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A Group of Her Friends and I

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After the last of my exams I finally plucked up the courage to ask out the girl I had a huge crush on. It turns out it's proper love because we're still together. This story happened a couple of months after that with a group of her best friends.


Deb and I had been going our for about six months. Over this time I had been lucky enough to hang out with her friends, a real friendly bunch, Lucy, Jess, Adam and Steve.

To give a bit of background, Deb and I had decided to go slowly in the relationship because we didn't want to rush and ruin everything. We had only really kissed and masturbated in the same room.

Anyway, we were at a sleepover at Jess' house. We take it in turns to host them so it's fair-Jess' house was large so it was easy for us all to find space where we could all spend the night.

We were all sitting around watching a movie. Deb said she was going to go to the toilet, as she stood up she bent down and kissed me and walked away.

Lucy: So, how are things going with you too?

Me: Things are great. She's so amazing.

Adam: How far have you gone with her yet, mate?

I couldn't help but sit back and laugh slightly-I knew the question had been coming for some time-seeing as Deb and I appear so 'into each other'.

Me: As far as we both want it to go. I'm not saying any more than that.

Upon that they left it there and continued to watch the movie.

Once Deb had returned and the movie had finally finished, we were all at a loss at what to do.

Adam: Hey Steve, did you bring your cards? We could play Blackjack or Poker!

Steve reached into his bag and got out a pack of cards. We had all played before-so this was nothing new.

Jess: How about if we make it a little more interesting?

Deb: Please tell!

Jess: How about if it's Strip Blackjack? Whoever folds first has to take off one item of clothing and so on.

We were all in agreement that that was a really good idea. Although we hadn't gone far, Deb and I had seen each other naked and we were both very open about everything. Plus we thought it would be fun.

So the cards were given out and it was clear by her reaction that Lucy was going to fold first.

Lucy: OK, fine, you're all going to be showing your privates by the time I'm taking off my trousers!

She stood up and slowly took off her shirt to loud cheers and laughter from all of us. Her bra was pink and held up some really perky tits. Then it was my turn to fold.

Jess: Come on, let's see what Deb's been 'looking after'!

I slid my jeans down to reveal my boxer shorts-I could see they were all looking intensly for the outline of my cock. Jess wasn't laughing for long as she found out it was her turn next. She instead took off her jeans to show her panties which were decorated with flowers.

This all went on for about half an hour until we were all completely naked, sitting in a circle with the cards in the middle. Unsurprisingly, the girls all had their legs crossed.

Me: What do we do now? We're all naked so the game's over.

Deb: How about we do the same sort of thing, but if we fold, we have to play with ourselves until we get off!

Lucy: Great idea! Shame we have to play Blackjack at all...

Steve: Well let's not-why don't we just masturbate?

Jess: Great idea!

So the girls uncrossed their legs and started to touch their clits. Obviously Deb and I were together, although we couldn't help but look around the room at the other clits and cocks being played with.

Me: So how often does everybody do this?

Steve: Every day!

Adam: Me too-can't stop!

Jess: I do it pretty much that often as well-although sharing a room with my brother makes it more difficult!

Lucy: I'm an only child, so twice a day! Even found ways to hide toys in my room!

We all laughed and cheered at that-then we all looked at Deb.

Deb: I do it every other day. He sustains me enough!

I laughed although I couldn't help but get a little harder at that. Jess, Lucy, Adam and Steve cheered as we kissed.

I noticed all three of us guys were using our precum as our lube-the girls were licking their fingers and moaning. As we picked up the pace we talked more about what we liked and didn't like-this was all stuff we had kept secret before. We admitted we all liked watching porn.

Me: Even though it says for over 18s only?

Jess: That's why we lie and say that we are!

All of us are different types, I like gangbangs, Lucy likes bondage, Jess likes hardcore, Steve likes lesbian, Adam likes POV and my girlfriend likes it when she sees teens going at it.

Jess: Well, Deb, you've come to the right place!

Lucy: This is such a turn on watching you all get off. It's amazing-I have a feeling we're going to be doing this EVERY sleepover!

We were all in agreement of that. We all were in a circle now; the guys standing and the girls sitting on the floor with one of their legs over another girl's etc. I was soooo horny lookng at Deb, I knew I was close as I started to jerk my cock faster and faster. I could tell she was close too.

Me: Oh, I'm almost there!

Deb: Give it to me, finger my pussy for me baby!

Our friends watched and cheered as I fingered her and she pumped my dick. I felt like I was going to explode-I felt an amazing sense all the wa through my body from head to toe. I let go and suddenly came on her face-just as she wanted to. At that precise moment, my fingers went so deep inside her she moaned so loud as she came too. As soon as our orgasms were over I took out my fingers and licked them-she tasted so sweet. She looked up at me and smiled.

Jess: Eat his cum!

Adam: Yeah do it Debs!

She moved her finger around her face and gathered it all on her index finger-she then put it in her mouth and stood up.

Jess orgasmed next, then, at her request, Adam came on her belly.

Lucy: Eat it, Jess! You don't want to leave it there!

Jess: OK, I'm gonna do it-but Adam has to lick some of it off me too!

Deb, Lucy, Steve and I cheered as Adam bent down and licked some of his own cum off of Jess' belly. Little did they know he would later in life be licking below her belly too!

Steve, who had admitted he had done this once or twice in the past, came on himself and because we dared him he ate it all. That sent Lucy over the edge as she screamed and squirted a little-no one could believe it!

After everyone had orgasmed, hard, we looked at each other for about two minutes then laughed at what we had just did. For me and Deb, it helped us get close and more intimate.

What was the big surprise for me in all this was that six months ago I hardly knew these people...



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