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A Howlin' Good Time

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The Furry Fandom-Not Completely Devoid of Hot Women


I was at this furry convention in Texas, wearing a wolf mask and strap-on tail; I was being followed by someone in a full-body fox fursuit throughout the entire event. The people who go to furry conventions are almost entirely male so imagine my surprise when this attendee was in fact, a woman. She took off her papier-mache fox head and gave me the shameless flirty look as I removed my mask.

'You look nice, wolf boy. Follow me to my hotel room and I'll make you howl,' the woman said in a seductive voice. When we reached Suite 314, she removed the rest of her fursuit to reveal sweat-stained clothes. When she continued to strip, I saw the tan skin and perfect hourglass shape that looked absoultely irresistible. At this point, she directed me to take off my belt, pants, and shirt but keep the mask, which I was wearing as a hat.

She told me that her name was Davida, an aspiring artist and model from New York. She was looking for 'hot, furry, Texan guys' at the convention. My heart skipped a beat as she massaged her hands over my chest. 'At the modeling agencies, all the guys have hairless torsos but you have a pelt. That's cause you're a wolf', Davida said as she worked her way down to my gentlemanly regions.

Then she reached for her purse, grabbed a bottle of Astroglide lotion, as I took off my boxers, leaving me nude but for the aforementioned mask.

'You are in the ride of your life. As I put this on you I want you to make wolf noises. And when you can't hold it in anymore, I want you to howl, wolf boy.'

The next few minutes were the most heavenly in my time on this earth. Her soft hands caressed my member up and down like a piston as I offered up yips and grunts. I could feel the excitement build up inside my body until... HOOOOOOOWL! I sent out six or seven ropes of man cream, my entire body pulsating with satisfaction. 'Don't you feel better after that, wolf boy?,' she asked. All I could do to respond was smile.

Two years have passed since then and I think back to Davida many times. I feel a sense of empowerment whenever I wear that mask and wish someday that I could meet a woman like DaVIDA. Someday, I will be somebody's 'wolf boy'



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