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A Hospital Massage

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When I was a teenager, I came down with a serious health problem. All of a sudden, I lost all feeling in my lower legs. You could pinch them, you could stick them with a pin, you could do just about anything to them and I couldn't feel anything from my knees thru the soles of my feet.

I was checked into the hospital where they ran blood tests, spinal taps, x-rays, and just about every test that you could imagine. They were unable to come up with what was causing this lack of feeling. One night a nurse came in and said that the doctor had ordered a massage for my legs so she had me turn over and lay on my stomach with my legs spread apart while she rolled up my pajama bottoms as high up on my thigh as she could get them which was all the way up to the cheeks of my behind. She then proceeded to commence the massage on my legs as she worked from my thighs to my feet. As she massaged up on my thighs the back of her hands would lightly brush up against my balls thru the pajama bottoms.

I definitely had feeling there and I immediately got very sexually excited. She continued the massage on one leg and then the other and each time as she worked from my feet up to my thighs she would let the back of her hand brush up against my now very hot teenage balls lingering a little bit longer each time. After doing the back of my legs she had me turn over so that she could rub the front of my legs working once again from the thigh to the feet.

When I turned over it was very apparent how sexually excited that I was as the front of my pajamas were tented up from my very hard erect cock and the pajamas were soaking wet from the secretion of my cum juice. She continued to massage my legs as my cock twitched in my pajama bottoms. After a while she stopped massaging my legs and came around to the side of my bed and asked if I would like my chest massaged and I could barely reply 'yes'. She unbuttoned my pajama top and laid it open as she rubbed and massaged my chest concentrating on my nipples. She asked if I would like her to massage lower and once again I could barely get out an audible 'yes' as she rubbed all over my stomach which was causing my hot, hard teenage cock to throb, twitch, and secrete more cum juice further soaking my pajama bottoms.

She then asked if I would like for her to unsnap my pajama bottoms and my 'Oh, Please' could barely be heard. She reached down and unsnapped the pajama bottoms and laid them open revealing my very hard, hard bone with its dripping juice. She asked if she could massage there and my reply was 'please' so she took her hand down and rubbed all over it and my cum filled dangling balls. She rubbed up and down the shaft of my prick, squeezed my balls, and began to slowly stroke it up and down. I was so close to exploding that I thought that I was going to faint when suddenly the door to my room opened up and another nurse started in to give me some pills.

Fortunately she was distracted by someone out in the hall asking her a question which gave us a chance to pull up the sheets and cover up. Thank Goodness!!! After administering the pills both nurses left which left me with a severe case of 'blue balls' and a raging bone. It wasn't long before I got out of bed, staggering to the bathroom, and just barely touching my prick before I exploded the biggest load of cream that I had ever shot in my young life down into the toilet. As I returned to bed it dawned on me that this was the first female (other than my Mom) that had ever seen my naked cock and balls and then had fondled and played with it. It was an exciting experience! The next day was spent going back over the events of the night before. About mid afternoon the door to my room opened and the nurse who had given me the massage the previous night walked in. She was accompanied by a very pretty brunette teenage girl. She introduced the young girl as her daughter and apologized for having to abruptly leave last night and for especially leaving me in the condition that she left me in.

She informed me that she was there to finish the job with her daughter's help. She said that she would stand lookout by the door and I should just lay back and enjoy what her daughter was about to do. Her daughter (who by the way was just about the same age as myself) walked over to the side of the bed and began to run her hand thru my hair remarking that I was kind of cute. She ran her fingertips, followed by a light touch of her lips, all over my face, behind my ears, and on my neck. She then reached down and unbuttoned my pajama top laying it open giving her finger tips and her lips access to my chest. She next began to slowly rub and massage all over my chest and then proceeded to rub down on my stomach. As her fingertips glided all over my stomach, I had a repeat performance of the night before in that my pajama bottoms were all tented up and soaking wet from my young very wet throbbing bone.

She giggled to her mother 'look what I have caused'. Her Mom replied 'for heaven's sake don't leave him like that as that is what happened last night'. The daughter next reached down and unsnapped my bottoms and laid them open revealing my very hard cumn dripping teenage cock to her view which she then proceeded to rub the flat palm of one hand all over the head and the shaft and then with the other hand she cupped, squeezed, and fondled my balls. Oh! I was so hot! As she rubbed and squeezed my prick, more and more cumn juice dripped out onto my stomach. She took her finger and ran it over the head of my prick collecting some of my juice which she took into her mouth exclaiming 'that I tasted so sexy'. Her mother then told her 'Finish him off before we get interrupted by someone trying to come into the room'.

With that she began to stroke up and down the length of my shaft with one hand and cupping/squeezing my balls with the other. It only took a few strokes before I erupted and shot my load all over my chest and then all over my stomach. The daughter reached down and got a fingertip of my cream and proceeded to taste it. 'He still tastes very sexy' she said. Her mother then instructed her to take a towel and clean me up. As her daughter was doing this the mother remarked 'Hope you enjoyed that as I really felt guilty by the condition that I had to leave you in last night'. 'We've got to leave now'. I looked up at the very pretty teenage daughter and told her 'thank you' and her reply was to lean back over the bed and give me a nice big kiss and one last squeeze of my prick. Oh! What an exciting experience those two days were. I still fantasize about the events every time that I Jack Off.



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