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A New Experience

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I've been fascinated by the many stories on this site for a long time, and I felt that it was time to finally share my own story.


I recently separated from my husband, and after 9 years of a totally unsatisfying sex life, I decided that I needed to take matters into my own hands. My best friend had been trying to convince me to go out with a co-worker of hers. She's been singing his praises for months, and finally I broke down and agreed to a blind date with him. The night of the date finally came, and I took an especially long time preparing myself for him. I took a nice hot bath and made sure that my body was completely soft and smooth for him. My carefully arranged hair and make-up were perfect and finally I was ready. At exactly 6:30 there was a knock on the door, and there, standing on the other side was one of the most perfect specimen of the male species that I had ever seen. He was tall with dark wavy hair, and the most intense penetrating eyes that I had ever seen. I smiled coyly at him and invited him in for a moment. A few steps into the living room, I turned and looked at him and started to ask if he would like something to drink. The words faltered upon my lips though when his gaze caught mine. Apparently, I wasn't the only one feeling overwhelmed with the sudden sexual tension, as the gaze lasted for an eternity, neither of us seemed capable of looking away. Finally he took a step towards me, and enveloped me in his strong arms and kissed me in a way that I have never been kissed before. My knees went weak as his lips pressed hard against mine, his tongue entwined with mine in a long passionate kiss that left me breathless. He looked at me with a small smile and again I felt a sudden electrical charge go through me. The kiss had left me extremely turned on, and my panties were already drenched. I took a quick peek at the front of his jeans and could clearly tell that he was also incredibly aroused. I smiled archly at him and asked if he really wanted to go to dinner. Before he could answer I stepped forward and kissed him again, exploring his body with my hands as our mouths worked hungrily on each other. We both grew more bold and soon he was caressing my breasts, feeling how hard my nipples were, then sliding his hand down between my thighs. My wetness must have surprised him because he let out a small groan and muttered 'oh wow' under his breath. He started to slide his hands under my skirt and his fingers were pushing away my panties. He looked at me once questioningly, as if asking my permission. I groaned and nodded and soon his fingers were on my smooth bare pussy, slowly running up and down my slit, never penetrating, just lightly stroking me and making me tremble with the softness of his touch. I ran my hand over his pants, feeling the rock solid cock straining beneath the cloth. He felt huge to me, and so hard, and after such a long time, I was anxious to feel him throbbing in my hand. I undid his pants and with his help, slid them down over his hips, his cock was huge inside of his boxers, the head poking out of the hole. I quickly removed those too and there he stood rock hard and throbbing before me. I ran my hands over it tentatively, but soon my fascination and desire took over and I began stroking him vigorously. He gasped and arched his back, fully enjoying the sensations that I was causing. Finally he stopped me, saying 'This isn't very fair you know, you're pussy is dying to be stroked, I can tell.' he gently pushed me back into a chair and pulled my very wet panties off. He knelt between my legs and began kissing his way up my thigh, tasting each and every inch of flesh that he could, until finally his tongue was against my hot wet pussy, circling around my clitoris and lapping up all my steamy juices. My body was trembling uncontrollably and I could feel the orgasm mounting deep inside of me. But before I reached my peak, his tongue ceased its movements, and he sat back on his heels. 'I want to watch you' he breathed to me, 'Show me how you like to touch yourself' Never in my life have I masturbated in front of another person, much less a virtual stranger, but without hesitation my hand slid between my legs and my fingers began moving frantically against my hard protruding clit. 'oh yeah' he groaned, 'oh my god, that's incredible' He leaned back against the couch and took his cock in his hand, slowly stroking himself. We watched each other, completely captivated. I had a perfect view of him and could see each drop of precum as it came seeping to the surface, and then he would use the tip of his finger and spread it over the head of his cock, using it for lube. My fingers were moving frantically against my body, first rubbing my clit, then stopping every few seconds to push to fingers into my hot dripping hole. My orgasm was imminent, and I could tell that he wasn't too far behind. 'let me see you cum' I murmured and that was all it took, his body stiffened up, and suddenly his cock erupted as spurt after spurt of his steaming juice shot out, landing all over the carpet, and my legs. I couldn't believe how utterly erotic that could be and the sight of him exploding all over drove me over the edge. My body went rigid as the sensations coursed through me, and then I exploded, my body twisting and convulsing as the orgasm utterly consumed me. It was several minutes before I could open my eyes, but when I did, he was standing above me, looking at me with the most tender look in his eyes, he pulled me up into his arms and kissed me hard and long. Then he took my hand and walked with me to the bedroom where he overwhelmed me with his sexual talents! To this day I thank my best friend and compliment her on her amazing match making abilities.



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