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A Great Holiday

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When I was 14 I went on holiday to France which turned out to be the best holiday of my life! On this holiday I met this girl called Abbi (she was 13). Well any way I became friends with her and we would hang out most of the time.

One day of the holiday it was VERY hot and so I went over to her campervan and asked if she wanted to go for a swim in the pool, she said she would like to but just needed to get changed. I already had my trunks on under my shorts. She had got confortable around me to get changed with me there so she got out her swimming bikini and took off her underwear. I had never seen her or anyone for that matter naked before so I got a hard on straight away. (Luckily for me my trunks kept it hidden from her). She had B cup boobs (I think) and a little bush growing (she shaved around the hole). I just stood there staring at her body whilst she got changed. It felt like I was staring at her for ages but it was actually only about 20 seconds. When she was ready we walked to the pool. By the time I had got to the pool my erection had died down.

I took off my shorts and we jumped in. The water was really cold (despite the weather being so hot) and I could see Abbi's hard nipples through her swimming bra. She then started splashing me so I started to chase her. I was 5ft 5' at the time and I played a lot of basketball so I was very muscley for my size so it didn't take me long to catch up to her. When I was close enough I grabbed her foot and pulled her towards me, she was still trying to swim away so I decided I would lift her above my head. I grabbed hold of her with both hands and lifted her above me, what I didn't realise until she was above me was that I had my hand on her boob and between her legs. As soon as I realised what I had hold of I got a boner once again but this time she could easily see as well as all the people around me.

She pretended like she hadn't noticed and managed to get out of my hold on her. We carried on chasing for a couple of minutes but my dick was throbbing so hard I decided I was going to go and relieve myself. I said I was tired and I was going to get out now, as I walked to the changing rooms my boner was in full sight of her. I walked into the first changing room and closed the door. As soon as the door was closed I dropped my pants and started rubbing my erection. At the time I was a mere four inches in size and had a half grown bush (I was a late bloomer). I must have been rubbing away for about 30 seconds when I heard the door open, that's when I realised that I had forgotten to lock the door in my rush to relieve myself.

I turned around expecting to find some random person staring at me in disgust. What I saw was Abbi standing there smiling at me. She walked in closing and locking the door behind her. She then said to me 'I thought you might be doing that, I saw your bulge as you lifted me up and as you walked to the changing rooms' I was still in shock that she had walked in on me. She realised that I still had my hand around my erection and then said 'let me help you out with that' she then took off her clothing and we both stood there looking at each other for a couple of seconds, she then sat me down on the floor and sat in front of me with her legs open giving me a good view of her pussy. She then grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. It felt SOOO good! She started off fairly slowly and then got quicker and quicker, I could feel my orgasm building up and she knew it because I was wriggling all over the place. I then had the best orgasm of my life!

I squirted my cum all over her tits and body, I then fingered her and she squirted all over me (I got a big surprise cos I didn't know girls could do that at the time) we carried of pleasing each other for about 30 minutes until we took a shower totally naked in the open public shower. There were a few other adults showering in the same shower as us and they got quite a surprise that we were showering completely naked in front of them (they all had swimsuits on), not only that I still had a boner and because there were only a few showers we were all close together.

That day was such a big thrill I will never forget it. As for me and Abbi we did a lot more stuff in public but that's another story. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I will post other stories some other time. Tommy.



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