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A Frustrating Sister

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A helping hand from my girlfriend's sister.


Several years ago I was travelling in Europe with my girlfriend, Debbie. We spent some time in Paris before travelling on to Zermatt for a few days of skiing. Throughout the trip Debbie and I had great sex in every conceivable place, including masturbating together in public toilets and on the train. It was quite a trick to clean up a particularly large load that I shot into her hand on the TGV between Paris and Milan. I am sure everyone seated near us knew exactly what was going on! Debbie was one of those rare girls who just loved sex. Any kind of sex, anywhere! Her pussy was always wet and ready and she seemed to have no inhibitions when it came to satisfying herself. I would frequently catch her looking out the window of our hotel or the train or a taxi with her fingers buried in her crotch, busily rubbing her swollen clit. I loved that about her! Neither of us could get enough of the other.

Debbie's sister, Pam, who was in Europe for a college semester abroad, met us in Zermatt to ski and then travel together with us to Venice for another week or so. I had always had a thing for Pam. She was more outgoing than Debbie, laughed constantly and had incredible, sexy eyes. She was a little shorter than Debbie, and a little heavier, with much larger breasts that she seemed happy to show off under low cut blouses and frilly lace bras. More than once I had been busted while I stared at her cleavage. She would just smile and, occasionally, give me a wink. Since the first time I met her I had fantasized about having a threesome with Pam and Debbie. Who wouldn't?

Despite the fact that we were travelling around Europe, none of us had a lot of money so we all just shared one room. In Zermatt we had two large beds separated by a table. The first night Pam was with us we cooked dinner in the little studio room and drank lots of wine. We all flirted with each other and even teased about the tight quarters. Before we went to bed Pam laughingly said to us, 'Make sure you two keep it quiet tonight!'

I was incredibly horny and had been hiding an erection for the last hour. So the minute we were under the sheets I immediately went for Debbie's pussy, expecting that she would be ready as well. Imagine my disappointment when my normally insatiable girlfriend clamped her knees together and whispered, 'Not with Pam in the room!'

'Oh SHIT!' I thought. 'This isn't going to work out so well.'

The next morning Debbie and I showered together, but she still wouldn't have sex. 'I just can't relax enough to do it with my sister in the next room. You can take care of yourself though.' I did, though not with much enthusiasm.

The three of us were pretty much always together and I was getting really fed up. Pam was so hot and I was so horny that the whole situation was getting incredibly frustrating. I hadn't seen Debbie go this long without sex or masturbating since I met her!

Finally, on our last day in Zermatt, Debbie and Pam went shopping together, leaving me alone in the room. I immediately went for Pam's laundry bag and pulled out a pair of her well-used panties. The smell was intoxicating and my cock was straining to be set free. I quickly went to the bathroom, dropped my jeans and stood in front of the mirror, Pam's panties wrapped around my cock, jacking furiously. In no time I shot three day's worth of cum into the crotch which quickly overflowed onto the counter in front of me. I scooped as much of the cum out as I could, pulled up my pants and put the panties back where I found them.

About an hour later, the door to the room burst open and Debbie rushed in. 'Pam is still shopping. This is our chance! I'm so horny I could scream!' Before I knew what was happening, Debbie's pants were off and she was unzipping mine. I pushed my jeans down as Debbie fell onto the bed, legs spread wide, two fingers buried in her sopping wet pussy. 'Fuck me! Oh, God, fuck me!' I took a step toward the bed and was just bending forward to enter her when I heard the door open behind me!

'Oh NO! I'm so sorry!' Pam screamed as she backed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Debbie pushed me off and grabbed her pants as she rushed to the bathroom. I just stood there; erect cock in hand, hating life.

It was an awkward train ride the next day to Venice. None of us said much. We just drank beer and looked out the window. When we arrived in Venice without a hotel reservation, we were tired and ready for bed. Unfortunately, there were almost no rooms available in the entire city. We finally found a place and checked in. The innkeeper said the room was for three, but when we got there it turned out to just have two beds that had been pushed together to form one large bed. Great! I thought, now there's no chance at all that I'm going to get Debbie to have sex. I was really pissed off and frustrated.

We were all exhausted and without even saying anything, we just stripped down to our underwear and fell into bed. Pam curled up on one side of the bed, separated from Debbie and I only by the gap between the mattresses. I always slept on Debbie's left side, so I ended up in the middle, spooned behind Debbie.

The proximity to Debbie instantly led to an erection that began to throb against her ass. Debbie pressed back into me and moaned softly. I whispered into her ear that I was so horny I could cum from just touching her. 'Me too!' she replied, and I felt her hand move down between her legs. 'I just can't wait any more! She whispered. Slowly, and trying to move as little as possible, I ground my cock into Debbie's ass. It was agonizing, but the tension was an incredible turn-on. I could tell by Debbie's breathing that she was really getting turned on as well.

After about 15 minutes of this I realized from Pam's slow, regular breathing that she had fallen asleep. 'Pam's asleep', I whispered. Debbie nodded, spread her legs slightly and picked up the pace of her rubbing. I reached under the cover and fingered her soaking pussy, then started to stroke my cock. I could tell we were making some noise, but I just didn't care and I don't think Debbie did either. We were both desperate to cum. Debbie's breathing was now fast and shallow and I knew she was close to cumming. I was almost there as well and was edging a little, enjoying the feeling of being so close. Then I realized that Pam's breathing had changed too. It had gone from the regular, deep breaths of someone who was asleep to the faster, sporadic breaths of someone approaching a climax.

Just as I became aware of the change in Pam's breathing, I felt a hand on my ass! It was Pam! Holy Shit! I thought. What do I do now? I was too close to stop and Debbie was about to cum, too. No way was I going to let on. As I kept stroking, faster now, Pam's hand slid down between my thighs. I parted my legs slightly to give her access and she caressed the backside of my balls. I turned my head slightly towards her and found her staring directly at me. The light from the street fell across the bed and I could see her hand moving rapidly under the sheet between her legs. She had pulled the sheet down below her breasts and her t-shirt was pulled up exposing her beautiful, large brown areolae and erect nipples.

Debbie's body stiffened and I could tell she was in the first stage of her orgasm. Pam squeezed my buttock, her thumb pressing against my anus, and tensed her entire body. She was cumming as well. I suddenly became aware that I was mid-climax as well. Streams of semen were pulsing out of my cock as I stroked it, creating a huge, sticky mess pressed between Debbie's back and my stomach. Debbie was in spasm, doing her best to control the violence of her movements and biting her pillow to stifle her screams. Pam's hand was clenching my buttock; her thumb buried to the first knuckle in my ass, as she arched her back and came hard, her eyes never leaving mine.

Debbie was still now, small quivers and a puddle of cum under her ass the tell tale signs of her powerful orgasm. Pam had released her death-grip on my ass and had pulled her thumb free. Her hand lay motionless on my buttock. My erection had begun to subside, throbbing slightly in my hand, which was covered in semen. Pam and I were still looking directly at each other. Her breasts were still clearly visible and were rising and falling in time with her heavy, post-orgasm breaths.

'Whew! That's better.' Whispered Debbie as she pressed her cum-covered back sloppily into my stomach with a squish. 'I'd say!' I whispered back, still looking at Pam who winked, withdrew her hand and pulled the covers over her tits as she rolled over to face the window. Debbie stiffened slightly and as I turned my head toward her, nuzzling my lips close to her neck she whispered, 'Do you think Pam is awake?'

'No. I'm sure she's asleep!'



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