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A Man's Mind Evolution

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I've been reading this site for some time now. I found out about it some time ago by mistake while wandering online. It is simply great!


There are so many interesting first time stories out there that sometimes I got to think that I may be living the most boring life ever. When I was younger I used to buy magazines with a friend and read the stories and admire the images but we didn't do anything sexual at that time, just reading. I also had a show me show yours experience with a girl once, but I was so scared that there's nothing worth to remember.

It wasn't until I was 15 (guess, but I'm not sure) when I first heard about masturbation and how to do it. I was on a school trip and there were these dorm rooms that four of us had to share the same room. Nothing special happened. Yet, just before falling asleep I could hear two of the guys talking about masturbation and stuff. I listened to one of them explaining to the other one how to do it. He said to stand by the door, with the body a little curved and stroke your thing, slowly at first and then faster. He said you would feel strange but just don't stop because it will be great. That's all I heard before falling into a deep sleep and like I have said, nothing happened.

It was months later when I finally understood what they really meant by masturbation. It was during the summer holidays and I was camping for the whole summer at my grandparent's house. There I would have a whole room just by myself. It was in another building so I did not fear about anybody walking in without further notice. It was one hot summer evening, I was in bed reading (loved reading till late in the morning) and all of a sudden I remembered the masturbation stuff my mates were talking about back then. I put my book away, turned off the lights and then just sat by the side of the bed and trying to get used to the thin light of the full moon. I was in my PJ's. I took my pants down and just stayed there sort of caressing my thing thinking about all sorts of things. I eventually started stroking it, and it got harder and raised like a bow. I was still thinking stuff, but not sexual and stroking by reflex. Later on I started to feel funny. It was a feeling that made my muscles contract and my made my legs shake. I stopped a little but soon my curiosity won and I was stroking hard again. It wasn't long that I had the most beautiful sensation ever and I felt something going out of my thing. Thought it was pee and I was sort of scared. I grabbed a little from the floor and felt it in my hands, it was warm and soft and also a little sticky. I smelled it and then getting really aroused about it I started licking it. It felt interesting, sort of spicy, I guess. That is all that happened that night. I cleaned up and went to bed.

Some days later I got really aroused by doing this and I would even wake in the middle of the night after shutting off the light and get naked, then dress in one of my mom's old dresses and get out in the night and stroke my dick to the light of the moon. It was quite a thrill, thinking how it would be to be a girl. I was kind of kinky and arousing. I guess it was the feeling of doing something totally forbidden and out of ordinary. Luckily enough I never got spotted by my grandparents.

However, it wasn't long that I stopped tasting my cum. I simply couldn't do it any longer. I think I couldn't get that aroused anymore and simply think it was gross after cumming. But there was more to come. After some time I somehow got this idea of Christian beliefs into me. I was afraid of going to hell. I was afraid that I was damned, I was afraid that I was cursed. I tried to stop but I couldn't keep out for more than a week or so before starting again. It was a time of struggle to find and identity, to find a resort. Once, I even got into going to confess myself about it to an old priest in my town. He just said I should stop because this would led to diseases and nothing more. What I was looking for was understanding, but I didn't get any, just empty advice. I didn't talk to my parents also because, living in a country where puritan values were very strong wouldn't do me any good. It took me a couple of years to finally understand that this habit wouldn't get me down to hell, that I wouldn't get hair on my hands and won't die. What a relief to know that this was something normal, and there were many others doing the same thing without anybody knowing about them. I felt better knowing I was one of many others.

Once I took a book about sexuality from school. Well not from the library. I found it in the French lab, and I kind of borrowed it, if you know what I mean (took it back later). I found out about many interesting things there. The single bad thing about it was that my dad caught me once reading it, but luckily nothing too shameful happened that time.

Nowadays, I am at the university (medical) and I'm being quite an open minded. I realized that sometimes I know more things than others and it was the first time I understood that everything was normal. Well, except the cross-dressing, but that happened just a couple of times and long time ago.

Now, I really get excited reading stories on sites such as Solo Touch and I like to read stories on my mobile phone before going asleep. I then start stroking and get myself to a nice warm orgasm and then fall into nice dreams. I also like to try to stop myself from cumming. I just lay on my back on the bed and start stroking my dick and caressing my body with the other hand. I play with my dick and sometimes I only use one thumb on the head. I stroke until I get to an orgasm. Then I contract my muscles and abstain myself from cumming. I guess this is some sort of edging. I love it. This way I can easily have more than one orgasm at a time. It is so cool. I also have another secret aphrodisiac: my own imagination.

Long live the human being and the liberty of mind!



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