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A Little Birthday Fun, Part 2

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This is what happened with the boy, Andy, from part one of 'a little birthday fun.'


About a week after my party I saw Andy at the pool again. It wasn't as late at night as the last time I saw him though, so it was more crowded. My mom had dropped me off knowing there was a lifeguard. I was wading around, with no one I knew here. suddenly I saw Andy. (if you didnt read part 1, he is the 13-year-old boy that was always kinda horny, and tryin to get a date. basically, desperate.)

Well, he saw me and, seeing that I saw him, ducked down and quickly walked away. this was not like him! I climbed up the pool ladder and walked quickly (you couldn't run in the pool area) as I got outside the area I ran to him. 'hey!' I said. I asked him why he left. he admitted he was embarrassed to see me after my party. oh, I said. then I asked, 'did you like what we did?' again he admitted he like it, a lot. he said it was the first time he saw girl naked. I admitted same for me, to see a boy.

By then we were almost at my house. I asked if he wanted to come to my house, he said sure. We got home, and I expected my lil bro to be home, but to my surprise, he had left a note sayin he went to his friend's. I was thinking, 'holy F***! what kinda luck is this?' but I wasn't sure iof it was good or bad luck. I asked andy if he wanted to see my room he said sure. we went there and sat on the floor. then he said, 'would you ever wanna do the thing at your party again?'

I looked a him, shrugged, then kinda nodded. 'he said, well wanna?' ok, I said quietly. he started to pull my pants off slowly, unsure. I was horny. he was too. I lifted his shirt off. I took my own shirt off. we decided to start lie this. I layed down on top of him, my bra pressing into his chest. he was getting hard.

While lying on him he lifted my bra up, and off. We fell backward so he was on me. I giggled as we fell. He smiled, he was acting so different. he started rubbing my kinda-large-for-my-age boobs. it felt good. 'oh, andy, I love this, ' I told him.

Finally I couldn't take it I pushed him off me and pulled his boxers off, he pulled my undies off too. We looked at each other. I grabbed his cock. I rubbed it, he rubbed it, after a bit, he said, 'I'm gonna blow..' he blew his load on the floor. We were too horny to clean it up right away. Suddenly, he put his hand between my legs, he fiddled around, looking for the right spot. He rubbed in places, I was SOOOO WET. he finally just stuck his finger in, out, in, out. I moaned his name. 'andy, andy, andy.' I fell into his arms in orgasm. I wrapped my arms around his body. We rolled over he was lying on his front now, and I got up and straddled him, spreading my pussy lips on his back as I rode him, it felt so good.

We went on and on, it was the best day of my life. He asked me out, he cleaned up his mess. We hugged and kissed, his tongue going all in my mouth. I was so young, it was so new for me but it still was the best.

Finally andy left, we obviously didnt wanna let caught doing anything. I promised to meet andy at the pool the next weekend and see each other at school the next day, then he left. I wasn't sure to call my friends, but I called my best friend, leaving out most details. Oh well.

Possibly more to follow about me and andy going out! see ya!



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