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A Long Stay in Hospital

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My sister had a real bad car wreck and was in hospital for over eight months. She broke

both of her arms and her right shoulder plus some other injuries. For a while she was in intensive therapy. After she got in her own room we would visit every day. Claire was real brave about it especially as it was her first car. I used to visit in the evenings and we would chat about just about everything. The nurses would leave us pretty much alone.

One night, Claire and I were talking about her stay. She told me it was kinda embarassing when she got her peiod and the nurses had to take care of it for her because she couldn't reach down there herself. She told me that she was sore too and asked me to take a look for her. It felt real weird, but Claire opened her legs by drawing her knees up and letting them flop apart. I lifted the side of her sheet and took a look. Her pussy was very hairy, and she hated that too. She told me she usually keeps herself shaved. I couldn't see anything so I reached between her legs and brushed the hair out of the way so I could get a better look. She did look a little red, but it didn't seem to me like it was sore kinda red. As I was moving my fingers I heard her breathing deepen and I stopped looking between her legs and stared into her face. There was the most desperate look. I have never seen anything like it. She was wide eyed and her eyes were full of tears. She didn't say anything to me, but somehow I knew what she needed. I let my finger push around until I found her clit. Claire sighed and leaned back against her pillows. I circled my sister's clit and felt how wet she was. The strange thing was it didn't feel freaky at all. I reached between her legs with my other hand and pushed a finger inside her. She arched her back as I curled my finger around and pressed against her 'g' spot. I heard her whisper, 'God Ali, don't stop. Please don't stop' So I carried on in the same rhythm. Then, it struck me here I was finger fucking my own sister, and in a place where at any time we could of been walked in on. Claire didnt care though because suddenly she was cumming long and hard on my fingers. It seemed to last for so long and my whole hand was wet when I pulled my fingers out of her. Her face was flushed and she said 'God Ali, I really needed that.'

I sat on her bed and gave her a hug. As I leaned in over her shoulder I got her scent off my fingers and it made me dizzy. I whispered in her ear. 'Claire, touch me too?' Unfortunately the plaster on her arms stopped her, but when they took the plaster off her right arm a couple weeks later, after I brought her off, which I did whenever I visited her, she reached up my skirt and fingered me. I squirmed around as I got close and when I came I almost wet myself.

Since Claire got home we have talked about it and she said that she wasn't gay or anything, but that it had been so long since she had had an orgasm that she really needed it. I said that I didn't feel weird about it at all, but that I had been thinking about maybe doing more than just touch. Claire said she had a freind who she knew liked me and that she would introduce us.

Well, I have to go masturbate now. It's a pity Claire doesn't want to do anything else with me, but that doesn't stop me using her panties from time to time. I love smelling her on them and sometimes I wear them with her wetness still there. I even wore a pair after she had screwed her boyfriend so I know there was more that her pussy in the crotch. I guess it was thrilling, not only to finger a girl, but that it ws my sister too. It made it more naughty somehow. Ah well. have to go.



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