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A Little History

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Reading the stories of others, always spurs the memory of my own sexual history. The early chapters follow. If I can keep the inspiration, I'll tell more.


The background. I was the youngest of five children and the only boy. We were spread out in age over a period of about ten years. My mother's younger sister also had five kids one of whom was a boy my own age, so it was natural for Tim and me to grow up as if we were brothers rather than cousins.

But to the point. The first experience that in retrospect I realized was overtly sexual happened when I was about six years old and happened to be visiting Tim when his mother and ten-year-old sister began arguing. As was usual in our families, such encounters resulted in an unceremonious and very effective spanking being given to the offender right on the spot without regard to who else was in the room. I watched with great interest as my aunt's hand repeatedly hit first one then the other of the cheeks of my cousin's behind. They got very red, and I noticed that my little penis had gotten hard, and was responding, in a strange way, to the sounds and sight of my cousin's spanking.

I was fascinated by the experience, and went into the bathroom to inspect my penis. It was hard and about the size of my little finger; when I rubbed it, it felt good. I soon lost interest, and went about my usual childish activities, but my attention had been fixed on my penis and its reactions to outside stimuli. Naturally, I told Tim about my discovery, and to my surprise, he said that he always got a stiff thing when he got spanked, and he always rubbed it afterward because it felt good. It later developed that both of us got in the habit of stroking our penes before going to sleep at night, but neither of us knew enough to continue until we orgasmed.

Fast forward to nine. One fateful Saturday when I arrived to spend the weekend with Tim, he was very excited, said that he had something really important to tell me, but that we had to take a long walk in the woods so no one else could hear. When we were out of earshot, he told me of catching his older brother, who was twelve, masturbating in the bathroom sitting on the toilet with white thick goo squirting out of his penis (he described it as jacking off). His brother gave him the short course in peter pleasure, and he had been jacking off two or three times a day since the first time. Of course neither of us could ejaculate, but we had very good orgasms.

My first was with Tim sitting on a log in the woods naked from the waist down. I'll never forget it. Our little penes were about four inches long hard. We jacked away for about ten minutes when I felt for the first time the quivering, almost shattering sensation of an orgasm. I'll stop here for now.



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