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A Girl With a Surprise

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My story begins last summer, my friends and I went in to town for a few drinks. We decided to go to the Gay district only because they had good clubs there. None of us is gay but they have good clubs and bars in that area and you can have a great time and a good night out and that's all we wanted.

We got to the gay district and had a look around to see which bar to go in when we spotted a group of good looking girls go in to one. We decided to go in the same one hoping to meet up with them inside to chat them up (like you do LOL) or just have a drink with them, but when we got in we could not find them so we just found a table to sit at and get the drinks in. After half an hour of watching the people come and go and taking in the great atmosphere of the club it was my round so I got up and went to the bar to get the drinks in when a nice looking girl came over and stood next to me.

She told me her name was Tina and asked me how I was and that she hadn't seen me in here before I said I was fine and that it's my first time in here. We got talking and some time had passed and I forgot to get the drinks but it did not matter as my friends came over and said they were ready to leave as they had work in the morning (Typical to have work in the morning but still go out drinking the night before. Oh and by the way no I don't drink) So I said no problem lets get going. I turned back to Tina and said I was sorry but I have to be going now she said do you have to. She said why not let your friend go and you stay or even better come back to mine as I only live down the road.

I could not let this opportunity go so I turned to my friends and told them to go on with out me I'm going back to Tina's flat of course my friends egged me on saying 'go for it she's a looker' and things like 'you've pulled there mate' I smiled and watch them go on there way.

Fast forward and we're now at Tina's place we sat in the living room and talked for a bit when she asked if I would like to go in the bedroom, of course I said yes. So we made our way there I told her she had nice breasts she said thanks and that they are a 34 C Cup. She sat me down on the bed and said she had something to tell me. I asked her what is it? She looked at me and said promise you won't freak out. So I said yes I promise she then went on to tell me that her breasts are not real. I thought to myself is that all I must admit I do like real to fake. As I was about to tell her it did not matter to me she said 'it's because I'm not a real woman I'm a man a transsexual' she went on to say how she was a woman on the inside but in a mans body and that she had taken hormones and had breast inplants.

At first I was a little taken aback by what she had just told me but then I told her I did not care and that I was glad she told me. She said if I wanted to leave I could and that she would understand. I don't know why but I said I would stay, I guess I was curious by this time and wanted to see her naked and I was getting really aroused. I told her this and she smiled and said great what would I like to do with her. Of course I did not want to have sex so I said how about we just jack each other off as I was really getting horny and wanted to cum she said no problem and started to strip in front of me.

I was getting more and more aroused by now so I lay on the bed and got naked she looked at my hard cock and said how nice it looked and how she would love to get a hold of it. I smiled and said thanks. She then took off her knickers and there it was her cock it was only small and thin about five inches (guess that was down to the hormones she had taken) but I did not mind she was shaven as well then she lay down next to me and took my hand. I said no and asked her to do me first so she said ok she moved her hand and put it round my hard cock and stared to wank me off.

It felt so good and the feeling was amazing and then after half an hour I started to cum. I could feel it getting nearer and then it happened. I let out a loud moan and came all over her hand and it was amazing, the best orgasm I have ever had. I told her and she loved that it was her that gave it me. I then turned to give her the same I put my hand on her nice little cock, it may have been small but it was rock hard. I slowly moved my hand up and down getting faster and faster and lubing it up for better feeling, she was moaning and shaking and telling me not to stop when all of a sudden she let out a bigger moan than me and came all over and for such a small cock there was a lot of cum.

She thanked me and told me it was a wonderful orgasm after cleaning ourselves off we lay on the bed and talked about what we had just done we both fell asleep with big smiles on our faces that night. The next day when we got up we both said what a wonderful night we had she asked if I wanted to do it again some time but I said no. She said that's ok, but anytime I wanted just let her know I said fine and went on my way. That was last year yet I still think about that night and now I can't get her out of my mind. I now look at shemale porn on the net, it really gets me aroused. I don't know why but there is just something about transexuals (shemales) that gets me going. If you know why that is please let me know. Thanks so much for reading I hope it wasn't too long.



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