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A Long, Dark, Bus Ride for the Choir

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True story


To start off with, I sing in a church choir. I've been singing in choir for many years now and enjoy the performance aspect of it. One of the places that the choir has sung is at the Builtmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Since Asheville is several hours drive from where our church is, last year we decided to charter a bus to haul everybody over there and back. That made it a lot easier since our last set didn't end until around 11:00pm meaning we were all too tired to drive back.
As soon as the bus was safely on the road headed home just about everybody had laid their seats back and were dozing. That was certainly a good way to make the three hour trip pass quickly. I however, didn't feel much like sleeping.

I was lucky that the seat next to me was vacant so when I laid my seat back I had the space all to myself. Inside the bus was quite dark, only occasionally illuminated by passing vehicles. The indirect glow of their passing headlights would make it possible to see the outlines of other people napping nearby.

Samantha, one of the more attractive female members in the choir was sitting one row up from me and across the aisle. Sam is a shapely blonde in her early thirties, and directly across the aisle from me behind Samantha was Kristie. She was a little younger but equally attractive with shoulder length brown hair.

As I sat there I started thinking how exciting it would be if I pulled my penis out and started masturbating right there only a few feet away from these two sexy women, not to mention the other people around me. Deciding to chance it, I slowly unzipped my pants, fumbled inside my shorts and produced my already growing penis. A few quick strokes later it was hard and erect. I laid there with my seat back and my penis fully exposed and started to masturbate. The reality that I could be discovered at any moment by any of the choir members served to only heighten the experience. All they would have to do was to open their eyes and look my way.

I strained my eyes in the dark and gloom to look at Kristie sitting across from me. She had her head turned in my direction but had her eyes closed. I could barely make out the lovely features of her face. As I gazed at her I imagined her luscious fingers wrapped around my dick as her hand bobbed up and down while she jacked me off. Then I looked up to where Samantha was. How I would love to go up there and run my hand up under her dress and insert my finger into her soft pussy. Of course she'd stay napping while I finger fucked her.

Taking into account the situation, I decided that there was no way I could easily get rid of a load of cum. So I sat there and edged myself over and over while fantasizing about these two beautiful women. I guess I masturbated that way for a good hour before I finally restored my cock back into my pants. I wasn't completely satisfied since I didn't cum. But I had the hot memory of playing with my exposed cock right there next to the choir ladies.

When the bus got into town everybody woke up and exited the bus and then got into their cars to go home. As Kristie got off just ahead of me she smiled at me and said she'd see me later. If she only knew she could have really seen me earlier. My cock was hard all the way home thinking about what I'd done. As soon as I got in I went straight to the bathroom, dropped my pants and was cumming hard and long after only a few quick jerks.

Tonight was choir practice at our church and Samantha and Kristie were both there. I still fantasize about Kristie or Samantha's hot pussy. I'm beating off right now thinking about it.

I'm fairly confident that Kristie never saw me masturbating across the aisle from her on the bus. If she did, she never made anything of it. It would be kind of nice if she had though and when she got home from the trip went and masturbated thinking about it. But, that's just another fantasy.



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