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A Live Peep With a Twist

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Live-peeps were all the rage in the mid-70s. For us masturbators with exhibitionist and voyeuristic tendencies, live-peeps let us do it all at the same time!

Needing a release one late Saturday afternoon in July, I visited a local adult bookstore. The live-peeps were in a room at the back, along a special hallway. Three girls were working that afternoon, and three or four men were cruising the hallway, looking at the girls through 2'X 6' windows on the hallway. This allowed the girls to be seen before the patrons actually entered a viewing booth. I selected a girl with a nice smile, short dark hair, and large breasts that were partially hidden by a yellow see-thru top.

As I entered the viewing portion of this girl's booth, she pulled a curtain over her hallway window. The actual viewing booth window remained cutained until the fee and tip was paid. I sat down on the viewing bench and lifted the telephone of the wall to talk to her. The girl told me that there was a fellow out in the hall who had told her that he was willing to pay the fee and the tip if I would let him come in the booth and watch me do whatever I was going to do.

Money wasn't an issue with me, but I found very erotic the thought of somebody wanting to watch me masturbate to this lovely young lady. I told her I was interested and I asked her who he was. She said that he was wearing a red shirt and that he was standing right outside my booth door. I opened my booth door and saw a rather clean-cut gentleman about my own age. I motioned him in while telling him that he was welcome to watch, but that I wanted to pay my own way. We decided to do it Dutch.

This viewing booth was larger than most. The viewing 'chair' was actually a wide bench. My 'buddy' sat down on my right. We deposited the fee and the tip, and then the viewing curtain opened so I could see the young lovely on the other side of the viewing window, not 2' away. My 'buddy' could only watch because I was holding the telephone and talking to her.

The girl said she was 'Mandy'. She looked to be about 18 years old or so, and she was completely naked except for blue see-thru bikini panties and her short see-thru top. I guess most of the patrons are 'crotch-focused' masturbators because while she held the telephone in her left hand, her right hand was already down the front of her panties, buried in her very full dark bush. She asked what I wanted and I told her that I wanted to look at her big bare breasts while I masturbated.

By now I already had my fully-erect penis pulled out of my fly. I was stroking it slowly, holding it toward her in plain view. I looked at my 'buddy'. His eyes were glued to my erect penis. I was really excited. My 'buddy' and I were sitting so close to each other that the pumping motion of my right elbow touched his left elbow. It was like I was sharing my masturbating with him. He didn't take his penis out of his pants but I could tell that he was feeling himself up. This was exciting for me!

'Mandy' took off her filmy top and straightened her back so that her big bare breasts stood out. They were beautiful, very large, very soft-appearing and very tanned. Her areolas were huge and dark. Although she could well-see that I was already masturbating, I told her that I was staring at her beautiful breasts and rubbing my penis. She said she liked to see me masturbate to her breasts. I told her that I was pretending I was in the same room with her and that she was allowing me to stand between her legs and hold my penis very near her breasts as I masturbated.

My 'buddy's' elbow pressed into mine as I stroked. That told me that he was enjoying being a part of my masturbating. I was so worked up that 'Mandy' commented that through the window she could see the clear-colored precum oozing from the tip of my penis. I told her that I was nearing the-point-of-no-return. She said, 'Go for it!'

I asked 'Mandy' if she would 'present' her breasts toward me so that I could pretend I was actually going to ejaculate on them. She knelt down on her knees and cupped her breasts in her hands and 'offered' them up to me right near the window. That did it for me. I told her that I was going to have my ejaculation.

My 'buddy' took hold of my right forearm as I stood up abruptly, and milked out onto the plexiglass window what seemed like six or seven heavy spurts of my thick warm semen. I pretended it was spraying out onto the breasts 'Mandy' was holding out toward me. This felt so very very good.

Then 'Mandy' sat back down, as did my 'buddy' and I. She said, 'Good job'. I thanked her, and my 'buddy', and then I hung up the telephone and used tissues from the box on the wall to wipe my semen from the window. The curtain closed and my 'buddy' and I left the booth separately.

Watching and being watched is fun!



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