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A Hosiery Story

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My first post, prompted by a request in another post I read.


I haven't posted anything on here before so I hope this makes it. I decided to post after someone asked for more hosiery stories.

When I was around 15, the mother of a good friend of mine worked as a secretary for a local company. She was about 5'4', slim, with long dark hair. Her breasts were fairly large compared to the rest of her small frame though I don't know their exact size. Of course she would always wear some form of suit for work-sometimes with trousers but most of the time with a skirt. Whenever she wore a skirt she would always wear hose too; either black, navy blue or skin-tone. I used to love the swishing noise her legs made as she walked in her hose, which I heard when she was home from work and sometimes when my friend would want to visit her at work for whatever reason. I'd always try and steal a look at her perfectly formed legs without either her, or my best friend noticing.

On a number of occasions my friend and I had gone to his house either from mine or from town and there would be no-one at home. He would let himself in with a key that was placed under a flower pot that was about three feet away from the door. I had always thought it was such an obvious place to hide a key and had asked him why he didn't keep it on him. Apparently he had lost his key and so his father and he had to share a single key until another was made-and they just hadn't got round to doing this.

Due to the amount of hose his mother would wear in a week (business and pleasure, day and night) there would almost always be some drying on the radiator closest to her bedroom. This radiator happened to be right opposite my friend's bedroom door. Many times I would wait until the coast was clear (maybe he'd go to the bathroom, go for a shower, make some food or whatever) and I'd go to this radiator and feel for the smoothest pair. I'd pick up the smoothest pair (from a selection of 3-5) and depending on the time that I had before my friend came back I would hold them up to my lips (which are good for sampling smoothness) where I would also be able to smell the perfume his mother used. My cock would be rock hard at this point, and so after choosing my pair I would space out the others to make it look like there was nothing missing and go into his room. I'd take out my throbbing cock and roll the tights onto my right hand, where I could then stroke my cock (though not to cum as I would then stop thinking with my cock and start thinking with my head, and put the tights back where they were for fear of being caught) and feel the tights up my arm with my left hand. I'd be dying to cum, but I'd save it for later. When I heard that my time was running out, I quickly got my dick back inside my boxers, and also put the tights in there, just under my balls. I had decided that in the worst case scenario, someone could notice a pair missing and decide to search me. My pockets and my coat etc. would be empty and no-one would dare search inside my boxers. Over a period of two or three years I amassed quite a collection like this. I had also gone into her bedroom when I had this spare time and taken the first pair I could find-normally there would be some on the bed or maybe on a pile of clothes on a dresser.

Anyway, the main story is yet to come. It was about six PM one winter night, and as anyone who lives in the UK knows it's very dark by then. I had walked from my house to my friend's without calling to make sure he was there. I got there and the house was empty. I was quite annoyed as the journey to his house was quite far. I turned back from the door and started to walk back down the path on my way home, when suddenly I had an idea. Immediately my heart started to beat really fast and my cock started to stiffen. I had always wanted more time when I was in his mother's room to find her main supply of hose so that I could get *the* smoothest. Have you ever tried to wank with a smooth pair of hose on your hand or on your cock? Try it.

Anyway, here was an ideal opportunity to find her supply-there was no-one in the house! But I had no idea when or where they had gone to and they could be back any second, or maybe they wouldn't be back for hours. I didn't know. So what to do? I decided I would first see if the key was there-if it wasn't there would be no point in working myself up into this excited frenzy that I was now in. I lifted the pot... and there was the key. Part of me was glad, part of me thought 'Shit.'. Now I had to decide what to do next. I picked up the key and after quickly looking around to make sure no-one was looking, I let myself in.

Immediately I made my way down to her bedroom. I hesitated on whether or not I should put the light on. I decided not to at first and went into the room. I didn't want to waste any time and my plan was to find the smoothest pair she had and get the hell out of there. I found one chest of drawers in front of the bed and opened the top drawer. A pair of stockings was surrounded by make-up boxes and other girly stuff. I knew this wasn't it, though I was curious why these were being kept separately from the obvious main supply she must have somewhere else. Irrelevant at the moment I thought, as I had to be quick. I closed that drawer and opened another. Some more girly stuff like hair curlers and other stuff. The third and final drawer. Documents and papers. Shit!!! I looked out of her window where I could see the drive. Darkness. Good. More time to search!

I looked around and found another chest of drawers to the side of the bed. I went there and opened the top one. Underwear, which was good, but bras, which was bad. I closed it and tried the second. Panties and thongs etc. They don't really do anything for me as it happens, though I know many among you that would have loved to open this drawer. I closed it and hoped for the best as I opened the third and final drawer. Bingo. Tights, stockings, suspender belts, garters-everything. My cock felt like it was going to rip through my jeans, but now I had to be able to see better than just vaguely making out what was in there. As well as the smoothest pair, I also wanted a pair that looked nice. I got up and checked outside again. Once again there was no sign of any life. I quickly put the light on and went back to the drawer. I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles, then my boxers. My seven-inch cock was as hard as a piece of iron. I knelt down in front of the drawer and reached in with both hands, scooping out the entire contents of the drawer. I lifted it all up and buried my face in this mound of nylon. I inhaled and could smell the sweet smell of her perfume. I thought it was a little odd that she sprayed her nylons with her perfume, but it was ok as it smelt nice. I then lowered the mound and stuck my cock into the middle of it, thrusting into it as I pulled them towards me like I was fucking them. My heart was beating like it was going to shoot out of my chest. I was absolutely terrified that I was going to get caught, but this was something that just had to be done. My mind was racing with thoughts of what would happen if I was caught - who would catch me? What if it was my friend? He'd tell everyone at school for sure, and our friendship would be shot to pieces. What if his mother saw me? Would she tell my parents? Would she come in and help me? Would she tell me she knew where all of her nylons had disappeared to over the past 3 years? I had taken about 25 pairs during that time - surely noticeable? But she never let on that she knew... so I kept pushing my luck. Anyway, I was yanked back into reality when I felt I was soon going to cum. I knew this would be one major load, and I couldn't blow into this super smooth mound of nylons. That would give the game away and she would know what had been done with massive white stains all over her 70-100 pairs of hose. I put them on the floor and quickly felt around for the smoothest pair. I found something super smooth. It was a black stocking. I looked for the other one to match, and eventually found it. I rolled them both onto my hands, precum now oozing out of my dick. I picked up the remaining pile and again brought them to my face one last time before putting them back in the drawer. I then stood up and wanked furiously. I unloaded shot after shot of cum onto her bedroom floor. There was a hell of a lot - at least five good shots with more coming near the end of my orgasm. I then got that familiar feeling of dread as you stop thinking with your dick and start thinking with your head. What had I just done? What if someone saw me? The damn light was on! What an idiot! I quickly rolled the stockings off my arm and was about to put them back, when my dick must have had one final say and I decided to keep them. Not only that, but after seeing the sheer number of hose she had in there, I took another pair of stockings that were white, and another pair of tights that were black. All super smooth. I then rubbed the large pools of cum on her floor into the carpet with my boot and turned off the light, closing the door to roughly the angle it was closed to when I arrived. I locked the front door and put the key back under the pot and left.

As I was walking from the house, my heart still pounding furiously and my mouth as dry as a camel's backside, I noticed some headlights coming up the hill towards the house. As the car got closer I began to recognise the car for my friend's... inside was he, his mother and his father. They stopped and picked me up, and we all went back to their house where I hang out with my friend as normally as I could, with his mother's nylons stuffed down my boxers.



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