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A New Discovery

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I've submitted other stories over the past few months about my discovery of using a tissue when I masturbate and also a pepperoni


I've submitted several stories to solo about some recent discoveries of mine. One was using a tissue over my clit and playing with my clit through the tissue. It is so soft and my finger glides so nicely over the tissue. I also discovered the joy of inserting a pepperoni into myself and unexpectedly wound up masturbating a few times with a good friend of mine and once she brought along a friend. My last story was about a solo session I had down on the docks at lunchtime using a child's toy that was left by one of mine in the back of my car.
This is what happened last night. My friend had gotten back from yet another of her business trips yesterday morning. She called me late afternoon to ask if I had the kids this weekend and could she come by for a chat. I told her they were each at friend's homes and were each invited to dinner and I wouldn't be picking them up until 8 p.m. So I said, sure, come on by, we can even order in dinner if we get hungry and we can catch up. So within a 1/2 hour she was at my front door. We did some catching up on everyday life and then she asked how things were going with the guy I've been seeing. I told her I didn't see him last weekend and won't see him this weekend as he's away with friends on a trip. She said, you must be horny as hell and giving your toys some workout. We had a good laugh and I told her about my lunch at the docks. She then told me she brought over a good movie for us to watch. It was a porn but I didn't know it. She popped it into the VCR and to my surprise it was a porn movie and the theme was lesbian. Hmmmmmm. It was rather interesting. She said, this makes me hot, I'm gonna rub. I said, feel free. I told her I was going to get my vibe as we usually used our vibes when we would masturbate together. She asked me to wait on that. I was curious as to why but I didn't question her. I just sat back on the couch in the same position as her, sorta leaning down with my legs spread out in front of me. I was just getting ready to start fingering myself as she was doing when she said, no, lets get naked. So we did. Now we both sat back down on the couch completely naked but without our usual toys/tools set up. No vibe, no lube, no tissues, no pepperonis. Just the two of us with the porn tape playing. She said, don't do anything yet. Let's just watch and see if you can resist touching yourself. So, I agreed. Now she had played a bit, I had not as yet. So we sat, watching a scene of a woman masturbating herself with her fingers and another woman spying on her through a window with her hand down her panties playing with herself too. It was making me very horny. I so badly wanted to touch my clit. She looked at me and said, I really want to rub my clit so bad. I said, me too. It was throbbing now and I was getting very wet. She said, ok, let's start but go slow, let's make it last. So, we both started to play. I turned to watch her. She was holding her lips open with one hand and slowly stroking her clit with two fingers with the other. I had my fingertip inside the slit slowly circling my clit, very gentlly so as not to get too excited and cum too quickly. I watched her for a few minutes and the expression on her face was very exciting to me and watching her move her fingers around with her lips spread wide got me so wet it was dripping down my thighs. I saw she was watching me too and I started to finger a little faster. She said, seeing your finger glide inside your slit is gonna make me cum so hard but let's wait and make it last. She told me to slow down. I did and rubbed slower. She said, this next scene is my favorite. It'll be on in a few minutes, this scene is almost over. I glanced back at the tv and the girl masturbating on the bed was now frantically rubbing herself while pounding a dildo in and out of herself. My frined said, she's gonna cum soon and that send me over the edge seeing this chick cum and then seeing the one peeking at her cum so let's stop playing. Ohhhhhh, it felt so good I didn't want to stop. She removed her hands but I kept going for a little while. She finally said, try to stop and reached over and pulled my hand away by the wrist. I was surprised and we had a good laugh. My clit was throbbing and I so badly just wanted to cum at this point. But she said, no, don't touch, keep away from that pussy girl. She then started asking me if my boyfriend ever ate me. I said, of course. She said do you like it when he licks your pussy. I said, hell yeah. She asked if he was good, again I answered with a positive. She said, watch, here's my favorite scene. It started with the two women in what looked like a conference room at a hotel. They were both dressed businesslike. Soon the action began and then the one girl was laying on the conference table spread eagle and the other girl was sitting on a chair licking her pussy with her hands holding her inner thighs as to keep her legs open. My friend looked at me and said, what do you think of that. I said, it looks like they are enjoying it and my clit is really throbbing can we please start playing again. She said, I can take care of that for you. I looked at her. I was a little taken by surprise as we had never touched eachother, only masturbated ourselves together. At first I thought she meant she'd finger me. Then I realized she meant she wanted to lick me. Hmmmmmmm, this was a decision. I must say, I was so horny and I really wanted her to do it. The problem being, I'm selfish, I didn't want to do it back. I have no problem giving my guy a blow job, but had no desire to lick her pussy. I told her this as I did not want to be unfair or cause hard feelings. She said, that's ok, I understand, but I've never done it to a girl and I really want to. If you let me, I won't ask for it in return. She then said, will you finger me. That I could do. I was full of excitement yet nervous. This was the first time ever a girl had touched me. I did not feel like a woman not far from 40, I felt like a silly, awkward teen. She got down on the floor on her knees and crawled over to me. She put her head between my legs and told me to relax and she opened my legs up a bit wider and said, spread a little more for me honey. She then opened the lips with each hand and then went down. OMG, I was in heaven. She ran her tougue up and down my slit and then back up and then just paid attention to my clit. MMMMMMMMM, I was moaning now and put my head back and closed my eyes and just let her go. She started to gently suck on my clit and this sent waves of pleasure down my spine, through my stomach and into my pussy. I was moaning loud and sighing oh, oh, oh and still had my head back, eyes closed. Then I felt her move her left hand and she stuck a few fingers into me. She continued to suck my clit and pump with her fingers and I was in pure heaven. What a difference between a man and a woman. She instinctively knew all the right spots. No directions needed. And she was genlte and soft and just so much different. She was not mauling me with excitement. I could hold back no more. Spasm after spasm overtook me and I never felt such pleasure in my life. It was so good I had tears in my eyes. She didn't stop though, she continued to suck and pump me even after I came. Finally about 5 minutes after my explosive orgasm she stopped. She said, well, not I'm so horny what are you doing to do about it. I still did not want to lick her, selfish as that may be. She said, you promised to finger me. I said, ok, then. She layed back onto the rug and I layed down on the side of her. I have never felt another pussy before. I slid my finger down into her slit. It felt different from my own. I felt around a bit, surprised and then put my finger on top of her clit. We could still hear the sex sounds from the porn but neither had watched since she started licking my pussy. She started to moan as I massaged her clit and closed her eyes and began to fondle her tits with both hands. She said, don't hold back, make me cum. So I started to rub her clit in circles very fast. She started to buck her hips and was making an almost growling noise. Finally she said, faster, go fast. So I did, I did to her what I do to me sometimes. I held my figertip on top of her clit and wiggled wildly. She was moaning and then she arched her back right up off the floor and said, faster, faster, don't stop. I continued to wiggle and she tensed her legs, pinched her nippled with each hand and her body started to shudder. Finally she relaxed and opnend her eyes. I still had my finger over her clit and gently pushed down on it, then removed my hand. It was a new and exciting experience. I don't know if I'll tell my guy or not. Maybe not, it may be our lil secret from all we know.
I was wondering guys, well I guess and girls too, does each pussy feel different? I've only ever touched mine and now hers. It was such a surprise to me, maybe that sounds silly, but it was.
Happy playing to all.



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