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A Lonely Mom

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A Lonely Mom
Hey I love your site. It's great to read about people who share the same "interests" as me. I am a very sexually active person and I guarantee that this is only the first in a series of experiences.
This story is about my first sexual experience with a partner. I had been masturbating since I was 12 (now I'm 20). I would do it on a regular basis.
One day in October, 3 days from my birthday, when I was about 14, my Mom was supposed to meet her friends at the movies, so she left at about noon. My Mom is divorced and I had detected that she was feeling lonely lately. She also had an amazing collection of porno movies and mags. After she left I went straight up to her room where she kept her stash and popped a tape in the VCR. I started to get aroused and it wasn't to long before my pants were off and I was slowly pumping my hard dick.
Unknown to me, my mother had forgotten her money and had come home to get it. As she made her way up the stairs, she obviously heard the loud moaning sounds that I was making. She peeked into the room, but I was to caught up in what I was doing to notice. She watched for a while till I shot my load, then she stormed into the room and demanded to know what I was doing. I began to try to choke out an explanation, but she yelled that she didn't want to hear it, grabbed her money, and walked out. On her way down the stairs, she declared that we would take about it later. She stayed out very late, however, and came home extremely drunk, & declared that we would talk about it in the morning. Then we both went to bed.
The next morning I awoke to a low slurping noise and felt extremely good. When I opened my eyes I discovered that my Mom was going down on my then hard dick. I felt I was going to blow, so I told her to stop because I felt kind of immoral. She stopped, looked up at me, and asked me if I liked it. I was so shocked that she was sucking my dick that I was speechless for close to 5 minutes. Finally I managed to choke out a yes, because after all, I was kind of enjoying it despite that nagging thing I call a conscience. She got up off of me, and stood in the middle of my room. She then let her robe fall revealing her bare breasts and shaved pussy. She then asked if I was enjoying her company then. I stared in wonder and awe and started to masturbate.
My Mom is really gorgeous. She is half Irish, half Latino (a dangerous combo for all you playas out there), has beautiful, seductive eyes that you can get lost in, and full lips concealing a talented tongue. She was 32, but still had a perfect figure, topped with very large breasts, sexy legs, and pussy between those legs that was almost hairless and had the juiciest lips.
As I was masturbating I noticed a stream of juice run down her leg that aroused me to the point of ejaculation. She immediately leapt onto the bed and started to lap up the cum. I asked her if she liked me little exhibition and she said that she did and that since I had done it, so would she.
She lead me into her room, laid down on her bed, looked at my still rock hard cock, and started to touch herself. As I watched she slowly rubbed her clit and teased her lips. After her juices began to flow again, she stuck her finger in her pussy and started to push it in and out. I got aroused and began to stroke my dick. She looked up at me with her seductive eyes and declared that she was my puppet and I could do whatever I wanted to her. I looked at her in disbelief not knowing where to go first. I finally decided to crawl next to her and lay down. I looked into her deep blue eyes and stuck my tongue down her throat. She retaliated by sticking hers in my mouth. We made out for about 5 minutes. I then made my way to her tits. They looked so juicy, so I dove in and started licking and sucking them. My Mom demanded that I bite her nipples, but I told her Id do as I please since she was my puppet. I then proceeded to give her a tongue bath, and made my way down to her pussy. I took her 2 fingers out of her lips, and she yelled at me, telling me that she was almost there. I told her that I know, and that I wanted to finish her off. I followed the books that I had read, and stuck my tongue between her legs. At first, I only licked her clit because she seemed to really be enjoying it, but I then started down to her lips.
And went over them 9 or 10 times before I stuck it completely in. I worked her in and out until she came a bit later. We both laid collapsed on her bed, and she looked at me. She then looked at my rock hard cock, which had been ignored since our little show in my room. She stared at it with a hungry look, reached into her dresser next to her, and pulled out a little plastic package.
She tossed it to me and told me to put it on. I now had so much confidence over my Mom, that I told her to put it on me. She immediately jumped up, and swallowed my cock to moisturize it. She then put the condom on my head and slowly slid it down my shaft. I told her she had been a good little puppet and began to bite her nipples. She enjoyed it so much she moaned the loudest I had ever heard her do it before. I moved my whole body on top of hers and inserted my dick into her pussy. I began to go in and out, my Mom moaning louder the harder I pushed. 5 minutes later, my Mom came and then I came a minute later. I gave it one last hard push that must have hit her G-spot because she screamed, grabbed my shoulders, forced me down, and gave me a mouthful of tongue. "Happy Birthday, baby." She said.-Mateo
You can guess what my birthday present was the next day.



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