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A Good Neighbor

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I've had one time in my life that seems to fit in with the stories posted here. Last week I told my best friend about it, and we ended up jerking off in front of each other. The next day, he told me about this site and told me I should tell my story just the way I told him. So here it is, a true story from 30 years ago.

One summer while I was in college, I lived in a tiny apartment in an old house that had been partitioned into several apartments. There were three apartments each on the first and second floors, and two on the third - mine and a slightly bigger one rented by a grad student named Mark. He was a couple of years older than me, and he seemed very quiet and a little shy. I borrowed a screwdriver from him when I first moved in, and a couple of days later I knocked on his door so I could return it.

It was a pretty warm summer day, and he came to the door in a skimpy pair of shorts (this was in the 1970s when shorts were pretty tight.) He kind of bent around the door funny, and I just knew somehow that he was trying to hide himself, so immediately assumed he had a boner. I was sorry to put him in an embarrassing position, so I just handed him the screwdriver and said 'thanks.' I was turning to leave when he said, 'Hey, would you like to come in and have a drink?' Like I said, it was a hot day, and I didn't really know that many people in the area yet, so I said, 'sure.' He turned his back to me to walk toward his kitchen and pointed at the couch and said, 'have a seat' so I wasn't able to verify if he was really hiding a hard on. I sat on the couch, and he was in the kitchen for a while, probably trying to get himself back under control, I figured. While I was waiting for him to come back, I noticed a magazine face down on the couch, which he must have been reading when I knocked. I didn't see the name of it, but I was immediately attracted to the cover which showed a big-titted woman holding her arms across her nipples. It was obviously a dirty magazine, and I got a little thrill in my gut, the kind you got in those days before the internet when the chances to see pictures of naked women were fewer and more difficult to get to. I was doing my best to look at it without seeming to while I waited for Mark to come back in.

He came back carrying two drinks, still wearing just those shorts, and clearly bulging, but not completely hard. He handed me a drink, sat down, and said (to my surprise), 'Sorry to be walking around so funny, but I was reading that' - pointing to the magazine - 'when you knocked.' He picked it up and showed it to me. I looked at the first couple of pictures inside the cover, and they were more hard-core than I had ever seen in other magazines I had seen in the dorms. I had never seen a magazine before that showed a man's cock, for one thing, and the first picture in this one showed a guy with his hard on an inch away from a woman's open pussy. I said, 'No wonder!' He laughed and said that he had others if I wanted to borrow some. I felt a little embarrassed, because of course I wanted to borrow some, but I didn't want to admit it.

He changed the subject, thank goodness, because that picture had sent the blood rushing to my own dick which I had (unusually) not beat off yet that day. We talked about school and what we were studying for a few minutes, and when he said he was getting his masters in theology, I must have looked a little surprised. He noticed and asked why. 'Well,' I said, 'it's just ...' and then I pointed at the magazine. He laughed again and said, 'Well, I have a different take on some things. I think God made sex for us to enjoy, and I'm going to fucking enjoy it!' I laughed myself and said, 'I want to join your church.' So then we started talking more about sex, and he said how much he loved to fuck women, and how great pussies feel, and how great it is to slide your cock between tits, and stuff like that. He opened the magazine and started talking in detail about what some of the couples were doing. It didn't take long, of course, for my hard on to be painfully engorged and pushing at my jeans. Mark was not trying to hide his own dick, which was now fully hard and clearly outlined under the stretchy material of his shorts. 'Here, look at this one,' he said, opening the magazine between us and sitting closer so we could both see. It was a picture of a woman rubbing her hand along the shaft of a big, very hard dick, and out of the end of it was shooting a rope of thick, white cum. 'Just think about how often we do that to ourselves - but, does it ever get boring?' I said, 'Not so far.' He then said, 'But we still like the idea of having her doing it for us.' 'Oh, yeah,' I said, and my voice betrayed my lust, I think.

Mark put down the magazine and said, 'We can do the next best thing - you look at this picture, and I'll jerk you off, and you won't know any difference between what that guy is feeling and what you're feeling.' I know he was kind of bullshitting me, and that he just wanted to get his rocks off, but I didn't care at that point. And then he said, 'But you do me first, because you might not be horny enough to do me after you squirt.' That was hard to imagine at the moment, but in the back of my head I thought he might be right. I was just going to have to trust that he would do me. So, without another word, we both stood up. I pulled off my jeans and shirt, and then my underwear, my 7' cock flicking out a little precum as it bounced out of its constraints. 'Whoa,' said Mark, 'someone's ready to cum!' He slipped of his shorts, and a very straight, thick cock stuck straight out - I hadn't thought this kind of thing before, but it was a real beauty - smooth, straight, hard as steel, and very sexy looking. He sort of lay back against one of the arms of the couch, and I was between his legs. I was very excited to touch his dick - I had never had fantasies about anything but tits and pussies and my own dick before then; but I was filled with lust.

I touched his erection pretty softly, running my fingers along its length, and then gripping it lightly. Mark seemed to appreciate this, because he was watching my hand intently, and he sighed out, 'ohhh fuck.' As I rubbed a bit more up and down his shaft, he breathed in sharply and said, 'Oh man, that feels so great!' I was practically ready to cum myself as I slowly pumped, letting the crown of his cockhead for the first time go through the circle of my thumb and forefinger. He took his eyes off the action then for a second, because he put his head back and breathed in hard. But he watched again as I glided my hand up and down his cock, slowly at first, and then more quickly, letting my own experience guide me - and it seemed to work pretty well, because Mark was soon breathing hard, and his legs stiffened out a bit. As I increased the speed and pressure slightly, he raised his ass off the couch and said, 'Oh God, here it comes. Oh, that's it, stroke it, make it cum, oh Christ, here it comes!' and then out shot a squirt of cum, not too far, maybe four or five inches, but it was thick. The next one was the biggest squirt, a little higher and definitely more, and then, as I continued to pump, five or six decreasing spurts flowed from his cock, all over my hand. His body came to a rest, and he lay back looking really satisfied. 'That was great, man,' he said. 'You must have done this before.' 'Only to myself,' I said. 'Then you must be one happy jerker!' 'I usually am,' I said.

I didn't have any worry that he wouldn't do me. I lay back on the other arm of the couch, and Mark immediately sat up. He took my hand and rubbed his cum into his own hand, and then scooped up some that had landed on his stomach. Without a word of warning, he slathered my dick with his cum as a lubricant. From the moment he first touched it, I was on the edge. I was so horny by then that I hardly had time to enjoy it. He ran his hand up and down my shaft maybe ten times altogether before I said, 'Oh shit, here it comes,' and it did come - shooting very high and arching down onto Mark's shoulders and chest, the next one hitting him directly in the middle of his chest - 'Damn!' said Mark in an excited tone.

That was the beginning of the most cum-soaked summer I ever had. Even that first day, we came at least three more times each. After that, almost everyday we were jerking each other off. We tried a few other things that summer, the most enjoyable of which involved Mark's beautiful cousin Jennie, but that is mostly off topic. I've been married for almost 30 years now, and I've never done anything like that since until the other night when I related this story to my friend. I have a feeling that I may be soon reliving some of those experiences-what do you say, friend?



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