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A Lovely Summer Cum

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Yesterday was utterly glorious. The sky was blue, not a cloud in sight and a brilliant sun smiled on all creation.

I put on one of my favourite summer dresses. It is white cheesecloth and purely because I felt a little daring, I wore nothing underneath. I have already seen other girls around here in my little village with the sun behind them wearing very little and, well, it just seemed a sexy thing to do.

So, twenty minutes later, I was on the hills outside the village just walking and enjoying the sights and sounds of spring. The birds were busy building nests and everything was right with the world. Of course, I knew I was naked under my dress and my clitoris responded with a gentle and insistent throbbing. I knew I was getting wet, but then that was the idea. I love teasing myself when I masturbate and I can literally take hours before I allow myself the blessed release of orgasm.

I knew precisely what I wanted to do, although I had not chosen a location. As I looked around, I realised, I was totally alone. There was no one else for miles and miles. I gathered up the loose flowing material of my dress around my waist and allowed my nakedness to be kissed by the sun. Oh, but that felt so sexy! It seemed totally natural to me to wriggle my shoulders and let my dress fall to my feet. I picked it up and flicked it casually over my shoulder and carried on with my walk. Oh, how alive I felt! There is something I have always wanted to do, and I am not sure why I find the thought sexy. I squatted down over the grass and peed. That sent my clit into overdrive and the throb now because an urgent scream for attention. I stood and walked on. Then, I knew I was in the right place... in THE place. I was on the very top of a gentle incline, and I could see all around for miles. There were a few tiny dots of people a couple of miles away, and that is when I knew I had to do it here and now.

I let my dress fall to the ground and lay down beside it. I spread my legs and started to caress my body all over, from my achingly sensitive nipples, to my tummy (and its new piercing) to my newly waxed mound and pussy lips. I teased my already sensitive clit, and started to finger myself. I knew I was alone, of course, but now I would not have cared if the whole village had turned out to watch. I drew my knees up and let them flop wide apart. I reached behind me with one hand and leaving my right hand middle finger to give my clit the attention she needed, I sank the same finger of my left hand deep into my anus. I have never been fucked in the ass, (never been fucked at all, actually) but I know it is something I will love. My anus was slick with my pussy juices, and it was not long before my finger was buried in there as deeply as it was possible to go. Then I felt the orgasm start to build. Oh, you have NO idea how I edged myself, teasing, almost getting there, then backing off, again and again and again. I was moaning and uttering soft obscenties, when I realised, I could shout, scream, do anything I wanted. At the moment I decided to allow the orgasm to rape my senses, I started to shout the dirty words that I usually only whisper to myself.

My world seemed to splinter apart and for a moment or two, I was lost in wave after wave of savage, primal, lustful pleasure. I would not have stopped no matter if anyone had come along. I would not have stopped if a total stranger had wanted to take my cherry there and then. I would, quite literally, have fucked the first person who saw me.

That set me off again and this time, I left my (now sore) ass alone and turned my attention to my nipples. I am small there, but what I have works beautifully. I pinched my nipples hard and twisted them. Right there, I made the decision that I will have them pierced next week. Another orgasm tore through me, and oh, how raunchy it was.



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