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A Hunting Experience

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I didn't get what I was looking for.


Where I live is very rural and hunting is a way of life, few people and large tracts of roadless forests. I ate my share of venison growing up, so it wasn't unusual to be out in the woods on that warm fall afternoon. While sneaking along I noticed someone sitting on a stone wall at the edge of an old pasture watching the partially overgrown fields. Since their back was toward me I had no idea who it was, so I kept going along at a short distance. When I was about 50 feet away I recognized the person as a guy from the nearby village who I had known my whole life and is only one year older. I decided to stop and chat for a minute since it was such a nice day and I didn't really care if I saw any deer or not.

I went over and leaned against a tree while we chatted about what I don't remember. After a while I had to go pee, so I turned off to my right, away from him, pulled out my dick and started to go pee. Paul (not his real name) stood up and said he had to go pee, too. He took a couple of steps alongside me and pulled out his dick, too. I thought it was a little odd, or should I say coincidental that he had to pee at the exact same time I did so I watched him out of the corner of my eye. It looked like he was trying to see my cock, so I 'adjusted' my footing which turned me slightly toward him giving him a good sideways view of my cock if he was really looking at it. It was now obvious he was looking, and from what I could see he appeared to be getting a little stiff.

I turned more towards him as I casually squeezed the last few drops of pee out with my hand, and gave it a good shake. Paul was openly looking at me and made a comment that my cock looked so thick. I said it was and then he asked me if he could touch it. I could see that he was starting to get hard since he hadn't bothered to put his prick away after he had finished going to pee. Not being one to be a spoil sport I said 'okay' which made him even harder. His cock was somewhat shorter than mine, also cut, a lot thinner and had a distinct curve to the left. As he reached out to touch mine I could see his cock twitching. I don't let many days go by without jerking off, and since I had not that day I decided to have a little fun. I asked him if I could touch his too, and he quickly said yes. So I reached over and didn't just touch it, I wrapped my hand around it and stroked it a couple of times. He didn't object but started to stroke mine too which made it get hard real quick.

Even though we were in the woods, it was hunting season and anyone could come along at any minute. I didn't care at that point and I undid my pants and dropped them to the ground exposing everything to the open air. Paul undid his pants and dropped them to the ground, too. We stood at an angle to each other stroking each other's cocks. I used one hand, two hands, stroking his cock and fondling his balls. After a few minutes he started to hump my hand as I beat him off faster and faster. With a grunt, cum started to drizzle out of his cock. It didn't spurt out, but just drooled and drizzled out all over my hand, his cock and balls. Then it was my turn and Paul pumped away on my cock while still standing there with his pants down around his ankles. Even though he had already cum he was really into jerking me off and went at it like a man on a mission. It didn't take too long with his hands all over my cock and balls before I could feel cum starting to well up, aching to be let out. I grabbed his hand and held it tight down at the base of my cock, keeping the skin good and tight. My cock head looked huge and purple and started to twitch. Then the cum just started to spurt out, gob after gob for what seemed like minutes. It flew all over, noisily splattering on the dry leaves, on Paul's hand and arm, and our boots. What a rush.

I had an instant awareness of my surroundings, realizing that we could be by anyone else in the woods nearby. So, pulling up my pants I grabbed my rifle which I had left lying on the ground and struck off through the woods. I didn't see a single deer that day, but I didn't care. I had had better 'luck' than I thought I would when I left home that morning.



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