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A Life of Masturbation

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I suppose I am writing this in response to some of the contributions that appear to worry and may even feel guilty about masturbation. To give a little background, I am writing from the prospective of being a UK citizen all my life and reading contributions I sometimes feel that there is less guilt attached to the hobby of masturbation here in the UK than across the pond. Now I am the first to admit that a little guilt can be an exciting thing but I suppose I am writing this from an older prospective to help some of the contributors to assuaige some of the guilt.

I started my masturbatory life at an early age by learning of older teenagers and even my parents. At about 14 years of age my father gave me a book by Havalock and Ellis about sex the part that fasinated me was the description of masturbation and the revalation that females could masturbate. I knew that male could as being a scholar at an all-male boarding school, masturbation was a community hobby. It was there that I learned the pleasure of helping others to gain pleasure and also to be pleasured myself. There was no guilt to this as it was common knowledge that this was a source of pleasure to many if not all the boys and it was accepted but perhaps not encouraged by the masters. Later as an older pupil I was to realise and experience that masters also indulged in the practice. On visits home I also found that this was a pastime that my sister enjoyed and for some period of time we enjoyed mutual pleasure.

In my later teens I practiced with both males and females but there were long periods without someone to share, but I must admit that from early teens I dont think there was a day went by that I didn't masturbate and I can honestly say I kept the pleasurable daily occurance up until my late fifties. That's a great deal of pleasure with very little cost. I met the person who was to become my wife and still is when I was 20 years old and to my surprise I found that she did not masturbate. This soon altered, not that I forced it upon her, but during the natural occurance of kissing and petting she soon found the enjoyment of masturbation and became if not addicted an avid fan of the pursuit.

Over the years we have spent hundreds of happy hours enjoying both masturbating each other and mutual masturbation as well as masturbation on our own and I must admit with others. Both of us have had sexual partners and still some of out exciting times today are to describe to each other what each one did with some one else. We have had a variety of masturbation partners and their ages have ranged from twenties to eighties (yes 80) this lady was still very active and widowed for the second time and enjoyed masturbation as both a daytime pleasure and to help her get off to sleep at night. She and myself enjoyed several masturbation sessions over a period of two to three years always ending in her having a most enjoyable orgasm and all with my wife's knowledge. My wife in her late thirties when back at university enjoyed the pleasure of several of the younger male students which she still describes at times in graphic detail as she lies masturbating next to me in bed at night.

She made her firsty dildo when she was in her twenties and I can still remember coming home to find her impaled on a life like dildo that she had spent all day lovingly carving and shaping. Her collection now fills two drawers of her bedside cabinet and still include those she has made, those that buzz and vibrate to those she has collected on foreign holidays.

Now our pleasure is perhaps only three to four times a week and many times it will be done alone but only to be described to the other as a means of arousal and still today our masturbation sessions can last for up to four hours and now include the use of modern technology computers, digital cameras and mobile phones with cameras. We still indulge in outdoor masturbation, especially when on long motor car journeys when my wife insists that she must come to orgasm in the service area of the motorway, bringing herself to climax with the hope and fantasy that the security gaurds are veiwing her throws on their security cameras.

We share many fantasies-quite a few that are taboo for this site and over the years we have indulged in probably every pleasurable act known to woman and man and will continue to do so.

I wouldn't like other contributors to be left with the impression that all this happened in out younger days as only last week we met up with a man who two years ago my wife spent the night masturbating with and after we had met him both my wife and myself spent two hours bringing ourselves to climax.

We have a loving and fulfilling life with various hobbies, but the one hobby that we have both persued for approx. the last forty years has been masturbation. It has never got us into problems and has cost very little and I can say whole heartedly we have always and still enjoy it so tonight we will have a good wank hoping that this gets published and that all the people who have done it with their siblings, parents, neighbours, friends,etc etc realise that a little guilt is exciting but dont get over guilty. Just enjoy!



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