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A Gay Experience in a Public Toilet

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I found a dogging website based here in the UK, which indicated where straight or bi/gay guys and gals went to have fun. This could be public car parks, beaches, toilets, woods etc.

Knowing I was in a particular area the following week, I saw the description of a public toilet in a village where gay men hang out for sex fun.

Whilst I am not gay, I have been married for forty years, but as I grew older, my sex life with my wife has waned, I have started to have Bi-Tendencies, and have let the odd guy feel my cock, but nothing more than that.

Driving along a dual-carriageway, and on the spur of the moment, I turned left down the lane towards the village, and parked up outside the toilets.

This is the story of what happened next.


The public toilet was set back off the sleepy village square, on a car park that was hardly used. So relatively quiet.

I was super horny that day, and thought I would see what sort of things went on. I walked into the toilet, which was a little dark and dingy, and was surprised at how large it seemed, with sinks and two cubicles to the left, and a very long standing urinal on the right.

Two guys were stood at the urinal, and looked at me when I walked in, but being a little uncomfortable (as I hadn't done much of this type of thing) I went to the cubicles, in the hope of hearing something behind closed doors and wanking off, but to my surprise found they were both occupied. So I had no alternative but to stand at the urinal and take a piss.

I unzipped and pulled out my six inch circumcised cock, and made out I was going to piss. I was semi hard, as I was excited at the thought of finding some fun. One guy seemed to finish what he was doing and walked away towards the sinks, however the other guy, quite tall and slim, in his fifties I guess, looked over at me, rubbing his semi-hard uncircumcised cock. I started to rub my cock, gently wanking, making it harder with every stroke, and looked over and saw the the guy had turned slightly towards me and was wanking his cock quite openly now.

I turned towards him and showed him my cock and he suddenly edged over to me and stood next to me. The guy who was at the sinks came over to the other side of him and had his circumcised cock out wanking it slowly. It was if we all sensed what was going to happen and the guy in the middle suddenly grabbed the cock of the guy on his left with his left hand, and my cock with his right hand, and started wanking us off. So I felt it was only right and leaned forward and grabbed his cock and started to wank him off too.

I must add that nothing had been said at this point, you could almost hear a pin drop apart from our breathing, and the odd grunt.

His cock felt solid and silky in my hand, and his foreskin rolled over his red cock head with ease. He was a little wet on his knob. Suddenly I got the sense that there was someone watching from the cubicles, and looked round to see a head above one, with a look of excitement on this guys face, and judging by his jerky movements was wanking to the sight of us.

The guy in the middle then stopped wanking the guy on the left and suddenly bent down and took my hard cock and put it in his mouth. God this felt amazing! He sucked my red knob, and I gasped as I felt his lips draw me in to his mouth. He rubbed his saliva around my knob, running his tongue under the glans and continued to suck me hard for what seemed minutes, but was probably one or two, whilst continuing to wank my shaft. The guy who was on his left had moved round and was leant over looking at this guy sucking my cock, whilst pulling on his semi-hard cock.

It took a lot to stop myself from cumming at this point, as this guy was making me feel great, and my balls seemed to contract, and a tightness was pulling them up. At one point my sucker friend pushed his fingers hard between my arse cheeks probing my asshole, pushing his fingers hard up into me outside my trousers.

At this point it seemed as if he wanted release and I certainly did, and stood up and started wanking ferociously facing the urinal. I started to wank hard jerking my hips forward and watching him pumping his cock hard, and suddenly he leant forward and spurted a couple of ropes of cum and grunted with pleasure. Seeing this I felt my release shoot from my balls and shot a couple of spurts into the urinal, splashing some cum onto my trousers.

Quite quickly we pulled away from the urinal, zipped up, and a tall guy came out of the cubicle, wiping his hands on some toilet tissue, and walked over to the sinks to wash his hands. I did the same, and saw my sucking friend just walk out. The other guy who joined us in a wank had already gone.

Nothing was said as we streamed out of the toilet. I got in my car and drove off, noticing a blob of cum on my trouser leg!

I was excited and slightly shocked by what had happened. Being straight all my life, and to let a guy suck me off and wank me was great at the time, but I have not repeated it, perhaps feeling guilty, I don't know?

After writing this up, I might be tempted to look at that website again!

Thanks for reading.



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