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A Good Friend

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A good friend of mine when we were kids we would play with ourselves quite literally. Whenever I would go over, at some point or another we would end up with our penises hanging out, though we never touched each other but would watch each other play with our own penis, sometimes while playing video games we would either unzip our pants or if our shorts were short enough, have our penis hang out the side.

Of course we made it so that we could quickly put it back in our pants, we generally had enough time to as you could hear someone come up the stairs as they creaked just enough to hear over the tv at a moderate level, though later on they were replaced but you could still hear the thud of the feet going up the stairs anyhow.

One day when I went over he kinda looked on edge and a bit excited, though we went to his room as usual and played video games. When his mother came up about half an hour later to say that she was going around to the corner store (which normally took about half an hour at the most), as soon as she left he paused the game and took his pants off faster than I had seen anyone do, which revealed his erect penis.

He rummaged around underneath his bed for a few moments and pulled out a pair of fur gloves and a pair of rubber gloves.

One of each looked like they had a hand in them at least once as the other of each was still flat and somewhat stiff, he handed me the ones that hadn't been worn yet and told me to put them on, before I knew it he was putting his on and began stroking, so I put them on as he said and more or less did the same.

I was blown away, the contrast between the rubber glove and the fur glove was amazing. Soft and fuzzy on one hand and rubbery and a bit cold on the other. The rubber glove was thickish, didn't appear thin at all and I could barely feel my own hand, the fur one was a bit thinner and could feel my hand somewhat.

I was really taken by the rubber glove over the fur one.

After a few minutes I said what I liked so he took my fur glove and his rubber glove to the bathroom and cleaned them with warm soapy water, gave me the other rubber glove he had and took my fur glove. From then on when no one else was around we would masturbate with the gloves or stick em in our pants when there were people.

Fast forward to when we were both 18. I hadn't seen him in a few months as he went overseas to visit family and I was just plain busy.

He had stopped in Japan and managed to pick up this game called Rez and it came with a 'trance vibrator'. I got an email from him saying that he was back and all that jazz, at the end of the message he said to come over and visit 'old times'

He had his own place now so there was no worry of other people making surprise visits, as soon as I got in the door he handed me a pair of rubber gloves (ones that had yet to be opened) and told me to sit down on the couch.

He grabbed out his playstation 2, put the game in and plugged a strange USB device that had a long cord on it, which looked like a flat mouse only that it vibrated, he put it in a little black pouch which was to protect it when it was in use, I could see why.

He told me to put it wherever I wanted and put on the gloves. I was already stiff at the thought of the rubber gloves so I put it underneath my scrotum.

When the game first started I was shocked at how much it vibrated (told me he started at a higher level for more intense vibrations as he played it the day before when he got home) and how intense it was. He told me to relax and just take it in, so I did just that.

Before then I was stroking away with my balls getting vibrated out to next week.

The pulsations against my groin area in total was just sensational and at times would let go of my penis and have the vibrations travel up it, it got to the point where I was near ejaculation I grabbed on to my penis just to soften it somewhat. He finished the level just mere moments before I was ready to come.

I was just tingling from having gone through that session. He then grabbed out another of the trance vibrator devices and plugged it in, as he bought another one as the game works with two of them.

'First one to come, loses' he said.

We waited till I was back to normal to make it fair then we both put our gloves on when we werent playing. We would alternate levels until it was 'game over'. I started first then when I finished that level I would hand it to him, or until I died and vice versa.

I lasted almost four rounds and my friend lasted until near the end of fifth round, though I jumped to the last level to see how long he'd last at full intensity, needless to say I was impressed.

Between the rubber gloves and the intense vibrations of the game I'm surprised I lasted as long as I did even when I had close calls near to the end of all the levels.

Every weekend since then we would do the same. A little different to what most close friends would do but regardless it's still fun with a good friend.



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