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A Great Lesson from a Stupid 19-year-old

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Jerking off is an amazing passtime. Everything else costs money and often takes time to arrange, drive there, and so on. I mean, what would you rather do, go bowling or masturbate?


I had been to Blacks Nude Beach a half-dozen times. Like everyone else, I was very careful never to get a boner while on the beach.

This time, I brought along a co-worker. He was a youngster, 19 years old, and not too bright. In fact I thought he was down-right stupid. My business was industrial appliance repair. In that work, you need to bring along a helper to move the big old things away from the wall so you can work on them. This fellow was one of the many who are willing to work hard for minimum wage. But, he was really, let's say, unsophisticated. He was a fairly good-looking kid, though. He had short-cut blond hair, a moderately thin build, and average height. Brilliant blue eyes, just not much behind them.

So anyway, I tell him I'm going to a nude beach, and he's interested. I explained twice, carefully, to be sure he understood about nude beaches.

We get to the parking lot, both of us just wearing shorts and sandals. He starts to pull his shorts down in the parking lot. I'm embarrassed, and have to sort of whisper to him, 'no leave them on, not yet.'

We walk down the trail and arrive at the beach. He immediately pulls off his shorts, as do I. But the big difference is that he is semi-hard. This really embarrasses me. I mean, I don't even want to be near him. What would people think? People simply don't have erections at the nude beach, do they?

But there are too many people around. I can't even whisper to him to quit being excited.

So we get to a good spot with perhaps 20 guys, and two or three girls around us, and plop down our towels. I kind of drape my towel over my lap because I'm worried that somehow I'll get an erection too. As soon as I figure I won't, it is time to escape. I can't be seen with this guy, can I? So I make some sort of excuse and start walking along the beach, leaving him on the towel. I get about 10 feet away, look back, and oh no, he's actually touching himself! He's gently playing with his balls. And, so far as I can tell, his penis seems to be fully hard! I'm glad I took off!

But here's where the story twists. After 10 minutes or so, I come back, and guess who's the center of attention? Right, my co-worker. There he is, lazily stroking himself with a full erection. There's no doubt he's masturbating, right in front of everyone. And, he's talking with them. And, they're gathered around, some standing in a semi-circle, some kneeling in the sand.

And! And! Two of the guys are now touching themselves, perhaps two others have noticeable erections (which they aren't trying to hide), and one of the girls is moving her hand between her legs.

OK, so, while in Rome... I rejoin my friend on the towels, and start to lazily touch myself too, and start conversing with people. One of them is someone who runs a forklift in one of the places where I have serviced a cooler. A tall 20-something-year-old. Normally, I would have died to have this fellow see me stroking on the beach.

But somehow it's OK. Not only OK, but my penis, which had stayed soft even with the stroking for the first few minutes is growing hard. And it feels great!!! Liberating! I can't even explain the feeling of stroking freely in a small crowd, and in fact with the crowd, since now some of the others are totally masturbating also. It seems remarkably natural, but also very sexy!

In time some of the people standing, kneeling and reclining around us start to pop, ejaculate. Eventually, even though I tried to hold back, I cum too. Guess who's the last to cum? Right, my blond friend! Guess who comes the hardest, with the most convulsive, spectacular orgasm. Right!

I'd like to tell you that the next time I went to Blacks, I did the same thing, but without my friend, I was too shy, way too shy, to start stroking in front of strangers. It's never happened again, yet.

Ah, but the forklift guy: I got his number, invited him over for a testicle massage, which he gladly accepted, and we have been jerk-off buddies ever since.



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