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A Great Vacation

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A few summers back I had to spend a few weeks at my cousin's house upstate because my parents were going on a business trip. When they first told me this I was nervous. It had been awhile since I had seen my cousin, and I didn't know what it would be like being there for three weeks.

My aunt and uncle live in a very small house, two bedroom one story but with just them, my cousin, and me, it wasn't too crowded. When I saw my cousin, Paul, he had grown alot and had lots of facial hair. He's two years older than me and seemed happy enough to see me. He had some new video games and was friendly so I knew I would have fun staying with them.

The living room was where the video games and movies were, and where I was actually sleeping. Paul and I hung out there until after my aunt and uncle went to bed. Just a few minutes later, Paul said,'I have something way better to do than these games'

'What is that?' I asked. He smiled and I was really curious. He tossed me a blanket. 'I'm not tired' I told him, but he assured me I was not going to be tired, either. He took the game out of the system and put in a DVD.

'It's not gonna freak you out if I jack off is it,' he asked? At first I was shocked but I like to jack off, too, so I was amazed how well this vacation was going so far.

'No' I said. 'I'm gonna jack off too.' He laughed a little and handed me some toliet paper. Than He started taking off all his clothes. I really didn't care to watch. Neither of us is gay and we're just two guys being guys. He had another blanket that he got under when he was naked. I just dropped my pants.

'Dude use the tissue don't get it on the blanket' he told me. 'and if they wake up and come out here just act like we're sleeping' So that being said I remember hearing him starting to stroke. I was hard already and just sat back in the chair and covered up.

I can remember feeling so excited because this was something completely new. I started stroking as well. It felt as good as always. I started to feel that tight, good feeling soon so I slowed down a little. I heard Paul moan so I followed suit. Soon I was feeling like I was about to explode.

'Hey, wait awhile-hold off-it will feel awesome' Paul said. I looked over toward him and I saw that he had stopped jerking. Also his blanket was on the floor, so I saw everything. He was much bigger than me and circumcised, unlike me. He sarted again and made no effort to cover up. I slowed down because he was right, I was feeling better than ever. I can remeber it starting to feel really good and going right with it. Soon my blanket was on the ground too, and I was too busy with both my hands to pick it up.

The next thing I know Paul swears loudly, then says he should have used a sock. I was too busy to look because I was just starting to cum. Paul was upset because he came a lot and had to clean it up from the sofa. I didn't make a mess, so I could just lay back and concentrate on the good sensations.

Soon after we went to bed and did this every night for the next three weeks. It was a great vacation of personal exploration.

Thanks for reading this. Hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did.



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