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A Little More Than a Goodnight Kiss

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When you do someone a favor, it's nice to know they appraciate it.


After I recall this story, I will probably have to jack off, as it is one of my favourite memories.

I was dating a girl in college and one night we were hanging out at her house. She still lived with her parents and had yet to move away from home. I used to go there on weekends, because it was so far away, that with work and school it was almost impossible to get together during the week.

One particular night, we were on the couch watching TV As usual and one thing led to another. We began to kiss, then neck and I began to undo her bra, after relieving her of her shirt. She was a little self conscious, and since I was the first sexual partner she had, she was nervous. Rightly so, with the parents just a few feet away and up a flight of stairs in their split level house.

Since, she didn't want me to take off her clothes, we agreed I could reach into her pants, and finger her. Things would have been so much hotter, had she allowed her bra to come off. She had the largest breasts of any girls I had ever dated. It was understandable though, that one thing would lead to another, as we had had sex all over the place, including outside in the backyard.

Anyway, she laid back as I kissed her neck, working my way down to her breasts and stomach, slowly and teasingly to her pants. Gently undoing the button with one finger I proceeded to tug lightly on each side of her jeans in turn, causing her zipper to slide open enough to get a hand in. This was a long process, and she was very moist already. I could feel her clitoris standing to attention and waiting to be massaged.

I slowly crept along her labia and teased her clit. Then I moved from a very slow pace, to a quickening speed. She began to breathe hard, whimpering with urgency, 'Faster, faster,' in a low moaning voice into my ear. Moments later she tensed every muscle in her body and proceeded to release the most fluid I have ever witnessed in my life. It soaked my fingers, her jeans and the couch. It was insane and she gasped for air.

After going upstairs to quietly change she returned. It was late, so I said I would have to leave. We walked from the living room, into the garage, since it was quieter, and the door wouldn't wake anyone else. I turned to kiss her goodnight and she gave me an evil grin. I asked her what she was looking at. She said, and I quote (with my dick rapidly getting hard as I type this), 'You can't go yet. I owe you something.'

Before I could say a word she was unfastening my belt and unbuttoning my jeans. I told her, 'This is going to make a mess.' She put her finger gently to my lips, walking slowly to the other side of the garage where there was a roll of paper towels on a shelf. She grabbed a few, and returned. Pants still open and denying she had to repay me, I said no. For some strange reason, my body didn't move though.

I stood frozen, as she moved close enough for an embrace. She placed my hands on her shoulders while facing me, then pulling my cock out of the hole in my boxers and the front of my pants. As she stroked, I began moaning in her ear and she held me close. She became conscious of the parents upstairs and at one point we heard someone get up to go to the bathroom. She put a finger over her lips and continued to stroke my cock.

With me writhing in an immense amount of pleasure and pain, she quickened the pace. Eventually this became too much. The danger, her huge breasts pressed against my chest and the spontaneous decision to jack me off, instead of a goodnight kiss. When I came the volume was so much that the paper towels weren't enough. I got some on her freshly changed pyjamas, some on my boxers and she licked the rest off her fingers. She kissed me goodnight, after disposing of the paper towels.

We embraced, said our goodnights and I went home soggy, but extremely spent. For someone with no experience she learned quickly. That probably comes from asking to watch me and showing her step by step what felt good. That however, is another story.

This concludes my story. I hope it got you aroused and that you feel the urge to masturbate. I know I will right now. Thanks for reading, but my dick is about to burst.



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