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A Massage Was All I Was Expecting

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The sign advertised massage and that was all I was expecting. I was from a farming community and in a town. Was I ever in for a shock.


I live in a farming community that has little more than a post office and store for a town. I'm now 62 and this was around 20 years ago. I had to go to this town to buy some parts when I saw this house with this sign out front advertising massage. I thought to myself I could sure use one of them. I went into the town and got the parts I needed and was heading back home. I saw the sign coming up and at the last minute decided that I was going to get that massage. So, I stopped and went in.

I was met by this pretty Asia woman and she explained the prices to me. I said I'll take the 30 minute one. She took me to a room and told me to undress. I stripped down to my briefs and sat on the little bed. She came back in and said to lay face down. She worked on my back side and it sure felt good. But, she ended up working high between my legs and this started getting me excited, if you know what I mean. A man can only stand so much of that. I started to get a hard on.

She then said to turn over. I felt too embarrassed to because I was quite hard and I know she'd be able to see it. I slowly turned over thinking I know she's seen this before if she does the same to other male customers. She then went to work on my front side. She worked her way up my legs and she again did like she had done from my back side. Her hands went way up high between my legs and was actually touching me down there. Then, she did it. She started running her thumb and fingers along my dick through my briefs! I was a man that had always been faithful to my wife and I had never cheated on her. But, there is no way any man can take this without getting all excited sexually. I was to that point where I couldn't say no. I was wanting her to continue so bad. I was feeling a little guilty doing this with this strange young woman but my sex drive was much stronger than my guilt feelings.

And then, she didn't let me down. She reached in the elastic band and pulled my briefs down exposing my dick to her. It was such a good feeling seeing that strange woman looking at my hard dick. She then took some oil in a bottle and poured it on my dick. Then, her hand started going over it. What a feeling! Other than my wife's, these were the only other woman's hands to have ever touched me there. I closed my eyes and just laid there in another world. I was so sexually excited that I almost immediately came. And, I hadn't come that hard in years or released so much sperm as I did then. I almost passed out from it. When it was over and I was starting to go limp she came in with a warm wash rag and started wiping me off cleaning the oil and my sperm.

I then got dressed and left. I really felt guilty once it was all over. I got down the road a little way and stopped at a road side store. I got some coffee and used the pay phone to call my wife. I just had to talk to her a minute to help clear my conscience. I just told her where I was and that I was on my way back. It felt good just to talk to her a minute. I made it home and the first thing I did was take a good hot shower. I just wanted to wash off everything on me including any left over sperm that I had released from another woman's hand. It took me several days to get over the guilt feelings I had. But, the only problem was I was sure looking forward to my next trip to town. I'm still a man.



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