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A Naked Night on the Boat

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Here's my contribution with thanks to everyone for sharing their stories


As a widower who was mightily blessed with a playful, charismatic wife who was an incredible lover as well as friend and partner, I have come to appreciate this site and the stories that help me remember all the fun we had. It makes me happy to read the stories by those who are exploring the joys of sexuality that Alex and I enjoyed. Wow, we had a great sex life before she fell ill and passed away much too soon. I'll share a few stories as payback for the great content I've enjoyed on this site.

Alex was red-haired and fair-skinned with gorgeous blue eyes, C-cup breasts and pale pink nipples that hardened instantly when she was aroused. Igniting her libido was as simple and fast as throwing a lit match on a puddle of gasoline. We loved to play strip games, ending with sex wherever we were. Her sex drive was powerful, but she was elegant in every way and steered her libido expertly.

I could share so many stories, but I'll focus on masturbation since that's the focus of this site. Alex said she'd never masturbated until she learned it from me. I was always sceptical of that because she'd had quite an active sex life that she didn't mind telling me about. I loved to hear her stories. They were like marital porn, and they excited me. It was a sort of voyeuristic glance at her erotic past and a means of living out a fantasy that I had of watching Alex strip naked in front of other people and have sex with strangers. That happened, almost, once, and that's the story I'll share.

We went out on my sail boat at dusk with a couple who'd been friends with us for a long time. It was the summer, which always pumps up my libido, and I'd been fantasizing about Alex getting naked in public. The fantasy had been stronger than usual, and for some reason, I sensed a high erotic level in our friends as well as we sailed way out into the lake and night settled in. Maybe it was just because night-sailing can make you so horny.

We had drinks, snacks, great conversation and a beautiful, starry sky. We got out into the middle of the huge lake. I let the mainsail luff up, and the boat swung around and pointed into the gentle night breeze and we floated comfortably on a calm lake surface with just enough wave action to rock us a bit. It felt so good and cool. We were all sitting back in the stern. I was at the tiller. Out of the blue, my friend, who was like a brother to me, said: 'Man! I feel like getting naked!' We laughed and told him to go ahead, no one cared. 'Get buck nekkid!' To our surprise, he stood up, whipped off his T-shirt and slipped out of his shorts and boxers. He was standing there stark naked. 'Ahhhhhhh,' he said, stretching out his arms. 'I cannot tell you how wonderful this is.'

Alex was laughing and joking with him. 'Why don't you get naked?' he said to her. 'And you, too,' he said to his wife. My heart skipped a beat I was so excited at the thought of nude night sailing and people gazing at Alex's beautiful tits. Maybe, I thought in a moment of abandon, she'd let them suck her tits and feel her off. I knew exactly what to say to Alex to get her to strip. I smiled at her and said, 'I dare you.'

For some reason, daring Alex to do something was always the one thing she couldn't resist. I'd dared her to get naked at the drive-in where we were watching soft porn movies, and she did! Not only that, I dared her to also masturbate, and she fucked herself for a good half-hour and sucked her nipples, finally coming hard but discreetly while all the time people walked past our car to and from the concession stand. I was amazed. And she stayed topless all the way home, along the free ways and on the walk to our apartment.

On the sail boat that night, when I dared Alex to get naked, she smiled back at me and said, 'Oh really? Hm. Well ... ' She leaned forward and slowly pulled off her T-shirt and pitched it at me. Then she slid slowly out of her shorts, teasing like a stripper. 'There,' she said, grinning big. 'Oh, no,' I said. 'That doesn't count. You still have on your bra and panties and (my friend) is buck naked. I dare you to get buck naked.'

My friend's wife laughed and chimed in. 'I'll get naked if you will,' she said with a mischievous smile. Alex stood up and stepped over in front of me, looking down at me and still smiling as she reached around and unhooked her bra and slowly, teasingly slid the straps from her shoulders, down her arms and the cups away from her breasts. Her bra was almost off-so much that her gorgeous cleavage seemed to fill the sky above me, and her fair breasts glowed almost luminously in the starlight. 'All the way off, baby,' I whispered, barely able to speak because my heart was in my throat. Presto. She dropped her bra in my lap and bent toward me and gently shook her gorgeous tits and nipples just inches from my face. Then she stood back up slowly and teasingly pushed her panties down past her hips, past her thighs, past her knees, and ankles. Alex's gorgeous pussy with that wisp of red pubic hair was right in front of my face. She stepped out of her panties and said, 'Wow, this does feel great.' She turned to our friend's wife and joked, 'OK, I'm naked! Your turn!' She followed suit, stripping slowly and erotically. Two beautiful naked women and one naked guy turned to me and said, 'Your turn.' I was out of my clothes in a flash.

We all just enjoyed being in the buff on the lake at night, hearts pounding with the excitement of being naked in front of each other, sharing stories about escapades. It's impossible to describe how erotic it was, but we respected each other. My friend's wife, however, got so tired that she went below and crashed on one of the bunks. That was disappointing because I'd fantasized about her sucking Alex's tits, but still that left naked Alex, naked me and our naked friend topside to continue our adventure.

Alex sat down and leaned against the cabin, drew her legs up and let the night wind blow her hair and cool her body. She was so beautiful, naked in the starlight. 'I dare you to masturbate,' I said teasingly. 'I will if you will,' she replied. 'I will!' my friend said and then proceeded to stroke himself. Didn't do anything for me, but Alex seemed fascinated by watching a strange dick get a hand job. I stroked a bit, too, but just barely. I was too intrigued with the look in Alex's eyes. I knew she was about to do something sexy. She was really focused on watching our friend jack off. As she watched, she ran her right hand slowly over each tit, first the right tit, then the left, pinching her nipples which had grown rock hard.

'Suck your tits,' I whispered. 'Lick your nipples and suck them.' She smiled and did just that. She was into sex on the boat. And as she pressed her right hand into her tits, she slid her left hand up and down the inside of her thighs and finally began to gently rub her pussy. Then she worked her clit with a fingertip, still sucking first one nipple then the other, and she let her legs fall away as she began to finger-fuck herself. What an incredible fantasy come true. Here was my beautiful wife, naked and fucking herself in front of a friend who was jacking off. He stroked a long time until he finally had to turn and shoot off into the lake. I was jacking off, too, but trying hard to pace myself as I watched Alex fuck herself faster and harder, moaning and saying to me, 'Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.' She came very hard. Later, we went up to the bow where Alex sat down facing the wind and put her legs through the bow pulpit, and I sat down behind her and reached around and felt her tits and pussy while she masturbated to orgasm again. It blew my friend's mind. It blew my mind! And for Alex and me, that became our favorite marital porn story, talking about the time we got naked on the boat with friends.

I was never able to persuade Alex to have sex in a group like that again, but we came close more than once. She'd let me discreetly feel her up around people, and she'd wear sexy outfits with no bra or panties so I could watch her flash cleavage and dangerous skirt lengths in front of people. We did lots of things, from swimming naked late at night in our hotel pool in New Orleans (a guest watched us from his balcony, but I didn't tell Alex until later and it turned her way on) to her wearing see-through tops with low-cut bras and so much more. We had fabulous sex. But nothing matched the erotic heights we reached on the sail boat that night.

If you'd like to hear more stories, I'll be happy to share them. It's fun to relive fun.



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