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A Lovely Memory

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This was my first ever exploration with another girl. At the time it was not that important, but now I find myself yearning for more of what might have been.


Jo was a little more developed than me. When we used to change for PE in school I used to sneak furtive little glances at her. Who had the largest boobs? (She did) Who had the most pubic hair? (I did) That kind of thing.

One day we were in her room at her house and just goofing around. It was hot as all hell and the house didn't have air conditioning so it was sticky, sweaty and generally yucky.

Jo had stripped down to her bra and panties and I was down to my bra. Jo kept teasing me to take my pants off and in the end I agreed. The only reason I didn't want to was my unruly bush of pubic hair that had suddenly, in the last couple of months, put on a growth spurt of its own and was leaking out of my panties.

When Jo saw this she giggled and tugged the front of her panties down. SHE HAD SHAVED!

I asked her why and she said that she hates that yucky feeling when pubes get all sticky. 'It's bad enough when I'm horny' she said 'But if my little monthly visitor arrives early its a real shit.'

I was fascinated and had been feeling something similar myself. I asked it I could look close. Jo tugged her panties off and lay back on her bed with her legs open. I crawled up between them and stared. She had done a real good job. No nicks and totally, utterly smooth. Not a hair anywhere.

As I gazed, I suddenly realised I could smell her pussy and my own gave a little twitch in response.

Suddenly, with a giggle, Jo grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down onto her pussy. She laughed as she said 'Oh Anna. Lick me.. Make me cum' It was only meant as a joke, but somehow the mood instantly changed and I gave her a kiss, right on her clit. She stiffened and the giggling gave way to a sigh. I didn't want to lick her though so I brought my hands up between her legs and started to rub her clit and finger her. In next to no time she was real wet and breathing hard. I pushed another finger in and arched my fingers forward. (I love my own g-spot being pressed hard. I love the 'Am I gonna pee' feeling) Then Jo went totally rigid and held her breath and I felt her cumming on my fingers. It was really really horny!

After, she took my hand and led me to the bathroom. She made me sit on the edge of the tub and the took my by now VERY damp panties off. First, she took a pair of scissors to my pubic hair and then she rubbed shaving gel all over me. 'Looks like a load of guys have cummed all over you.' she said, now her old giggly self again. Then she began to shave me really carefully, moving my pussy lips around, stretching me and making sure she got it all. Then she kneeled back and looked at her handywork. 'Hmm.. not bad. No point in me drying it just yet' And then she leaned in again and kissed me the same way she made me kiss her, but only for a second or two though. Then it was her fingers that did the work. Oh my GOD it was horny! She had a better angle than I had and, oh I dunno, somehow, I felt she had two stiff fingers pumelling my G-spot and the other hands fingers dancing on my clit. I really REALLY felt like I was gonna pee, so I asked her to be less rough. She said 'Anna, I don't give a fuck if you piss all over me.. but honey,,, I ain't stoppin'' And if anything she went harder. Suddenly I couldn't take it any more and gave up trying to stop myself peeing.

The strange thing is, I didn't pee, but holy SHIT did I cum and cum hard! I had my head thrown back and instead of the little gasps I usually make when I cum, these were animal grunts of sheer lustful pleasure. When I came down from it I looked at Jo. She was soaked from head to foot. Her t shirt was literally sticking to her and I thought I had really peed on her. But it wasn't pee. Instead, I had squirted for the first time ever and BOY it was like nothing else.

The really sad thing is that this was the one and only time Jo and I did anything. We almost did it again, but somehow, something always seemed to stop us and eventually she found a boyfriend and was soon into guys and dicks.

That was five years ago. Jo is now with a girl. I find myself filled with sadness that it isn't me.

I never went with a boy, and technically at least, I am still a virgin. It's not that I don't fancy boys, but I am attracted to girls far more. I would have sex with a guy, but it would have to be someone really special... in fact, I would like an older man to be my first, I think. But I am not in a rush. Celibacy seems to work for me, but I still masturbate over Jo, especially when I think what she and her new girlfriend are doing, and how Jo is making her new girl squirt all over her face... lucky bitch.



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