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A Game of Chess

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A few weeks ago, I went to my friend's house to meet a group of our regular group to watch a movie. My friend had to watch Star Wars for a school assignment, so we made a small party out of it. I drove over to Laura's house, and parked my car, and then walked up the street to Christina's house, where we were getting the move and the ancient laser disc player, and some food from. I was hanging out for a few minutes while Christina unhooked the laser disc from the tv, and Laura was grabbing some food. Christina asked me if I could go to her brother's room and ask him if he wanted to come with us back to Laura's. I had met Michael over the summer, and had gotten to know him more after school had started. This kid was awesome for a freshman, and he was pretty good looking as well. I walked down the hall to his room, and knocked on his door. He opened it a few seconds later, and he accepted the invitation.

After hauling the laser disc and food down the street, we were going to set it up in Laura's entertainment room, where there was a large tv and surround sound, but her parents had a change of plans, and were going out for the night, so we couldn't stay. Instead, we went back to Christina's and Michael's. After hooking it all back up, we moved to her den upstairs where a pool table was set up for people to play. There were also large chairs, a small table in the corner with a nice chess set, and bookshelves set up all over the room. After about fifteen minutes of just talking about the past few weeks of school and such, our two other friends, Jack and his brother Gary, who was also a freshman, finally arrived. The food was cooking, so we were going to kill some time by playing pool. Everyone was hyper and wanting to just relax and have fun, so Michael and Gary decided to be the 'skins' team, and threw off their shirts. It was all in good humour, so no one objected, plus Michael's parents had gone to sleep.

A small while later, Michael got bored of playing pool, so he asked if anyone had wanted to play chess with him. I said I would, so we moved away from the pool table, and sat on either side of the chess table. We started playing, and got a few moves in when they said they were going to go downstairs and watch the movie. Michael didn't want to go because we had just started the chess game, plus we had both grown up with the Star Wars movies as kids, so we knew we weren't going to miss anything. They said it was fine, that they would start it, and we could come down when we were finished, but they weren't coming up because Laura was going to do the assignment, and Christine was going to be cooking. Jack and Gary both loved the movies, so they were going to be watching.

After they left and went downstairs, Michael and I resumed our game of chess. I couldn't help but stare at his chest the way the table was set up, and he didn't make any effort to put his shirt back on, even though I didn't care. He was firm and built for 14, he had been doing tae-kwondoe for years and had joined the wrestling team at school. We started to joke around while we played, and he said that we should play strip chess, where if we lose a piece, we take off something. I was game, and he had already lost his shirt so it was on. For a while no one lost any piece until I lost one of my pawns, and I took off my shirt. Then it went back and forth for a while, until Michael was in his boxers, and I was in my boxers and my jeans. I have said that he was good looking, but after seeing him practically naked, he had become even better looking! I lost a rook, and off my jeans came, so we were both in our boxers.

The plan had been not to play past boxers, but there were few pieces on the board, and Michael started getting very competitive until he took my last knight. He laughed, and then said that we should forget going to boxers, and that I had to take mine off.

I was a little hesitant at first, mostly because of the possibility of his parents coming in (waking up and walking in to find some naked kid in their house, I'm sure that would have gone over well), and the others downstairs actually coming up despite what they said. Michael assured me that his parents didn't get up after they fell asleep, and the door had a lock on it, which he had turned a long time ago. If someone knocked we could 'act like we were trying to think of a good move while we put out clothes back on'. I was actually a bit surprised by the way he was acting, but he was extremely confident, so I stood up and slipped off my boxers. I sat back down, and after a brief second of adjusting to the cool room and the chair, continued the game. He had set himself up on the previous turn, whether intentional or not I don't know, so that I took one of his bishops. He stood up and took off his boxers, and remained standing for a second, so I could see his body from the position I was in in the corner. Both of us had the v shaped hips from working out (I used to swim) and he had a small amount of hair above a dick that was about as wide as mine, but maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch smaller in length. As he sat back down, I could see that his dick began to get hard, and he shuffled in his seat to hide it.

It wasn't long before we both had hard-ons, and I told him that we were just prolonging the inevitable. He grinned and said that he had been thinking of me since we had met over the summer, and even though he was straight, I was the one guy he always thought about (and vice versa). I stood up and moved over to some other recliner type chairs by one of the bookshelves, and sat down, spreading my legs apart, and starting to stroke my hard dick. Michael came over as well, sitting in the chair next to me, and slowly stroking his. Both of our paces soon began to speed up, and he reached behind one of the books, and pulled out a roll of tissue (apparently this was a common spot for him to jack off.) he ripped off two pieces, handed one to me, and we both came about a minute later. After we cleaned up and we explained our strange fancies about each other, we went to watch the movie.

Since then, Michael and I have become closer, and we have jacked off a few more times together, and things progressed as well. There is another story, which I will submit soon!



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