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A Helping Hand

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When I was 18 and a freshman in college it was the first time I ever did my own laundry. I just followed the lead of my RA and I was set to go. I used to go to the most out of the way laundry room because it was quite. One night I went and started the washer and took out a book to read. About 15 minutes later the door opened and a girl walks in. She says hi and I say hi back. A few minutes later she comes over and asks me to tell her the truth and smell something for her. I look at her and ask what. She gets red in the face and tells me her underwear. I look at her and ask why. She tells me she need an opinion. I take the panties from her and feel them and then sniff them. They smell musky but very nice. I tell her they smell musky but very nice. She smiles and throws them into the wash and start it up. She comes over and tells me her name is Heidi. I tell her my name and ask what that was about. She says her roommate tells her she smells and she thinks it's something else. We talk a little bit more and then Heidi tells me she will be back.

About 20 minutes later she arrives back and asks me to smell this. It is a much larger pair of underwear and before I get it close I tell her they stink. She smiles and tells me it's her roommates underwear. I tell Heidi I need to check her underwear again. Heidi pulls down her pants and hops on the washing machine. I smell her panties and tell her they are not hers. Heidi asks me to smell again. I do and tell her she smells so good. I lick her panties and Heidi moans. I ask if she likes that. She nods her head yes. I lick more and Heidi moves her hand down and moves over her panties. I attack her pussy and lick and suck while listening to her moan and groan. Heidi then grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her pussy while having an orgasm. After she let my head up Heidi had a big smile on her face and told me thank you.

Heidi jumped off the machine and almost fell as her legs were jello. She pulled up her pants and looked at my crotch and saw the hard on. She told me to stand and dropped my pants and underwear and told me I had a nice looking dick. She then started to stroke me and soon was giving me a blow job. I told her how good that felt and in about a minute told her I was close. I then grabbed her head and squirted my semen in her mouth. Once I was done I let go of her head and Heidi let my dick slide out and told me that was nice. We sat down switched our laundry and while waiting talked some and made out a little.

As our dryers were going Heidi asked if I could get it up again. I smiled and said always. Heidi told me to stand and unzipped me and pulled my pants down to my knees. She got me hard by lowering her pants, bending over and flashing me her pussy. Then she started to jack my dick and I fingered her with her legs apart, leaning against a machine. It was so hot and I was so turned on and when I was close the door opened up. In came a guy who looked over at us and smiled. He put his clothes in the washer and turned it on and left. Heidi and I quickly finished this way and I squirted my cum on her legs. We cleaned up and sat back down just as two girls came in the door. Heidi knew one of them and they started to talk. When I got out of the chair Heidi introduced me. I folded my dried clothes and Heidi told me she would see me next week.

For the next three months Heidi and I fooled around in the laundry room



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