had my hand on his dick as well.
I reached up and turned on the nightling in the table lamp, which gave just enough light to make out his features. He was smiling. I raised up onto my knees facing him and moved until I could slide his underwear off his legs. There before my eyes was a magnificent hard tool of sex: well over nine inches long; as thick as a grown man's wrist with a pink head and shaft as far back as his foreskin had once grew; the remainer was coal black. He parted his legs and let his very large balls drop between his legs. I had an overpowering urge to touch that beautiful dick. I wrapped my hand around it and felt it's warmth and hardness. I worked my hand along the shaft and closed it tightly about the head and stroked downward.
'I'll be right back,' I whispered and tiptoed to the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of Baby Oil. I held the beautiful dick up stright and dribbled the oil the length of his manhood and began to stroke it slowly. He moaned softly and folded both arms beneath his head. I was sitting on my heels so I had a good view of him and what I was doing. I had never witnessed a man ejaculating up close and I wanted to see it now.
He was enjoying the attention I paid to his dick and balls. He pulled his knees up slightly and I redoubled my efforts on his behalf. Up and down, up and down, squeeze his balls, rub the head, and more strokes on that long shaft.
My dick had been hard when I awoke and it was now crying for attention to its needs. I slipped it through the fly of my underwear and began stroking it with my other hand. As soon as I got the rythum matched Larry growled through his teeth, grabbed the bed on each side of him, arched his back and squirted a long, powerful string of cum. I pumped his dick harder, he shot another and then a third. I continued the work his cock and balls as his contractions lessened and the mighty blast of cum became a dribble as his dick began to soften. He looked very satisfied and relaxed.
He stroked my leg and ask what he could for me. Without a word I slid out off my underwear and straddled his chest with my dick bobbing at the level of his mouth. He grinned, took it in his hand and guided it into his mouth; his wet, warm, wondeful, moving mouth. He gave a mind numbing blow job.



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