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A Frustrating Experience

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A few nights ago my daughter Anna (18) and I were watching TV together. We were both in our pj's and sitting on the couch. Anna had a soda and I was drinking a glass of wine. Between us on the coffee table was a large bowl of popcorn. After a while I noticed that each time I would reach for a handful of popcorn Anna would look over toward me and on the last time I noticed that she was looking at my chest. I looked down and immediately discovered what had got her attention. One of my buttons was not buttoned and each time that I leant forward you could easily see inside my pj top. To prove this to myself I again leaned forward and this time I watched Anna out of the corner of my eye. As soon as I leaned forward her eyes went right to the opening in my top. She was sneeking peeks at my tit and nipple.

My first thought was to button the open button but then I got the idea I would tease her for a little while. After a couple of minutes I again leaned forward and this time I took my time grabbing popcorn. She stared into my top the entire time. I know this is not very nice to do but I then turned to her and said, 'you know, it's only fair that I get a good peek at yours.' Her jaw dropped open and her eyes got big and her face got red. I just smiled at her. I definitely wasn't ready for what happened next. I was ready for an apology from her for peeking into my top and instead Anna undid the buttons on her pj top and opened her top completely. I found myself staring at her two little tits. She then said, 'aren't they nice?' I told her they were lovely. She said, 'can I touch yours?' I responded with,'that's not such a good idea.' Her next comment was, 'pleeease.' I caved in and said, 'OK.' I opened my top and she slid over right next to me and began to fondle both tits. while she fondled them she rubbed her pointer finger over each nipple. She told me they felt 'real hard.' I let her do this for about a minute and then told her it was time to stop. Anna stopped and asked me if I would feel hers. I cupped each tit and then I began to squeeze them. I then began to play with her nipples which had to be as hard as mine. She asked me to suck on them but I told her that this was enough. I started to button my top and Anna did the same.

I sat there sexually frustrated and feeling that I wanted so much more. I can't imagine what Anna was feeling or thinking. After about a half hour I just had to masturbate. I went into the bathroom where I quickly enjoyed an intense orgasm. When I came out Anna said that she was next and she disappeared into the bathroom for about twenty minutes. I'm pretty sure I know what she was doing.



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