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A New Experience

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A really true story of unexpected mutual masturbation


During the summer I shave my pubic hair. I cannot stand the long thick hair being so hot, wet and sticky from the perspiration around my male parts in the hot summer weather. In fact, for the same reason I cannot stand to wear underclothes in the summer. However, when I go without, then my long thick pubic hair gets caught in the zipper and that really hurts when I zip up and it pulls the hair out by the roots. So I denude my private parts.

Well last Sunday, I went to a State Park public nude beach. It is a beautiful, several miles long nude beach and rocky coast line, where nude sunbathers can tan, sit or picnic on the rocks. Since this beach is a state owned and operated nude recreational area. Once you have left the parking area total nudity is acceptable on any of the trails leading down to the beach, the whole beach area, including the surrounding rocks and water. Later I found out that unofficially, the northern half of the beach area is used by the heterosexuals and the southern section is used by the gays and lesbians.

Well the parking lot was very full when I arrived, so I had to park at the very end of the lot, which just happened to be next to the last trail entrance leading down to the southern end of the beach. So I slipped off my shorts and walked naked down this wide paved wooded path which wound through the woods down the rocky cliffs to the beach.

On the way down I passed several individuals both male and female coming to or from the beach. In one wooded area I met this guy coming up the other way and as he passed me, I said howdy, and he replied with something I didn't understand, so I stopped and asked him what he said. He turned around walking a few steps back to me when he said he 'really liked your trim'. It took me a couple of seconds to comprehend what he said, and then I realized he was talking about my clean shaved pubic area. I glanced down seeing that he also was hairless. I said, 'yea, I couldn't stand all that hair down there wet and sweaty, therefore I prefer in the summer to keep it clean and bare'. He then bent over and eyeballed my hairless cock and balls really up close and personal. I continued by saying 'besides the long hair has a tenancy to get caught in my zipper'.

Without a word he reaches out and begins to pull my foreskin back exposing my cockhead. I was speechless, but I didn't protest his advances. He then cupped my balls and for some unknown reason, I let out a sigh 'Oh yes' while I simultaneously reached for his denuded equipment. I don't know what came over me. I have never had any homo tendencies, yet here I was fondling a total strangers genitals. He then pulled down on my sack squeezing my testicles together and I let out another sigh of ecstasy saying 'don't stop' and with that I said 'if we are going to do this we need to get off the trail'. Without a word and with him leading me by the penis, we moved far enough off the trail not to be seen.

Again he bent over eyeballing my equipment with his face just a fraction of and inch from my jewels. For some reason he really had a hard time getting my soft flesh tube erect enough to even massage it. As I felt his cock grow in my hand, my own hose began to stiffen and swell. When I began to harden, he started stroking my flesh tube, massaging it to attention. As he did he stepped around in front of me and slipped to his knees, it was obvious his intention was to 'suck my cock'. I pulled back from him, stating that 'you can't do that, without any protection, even though I'd like you to, (I don't know what made me say that !!!), but we can jerk each other off'. Which is exactly what we did? He came much faster, shooting his cum into the woods as I stroked his rod.

However, for some reason it took him much longer to bring me to a climax even though I must admit I was enjoying his stroking of my joy stick as my dangling balls slapped against his hand. Finally I exploded into his hand and he licked my hot sticky fluid from his hand. He thanked me and again complimented me on the beauty and baby smoothness of my trim. He then stepped back on to the trail and went on his way.

I really don't know what came over me, this was sooo out of character for me and yet for some reason I was not repulsed by it but was in fact proud of it.



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