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A Grown-up Affair

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A business friend knew the meaning of the look in my eye.


About every month I take a plane to another city for 2-3 days work at a branch office of my company. One of the main people I work with is Jed, one of the specialists, who is in his early fifties, trim, handsome, and an avid nature lover. We also work a lot with Cathy, who is a very sexy woman in her thirties with long black hair, ample breasts that she usually holds high while letting her neckline stay low, and long tanned legs. Her perfumes are exquisite, and her large lips are very expressive.

Jed always kids me about going back to my hotel at night and jacking off thinking about Cathy's lips. It embarrasses me a little because, heck, I really can't deny that at all!! I figured it's all good fun-Jed has 'been there and done that' traveling for the company and he knows that hotel sheets are meant to be stained. At least I thought it was just innocent fun until last weekend.

I left as usual to take an early Friday evening flight back. The weather was bad, we sat on the runway, a bunch of mechanics came out and banged around, then we turned back to the terminal. I'd miss my connecting flight, and so I took the offer of a fresh flight (hopefully with a new plane) the next day.

As I was headed back to the hotel, I remembered that Jed had said that Christie, his wife, was away for the weekend, so I called him to see if he wanted to have dinner. He said sure, and chuckled that he wasn't planning to do anything but jack off anyway. I laughed, and in my gut something stirred. When I hung up the phone, I was shaking.

I was just out of the shower when Jed came to my room, and I met him in a towel. We chatted for a bit about how bad flying is these days, and I began to feel an electricity between us. In fact, my cock was getting a bit puffy under my towel. We were talking nervously; something else was in the air.

I quickly said I needed to finish in the bathroom and I'd be right out and slipped in to shave, dropping my towel on the floor as I raised my arms. I was looking in the mirror that my cock was even more erect than I'd thought, and as I looked it grew even more.....oh shit, I thought, I'm fucking horny.

Jed was outside the door asking about restaurants and what kind of food I was in the mood for. I felt my voice quaver, and couldn't think very straight or give him a good answer. My head was beginning to spin a little. We were kind of shouting back and forth, louder than need be, and then he said, 'Can I come in?' and without my reply he stepped into the bathroom with me.

I turned away to look at him, and as I spun around I felt my cock bouncing stiff between my legs, and caught his eyes for a moment before they went to my cock and stayed there. Neither of us moved or said a word for a long, long moment. And then, as if we had rehearsed the moment, as if in a play or a dream that we both knew, his hand reached out and slipped under my balls, and I melted in his grip. I remember thinking how sure and certain his stroke felt, and then gasping a little when I thought 'oh my god, he's done this before!'.

I was about to cum, and he pulled his hands away, and deftly, quickly, unbuckled himself and slipped out of his pants, faced me and I was overwhelmed at the site of his cock-large, as large as I'd seen even barely erect as it was, thick, with light blonde hair around a sack that tightly held very large balls. He faced me and took my hand and wrapped it around his cock. A jolt of electricity went through me, and my whole universe, my eyes, my feelings, my thoughts fell between his legs, and I began stroking for all I was worth!

It didn't take long before cum flew. My jacking of Jed was so intense he'd let go of my cock, which nevertheless stayed stiff and hard in the air, brushing against my arms. Jed began to moan, and my breath stopped as I stroked suddenly slow, hardly touching, my thumb tracing his helmet, and felt his ass begin to clench as an orgasm welled up. His hand reached out between my legs and grabbed my cock, and in a couple of moments his knees buckled and his thick, hard cock began shooting cum all over my chest and belly. The cum hit me, warm and hard and Jed pulled me against him. Our cocks ground into each other, and I began to spurt hard against him, feeling my own warm cum sliding between us.

Jed held me tight until my last twitch, and then some, and then released me. We were both covered in cum and without a word took towels and wiped each other and ourselves. 'Wow!' I said. 'I never expected that!'

'But you wanted it,' he said. I thought for a moment, and a remembered all the times he'd kidded me about jacking off, and how every time I felt a twinge between my legs.

'Yes, I did!'

At dinner, we talked about sex. Jed told me that when he traveled a lot, he often met men in other cities, perhaps at the bar, perhaps elsewhere, and brought them to his room. He liked looking at cocks, feeling them, and the feeling of making another guy cum. He looked forward to travel, but in the last ten years there was hardly any, in his new position, and that was ok, he said, 'Christie gives awesome head! I've taught her.'

I told him how, before puberty, my friend and I discovered masturbation, and played in a fort in his basement, where we would get naked and rub, but that I'd been humiliated after puberty when I'd tried to get my friends to strip with me. And so I'd stopped thinking of it, except as a fantasy. Until tonight.

I was getting hard again., 'It's ok,' Jed said, 'I know you love it. I love it too. I know what it's like to crave something, to need it.' I felt embarrassed again, confused, shocked...exposed.

'God, how did you know? Is it that obvious? Do I look like a queer?'

'Naw, not at all, dude. But, when I first kidded you about jacking off, there was a look in your eyes, a flush, a softness....a craving, that I know like my own.'

'Wow.' I was speachless. Jed waited, saying nothing, he waited patiently until my heartbeat calmed and I no longer felt faint. And then it was me who spoke.

'Let's go back!'

In the room, the door was shut and locked, and we stripped in silence. Again we moved about in a dance correographed at some other time, each knowing what was next as we danced around each other. When Jed turned to me, his cock was fully erect, massive. I felt faint again, weak, and sat on the bed. He stood over me and gently pushed me back. 'Lay on your back,' he said.

A laid out, spread eagled Jed sat sidesaddle next to me and gently stroked my cock. 'It's beautiful, you know,' he said. 'So beautiful.' His hand traced my nipples, which were oh, so tender and tight and wanted more and more touching from his strong hand. He didn't need to pinch, they were burning!

He slung a leg over mine and rubbed it against me while also pinning me to the bed. It felt delerious. He continued gently stroking me all over, and then, in the dance we knew was coming, lifted his body up between my legs and slowly brought our cocks together, touching, pressing in the ultimate dance. I spread my legs for him, like a woman must, and turned my pelvis to meet his pressure. I wanted him to come down hard, thrusting, but Jed tortured me with his soft rubbing and gentle pushing until I was beside myself with desire.

'Oh please, be hard,' I said, and with that Jed lifted himself up on his arms and thrust his cock hard against mine, over and over banging his balls to mine rythmically, regularily, ever harder. It hurt, his balls slapping, his crotch pounding my tender balls, and I was exstatic, remembering how my little friend Bobby, too would bang against me. I felt his huge muscles harden and tense, his breath became hard and moaning. Oh fuck, he was going to cum again, his huge cock slathering me with semen. He was not my little friend, but a full, large and powerful man and I was totally in his control. I raised my pelvis to take his thrusts full on, to feel the full force of him on my cock.

'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.' He came hard on me and a moment later cum was shooting from my own orgasm, too, and involuntarily my legs wrapped around him, pressing him hard. We lay there for a long time, exhausted. He said nothing, but played with my cock a little.

.....this was better than being a little boy!



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