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A Long Time Coming

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I just turned 18. I have been jerking off for at least five years now, but it has always been something that I do in private and my friends and I have never really discussed masturbation other than the occasional reference to it and of course, like them, I deny doing it. I figure that they probably jerk off as much as I do, which is as often as possible. I found this website about a month ago and I started wondering how it can be possible that so many people masturbate together, yet I never have.

Reading these stories must have given me more courage than I thought I had, because just this past weekend, I experienced something that I never thought could happen. I just started college this fall and I live on campus at a smaller university here in Michigan. A couple of my friends, Steve and Chris, had come up to party with me on Friday night. I've got a private dorm room, so they brought their sleeping bags to sleep on the floor.

Steve and Chris arrived at my dorm at about 8:00 pm. We headed out to a party shortly after they arrived. I was told that there would be a lot of hot girls at this party, but by 10:00, there were still only a few girls but mostly guys. Steve said that we should leave the party and head out to a club. Chris and I figured that we wouldn't be able to drink at any clubs so we weren't interested in doing that. Steve said he was a bit bushed and he was ready to leave. I told him that he could go back to my dorm anytime he wanted to, but Chris and I were going to stay at the party. Steve took my key and left.

About twenty minutes after Steve left, Chris said that it wasn't cool to let Steve hang out all by himself, and he suggested we head back to the dorm. I was feeling bad about the whole thing myself, so I agreed, and we left the party. When we got back to my dorm, I went to turn the door knob but it was locked. I was just getting ready to knock on the door when I gave it a push and it opened. Steve had not pulled it completely shut. As soon as the door opened, we saw Steve sitting at my desk with his pants down to his ankles, and his hand on his cock. He was watching some lesbian porn on my computer. As soon as Steve saw us standing at the door, he dove to the floor, fumbling to get his pants up.

Chris was laughing hysterically, and saying 'you're soo busted.' The look on Steve's face was one of horror. I could tell he would rather be dead right now, and Chris was not laying off. The lesbian porno was still playing on the computer, I looked at Chris and said come on dude, like you wouldn't jerk off to these two girls. Chris was like 'I don't need to jerk off man'. I was feeling bad for Steve, but I was also getting a little hard at the sight of the lesbians on the computer as well as thinking about Steve jerking off in my dorm room. I said 'well I need to jerk off' and I began to unbutton my jeans and untuck my shirt. I reached my hand into my boxers and began to rub my dick which instantly went from semi hard to rock hard. Steve watched me for a moment, his eyes lit up, I could tell that he wasn't feeling bad about getting caught anymore and he then said 'yeah, I need to finish what I started too.' He quickly pulled his pants back down, exposing his hard cock. He was about six inches, cut, and seemed to stick straight up. Steve pulled his shirt off, he is thin, but works out and has nice muscle tone. I had seen him naked in the locker many times, but he certainly looked different, even a little hot, with his hard cock only a few inches from me. I then pulled off my shirt and pants, my boner pushing through the fly of my boxers. I pulled my boxers off and kicked them aside. I am a little shorter than Steve, I'm a cross country runner, so my body is toned, my penis is almost six inches, cut and has a nice curve to it with a nice defined head. I saw Steve look over at my cock, which excited me even more, I had never seen another hard cock in person, and I had never had any guy see my hard cock before.

Chris looked at both of us and said 'I'm going to watch TV, you two faggots do whatever you want.' I was a little worried that Chris was going to think less of us, but too excited to stop what we had started. As I looked through the site for a new porno, I was clicking the mouse with one hand, and rubbing my dick with the other hand. Steve was also rubbing his boner. I kept looking over at Chris, who was pretending to ignore us, but it was obvious that he was watching us intently. I told Steve that we were going to have to turn toward Chris so he could get a better view. Chris said 'I don't need to see nothing' and turned away from us. About ten seconds later, he turned once again to get a peek. I walked over to Chris with my hardon bouncing around and said 'dude, I'm not gay and I know you're not, but a guy has to jerk off once and a while, and you know you're gonna jerk off tonight, so why not join us?' Chris said he can only get hard for girls, not guys. I said 'I'll bet you're hard right now', I was pretty sure that he was because he had a bulge in his jeans. Steve came over and tried to undo Chris' pants. Chris is real skinny and doesn't have much muscle, so it was easy for Steve to undo his pants and pin him down. I quickly grabbed his pant legs a pulled his jeans off. An outline of his hard cock was evident through his briefs. I couldn't believe what happened next.

Steve grabbed a hold of Chris' boner through his underpants and said 'if this isn't a hardon then what is it?' Steve pulled Chris' briefs down exposing his rock hard penis. Chris' cock was about 5 inches, thin, cut but a nice curved shape. Chris has very little body hair, he is blond, and had a patch of pubes and fuzzy little balls. He had a large stream of clear precum oozing out of his pecker. He was a lot more turned on than he would admit. Steve stroked Chris' penis a few times and then let go. Chris then reached for his penis and began to rub it. He did it different then Steve and I, he placed his hand so his thumb and forefinger were toward the base of his cock. I had never done it like that and it looked awkward. Chris noticed that I was watching him and I commented on his technique, he said that he had always done it that way. I switched my hand around to try it that way but it didn't feel natural. Chris then reached over and grabbed my cock. He showed me how he could twist his hand as he stroked and said 'That feels pretty neat, doesn't it?' I was amazed. It felt amazing. All the girls who had ever given me a hand job pretty much just went up and down, and so did I. Steve quickly offered his penis to Chris' other hand and said 'show me how it feels too.' In less than a minute, Steve began to moan and I watched as he shot his cum right onto my couch. He seemed to cum a lot more than I ever had. Chris' hand was covered in Steve's cum. When Chris started to rub Steve's cum onto his own cock, I was shocked, but even more turned on. Chris then took his right hand off of my cock and then reached over with his left hand, the one covered in Steve's cum and grabbed my cock. He had only stroked my penis about two more times when I knew I was about to blow. There was no stopping it, my cum erupted out of my cock and the first stream landed in Chris' hair, the second pump hit him square in the face, by the third squirt, he had cupped the head of my penis and was rubbing the head while catching the rest of my cum in his hand. I looked down at Chris' cock just in time to watch it spurt stream upon stream of cum, shooting straight up and land on his hand. By this time, Steve was furiously stroking his cock and it didn't take him long to shoot another load of cum right onto Chris' chest. Chris was sitting there, dripping with all of our cum. He went over to the sink and grabbed some paper towel and wiped up. We went to bed after that. The next morning we all agreed that it was fun and that we should have done it along time ago. I have jerked off twice since then and remembering what happened Friday night still excites me.



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