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A Friend's Help

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Not gay at all.


This is a continuation of my last story, I waited a few weeks because Jack comes over every weekend and we hang out. I figured I would wait until I got what happened for a few weeks, instead of just one.

Jack came over and it was late at night and he got out the pillow. We started like usual, he would pull his shorts down under the covers and put the pillow over it and then pull back the covers and I would go to work. After we switched off for a while we were getting really horny.

He said he wanted to hump the pillow but it was hard cuz it didn't have a hole. So we took his pocket knife and cut a hole in it. We couldn't help each other here, but it was something new. I tried it too. We both agreed that it was much easier to just have the other rubbing it. This time instead, he put his penis in the hole. He shuddered a little bit, I thought that it must mean that it felt super good. So I tried it, and it was amazing. He moved it up and down and to the sides, and it was crazy cool.

Weekend 3

This time we wanted to try to jack each other off with our hands. But didn't want to touch each other. So we used a shirt and he put it over his penis under the covers and then I would do it. I didn't like doing it, but I wanted to find a good way to jack off. Eventually we didn't care about the other seeing our penis so we just kept our pants down and even let the other person put the shirt on it, so that it would be faster.

After he did it to me, we decided that using the pillow hole was better. So we got out the pillow. Then he caught me off guard. He took my penis with his hand and put it in the hole. When he did it, I shuddered because it felt really good. So he said he would keep doing it. So he held my penis and slid the pillow around it, it felt so much better than just the hole too.

Week 4

This time we didn't bother with the blanket or anything. We had seen each other's penises and didn't really care, or want to look. So we got the pillow out and went for it. After about an hour of this, we decided to get out some lube. We put it on ourselves and then when the other person would move the penis with his free hand he would smoothly jerk him off.

Eventually we just put the pillow aside, and took turns jacking each other off. We had lubed up and it felt like a real blow job (my ex-girlfriend gave me one when we went out last year) and it felt the same. So I just pictured that it was her doing it.

I think we went a bit far with the hand thing, because it was touching. But it was easier, and the lube with the free hand on the other person felt even better. so for those of you out there, at least try this. its amazing. we're not gay and he's coming to my house this weekend, and we're going camping.



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