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A J-O Lube 'Par Excellence'

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Everything else stays the same; the one variable that you'll change is the brand/type of lube. The particular lube which is worth trying is called 'Albolene'. It comes packaged with a scent/fragrance or withOUT. Being that we're guys, there's no reason to stink up the room or space with an unnecessary extra smell (what with sweat and jism being already there); find a store with a stock of the UNscented Albolene (squat- shaped round white plastic jars with royal blue lids). Cost for the biggie in NYC is about $11. There exist two smaller jars (both unscented), although I recommend that you invest in the large one without hesitation. The only advantage for the smallest size jar is its ability to be stowed in either a backpack (use a Ziplok or bread bag around it) or relaxed jeans, for use when away from home. The manufacturer has NO safety-seal around the neck or in the lid; make sure that no earlier shopper has put his/her mitt into the goo. Another precaution when sharing the stuff with another guy: don't dip your dicks INTO the jar, since the contents should stay clean for one user. Furthermore, the ingredients aren't good for safe use with latex, since Albolene contains oil/petrol. [To lube up a dry rubber, put a dime of WATER-based lube in the head/tip; make SURE to pinch air OUT before unrolling to prevent breakage] Now to the advantages of Albolene 'makeup remover' (if you, a guy, asks for it by name, expect raised eyebrows): it never dries out; it doesn't feel greasy; after finishing (with or without cumming) it's easy to towel off; and a little goes a long way (so your precious $11 lasts for as much as a month, depending on your sex-drive and length). I hasten to add that your best disposable paper towel has to be the 'Viva' label, made by Kleenex/Kimberly-Clark. Costs a lot more than generic or other national brands, but Viva has a rrreally soft texture for which your joint will thank you. Cock and balls are oftentimes more irritated/sensitive after a serious session of stroking, so that Viva brand helps make the wiping off something to look forward to. Whether you are cut or uncut, your shaft will DEFINITELY thank you for using Albolene lube. Start with either a nickel or a quarter, then ADD a l-i-t-t-l-e at a time. Depending on your technique and the camouflaging background 'white-noise' from the speakers, the SOUND of what you are doing might very well be HEARD by nosey neighbors through the sheetrock, being that it's SLICK



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