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A Great Jacking from Kim

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A girl I know told me about Solo Touch. After I told her about what happened to me a few summers ago she sent me this link & said I should write about it here. You should never dare me. This will be a little more info than I told you so don't be shocked. Although after reading your story, this could be just another day to you.

I was staying at my gram's house for a week for summer vacation. She lives close to the beach but far from the city. I was 20 at the time but she would not let me use her car. So, I brought my bike with me to get around for the week. In the mornings I got up early & rode to the beach. There were lots of nice girls to watch on the beach & nothing else to do.

On the second day I pushed my bike all the way to the end of the beach peninsula. Walking along I saw less & less people. I was honestly (I never told you this part) looking for a spot where I could duck into the dunes behind the beach area & jack-off. The hot girls were looking good & I had a boner that needed to cum.

I could see a girl off in the distance doing some sort of exercises on the beach. I got closer & saw two other guys standing behind her watching. I stopped to watch too. She had one of the best bodies ever. She had nice toned muscles like those girls you see on TV doing the workout shows & not a bit of fat. She was wearing a yellow corona bikini & it showed lots of her hot body.

The girl was doing posses & stretching with her legs apart. She moved from side to side & even stood on her hands at one point. There was a guy there much older than me, about 40. He looked at me & gave me a thumbs up so I did the same thing back. The girl stopped & turned around to face us guys watching her. The other 2 guys clapped so I did the same thing. The girl walked our way & I felt a bit shy because I was watching her. As she got closer I could see she was older than me, she looked about 26. I found out later she was 37! I could not believe she was 37. She looked so perfect from head to toe.

To shorten the story, she was with the 40 year old guy. Another shocker. They had a place not far from the beach. We got talking & I found out she was doing a bit yoga on the beach. The man Kevin & girl Kim, talked with me for quite a while. I could not help looking at her great body. Kevin noticed & joked about it & they talked about a few sexual things too. Kim told him to stop teasing me & said I was just being a normal healthy young male.

We got along like they were my own age. Kim told me I looked like I was into sports & ran her hands along my left arm. I told her I had a set of weights that I used ever day except for that week away from home. She said it would be a good idea to go for regular massages to help with growth & recovery. Then she asked if I'd ever had a massage. I told her no. Kim told me I should come over to there place & have dinner & she could give me a massage after Kevin had his. She said she was a massage therapist & Kevin told me it would be a great idea as long as I liked her weird food.

I biked over about 5:00 like they told me to. It took a few minutes before Kim came to the door. She was wearing a shiny red robe that was short enough to almost show her pussy. I went inside & we had dinner. I could not help but stare at her again & Kevin called me on it again, all in fun & Kim was there for me. She walked behind me & rubbed my shoulders & told him what a healthy young man I was.

Dinner was done & they invited me into the back room where she had her massage table. Kevin went into the shower & came back a few minutes later wearing a white towel. He laid on the table face down with his head through a hole with padding. Kim opened the towel & he was naked underneath! Kim turned to me & asked if I was ok with a naked body. I told I was ok with it & I started to shake just a bit thinking that I'd soon be doing the same thing.

It was very warm inside their little house even with the windows open. Kim was massaging him for a few minutes then she pulled off the robe. Underneath she had a tiny bikini that showed all of her ass. When she turned toward me I saw her nipples showing through the tiny top. The top showed allot of her tits too. Her tits looked hard like they were fake but they were too small to be fake.

I watched her muscles move while she did Kevin's back & legs. She told him to turn over & I could not help but see he had half a boner. Kim massaged him everywhere & around his boner that grew to full size. She turned around to me & squirted more of the clear lotion in her hand then stuck her tongue in it & told me it was eatable. She rubbed more around his boner then she grabbed it & coated his boner with the lotion. I began to shake even more. Kim turned around & pointed to the towel on the chair beside me. She told me to shower & get ready for my massage. I went into the shower & showered off making sure to get rid of any sweat I had. When I was drying I heard a sound of a man coming. I knew just what it was.

