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A Girlfriend's Favorite Technique

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A Girlfriend's Favorite Technique
I have read a lot of your techniques but I have not read one that a former girlfriend, Lisa, liked performing. This technique is especially good for those girls whom want to jill-off with their significant other but are not ready for any kind of penetration. Her technique was to dry-hump my thigh.
The first time it happened was when we were both in bed. I started to massage her back, tickle the back of her neck, nibble on her ear, and grab her ass. This would go on for awhile. Then she would turn around and face me. Then she would wrap her legs around my thigh and hump away. Let me tell you we were both wearing flannel pajamas and doing it while laying on the bed. As she would hump my thigh I would push my thigh against her vagina. That was how we started out then we graduated up to improving it.
One day when Lisa was hot and horny she asked me if she could hump my thigh. Well, she does not have to ask me twice. She would lay me down on my bed and just go at it. But then, I then suggested we try it while she stands and I sit. So I would sit on the corner of the bed. I placed a soccer ball under my foot. This allowed my thigh to be parallel to her pussy and the ground. You can use books to get the correct height. Having your thigh at right height allows her just to stand directly over your thigh. Then the horsy ride begins, hence, the humping can start.
When she moved back and forth. I would move my leg up and down. If she moved up and down, I would move back and forth. She would also hold my thigh tight. In other words, clamp her legs down on my thigh. Then I would just shake my leg so it could vibrate on her pussy. I mean I would make my leg and whole body tremble. My hands are free so I am able to caress her body.
Another improvement then happened. One day while I was getting ready to go to the gym. I was wearing some sweat pants made out of nylon. I knew she wanted to hump my thigh. I convinced her to remove her jeans so now she was just wearing her satin panties. This was a great feeling for her and me because this time it was two smooth textures between her pussy and my thigh. Now, I could feel her juices on my thigh. I then suggested she should remove her panties and I would remove my sweats. She said no because she didn't think my hairy legs would feel smooth. So guess what I did later on that day? Yes, I did. I shaved both of my legs. Another improvement.
When I showed her my legs her mouth just dropped to the floor. She first started out by wearing some panties because she said she wanted to have her pussy wet before there was any skin contact.
You can also tap your knee on the vagina. Be careful here because you can hurt her. Here let your partner do all the moving. Let her slide up and down on your thigh to your knee.
As she straddles your thigh try this: relax your thigh muscle and them flex it. Here your thigh muscle is pushing up against the vagina. Then have your partner do her PC (Pubococcygeues muscle) exercise and you do your thigh flexing exercise. As she tightness her PC, you flex your thigh muscle. This will really drive her crazy. Try to get into the same rhythm.
Play around with different types of rhythms. She can alter her pelvic rocking and you can alter your rhythm.
Skin to skin contact is the best technique. Here you can feel the heat and the wetness being emitted from your partner's pussy. You can also feel your partner's pussy pulsating when she is having an orgasm. Furthermore, you can feel your partner's pussy try to suck the skin right off your thigh. This will drive you crazy.
Dry-humping involves both parties. Depending on how fast she wants to cum she can direct you in how fast or slow you move your thigh. If she feels like she is going to cum she can ask you to slow down so she can delay her orgasm.
This technique is arousing for the person masturbating and the other whom is having their thigh humped. Having someone rub their pussy on your thigh is very exciting. This is especially true if the pussy is shaven. You can feel the pussy lips and clit on your thigh. The clit feels like some one is running a jellybean up and down your thigh. Mmmmm I think this jellybean is pink.
You can be creative with this technique. You can wear a cowboy hat, some boots and pretend your riding a wild horse. Dress like Pocahontas and pretend your riding bareback. You can do many other characters that ride horses. Just have fun!
So straddle a thigh
Hump away
Have an orgasm
on someone's leg
I am sorry I wasn't able to be more descriptive. If I knew where Lisa was I would have asked her to write about this. However, I do not know where she is. But maybe one of you ladies can try this tech and then write about it. If any of you have any comments of suggestions you can write to me at



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