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A New Bath

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For the first time in about a year I've got a bath in my house.


My house, or rather a bungalow, has a relatively small bathroom. Up until a few days ago it had a rather pathetic shower. Now it has a bath and a detachable shower with multiple setting. It is, in short, heaven. In more ways than one. (Though I imagine you're only interested in one way.)

I have a thing about baths. I don't know if it's how the warm water feels against my skin, or it's the way the nipples of my breasts (a modest 34D) peak through the bubbles. Either way, I tend to end up incredibly horny. This time was no different. In fact, if anything, it was better. Having been without a true 'water orgasm' for nearly a year, it was like heaven on a plate.

I prepared in the usual way; a book and a cup of hot cocoa. My baths start off as hot as I can take them, cooling down to the point where I'm just beginning to get cold. The cool air of the bathroom always has my nipples erect and the cool water lapping against them is one of the nicest feelings.

To celebrate my new bath I'd brought a massage bar at my local beauty shop. I started at my neck, working my way down in small circles to the tops of my breasts. I ran the bar around my breasts, bringing it up over the areola but not touching the nipple.The teasing does wonderful things to me and the sensations are three times better if I close my eyes.

Once my breasts had been massaged enough I lightly danced my fingertips over them, finally paying attention to my nipples. Each pinch, twist, tug and roll sent a wave of pleasure straight between my legs. My breasts are fairly sensitive and I've come close to orgasm just from nipple stimulation, though I can never hold out long enough to actually get there.

Because my breasts are rather large and I'm rather flexible, I like to take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it, flicking my tongue and grazing it with my teeth. Oh, how I moan!

Whilst my mouth and one of my hands lavishes attention to my breasts my other hand dances downwards, lightly flitting over my stomach and the insides of my thighs. I like to keep my pussy shaved so that I can see what I'm doing (plus the feel of silk underwear rubbing directly against my clit is enough to almost make me cum), so I dance my fingers over my mound but never touching my clit. The teasing does nothing to my sanity and pretty soon I'm throbbing for my fingers (I've never plucked up the courage to buy a dildo or vibrator).

I start off with one finger, slowly pushing it all the way in and drawing it out again whilst still playing with my breasts. When fingering myself I like to go against my G-spot as it really makes my clit throb. When I'm starting to squirm and throb I add a second finger and make my movements shallow enough that I'm in constant contact with my g-spot. By this point the water's cold, I've stopped paying attention to my breasts and I'm close to orgasm.

I stop before I can go over the edge, forcing myself to remove my fingers and let the water out of the tub. Whilst its emptying I detach the shower head and set it to the strongest setting. I prefer luke warm water pounding against my clit but I do like a strong, constant pressure.

I start by pressing the water against the peak of my nipples, making each one red and over sensitive before I start working my way down. I move the shower head quickly over my clit, only giving half a second of contact. Each second has my hips bucking and the tension mounting. With the hand not holding the shower head I start to finger myself again, jarring my g-spot every time the jet of water hits my clit.

When I've had enough teasing I stop fingering and start vigorously rubbing my clit in circles whilst holding the shower against it.

I buck, writhe moan and see stars as I cum and my GOD do I cum!



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