I had a huge hard boner even though I had jacked-off a few hours before. I walked back to the room knowing neither of them would be offended by my boner pushing the towel out. Kevin was sitting with his feet up & told me he felt great & I would soon too.

Kim patted the table & told me to lay face down. She pulled off the towel & then her warm hands moved over the back of my legs. Soon she was at my shoulders standing above my head. I watched her toes move when she pushed. She even had sexy feet! What a fox!

It was soon time for me to turn over & I had a boner that could not get any bigger or harder. I was so horny by then that I wanted her to see it. I turned over & did I get a surprise. She had nothing on! I don't know when she did it but I was so happy she did. What great tits! They looked like hard teardrops with dark brown nipples that stuck way out. I could not stop looking at her tits & then her pussy was even better. She had just a small bit of blonde pussy hair in a V shape above her lips. I only got a few looks at her pussy but I saw her lips were curled back showing the pink inside part. My boner was never going away!

Kim squirted the lotion in her hands & warmed it up. She ran her hands over my body unlike a massage. She just ran them up & down from shoulders all the way to my feet. She kept passing by my boner very slowly. I was so hoping she would touch it.

Then it happened & this is how it went.

Kim; I see you are very excited. Did you want the full treatment?

Me; Oh, yah sure.

Kim; What do you think Kevin? Do you think he needs the full treatment?

Me; From here it sure looks like it. Why don't you just do it & quit talking?

Kim; OK. Are you ready?

Me; Yah sure.

Kim ran her slippery hand around my boner the she picked it up & held it pointing straight up.

Kim; My but you have a very tall one. I think I should take care of that for now. We can't send you home to granny like that now can we?

As Kim finished her sentence she started to rub up & down my boner. The feeling was almost too much & I thought I would cum real fast. Kim moved her hand really slow then gave a few faster strokes then let go of my boner & just held it straight in the air again.

Kim; I have to make sure you get the full experience massage so we'll make this last.

I actually said thank you then I felt stupid when she laughed. Kim was so good at jacking my boner. She new when to give the faster strokes & when to slow down, when to stop & just hold it & when to start again. She massaged my boner for I think maybe 15 minutes then.

Kim; are you almost ready for your big finish?

Me; I think any time would be great now. (my voice was sounding like I was afraid or something. It quivered)

Kim; OK, lets see how good this feels.

Kim held my boner straight up one more time. She held the bottom of it & pushed tight toward my body. My boner felt like it was harder than ever when she pushed down. It was so hard it almost hurt. Kim's other hand stroked up & down without stopping this time. It only took about 20 or so nice full strokes before I felt my cum building.

Kim; Oh yah, let it cum now. It's time. Let that cum squirt for me. Oh yah, that's good. (Then I started to cum) Oh that's a big load of cum. Mmmm, keep pumping it out for me baby, mmm, that's it.

Kim made me feel so good when I was coming, like she really enjoyed what she was doing. She was so nice.

My boner felt like it was exploding & the cum squirted about a foot straight up about 6 ropes! I don't think I was ever so loud when I came either. Kim was so good she just kept pumping my boner & as my cum stopped & my body shook she kept it tight at the bottom & gave it real slow short strokes below the head of my boner. I had never done that myself but did it feel great!

Kim waited for me to stop moving then she let my softening boner lay down. She wiped up the mess & told me I squirted quite allot of cum. She kept telling me how good it was. She was perfect. I really liked her allot.

Kim asked me how I felt & I told her better than ever. I laid without moving for a while then Kim put her robe back on. I hated that part & then when I sat up & I was the only one naked & I felt out of place.

Kim told me she had a real good time & Kevin said if she was happy he was happy.

I was hoping for 2 things. I was hoping when she told me the lotion was eatable that she would finish me in her mouth. The second was I wanted to go back but they never invited me again. I went home that night & jacked 3 more times & never slept until about 3:30 in the morning. I woke up & jacked twice more. All I could see is Kim. She was allot older but I almost fell in love in just one night.

Ok, don't say I didn't warn you about being more information than I gave in person.

See ya soon.



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